Playoff Rotations


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It obviously depends, but against bench units, Korver >>> O’ Neale. Korver is a straight-up weapon.

Perhaps, but O'Neale isn't exatly a slouch either. Probably more Korver > O'Neale in that scenario, but there are scenarios where I take O'Neale as well. It's a damn good problem to have.
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With that in mind im thinking Quin does something like:
Rubio 35 minutes, neto 10 minutes, and 3 minutes with no point guard (Joe or spida running things)
Spida 37 minutes, Korver 11 minutes
Jingles 29 minutes, Royce 19 minutes
Favors 17 minutes, Jae 31 minutes
Gobert 38 minutes, favors 10 minutes
Maybe a bit less minutes for Rubio but I think the others would be about right.
What I would like to see is a few minutes less for gobert (maybe 35 or 36) and a few more for favors (closer to 30) and a couple less for jingles and a couple more for Royce.

Ingles will play closer to 35 minutes than 30.


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I really hope both Rubio and Neto can stay healthy throughout the playoffs and not miss any games. I realize this is probably asking too much.


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I think a lot is going to depend on the matchups and injuries. I think even Niang could get minutes, though probably least likely, and if either Favors or Rudy gets injured then Epke will get minutes. I think Quin trusts all 11 of those guys. At least that's how I would look at it as the coach.


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Jazz will cut it to 8, granting full health.

Starting 5 plus Crowder, Korver and O’Neale.