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CP ends up in milwaukee or NY... Don't think Philly can take on that deal and doubt OKC wants their bad contracts unless they offer up a ton of picks.


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Would make sense that we get in on that 8 months later than we should have. Total Jazz move to buy high on that ****.
CP is the next logical move at PG. And after that, DL will perform his masterpiece by somehow sending out draft capital in a move to bring Andre Miller out of retirement to be our starting PG.

Then, DL retires and his his statue put right next to Randy Ribgy’s.


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If we obtained CP, it would for sure be the year he is totally smoked. DL loves to buy high. Go out and get OPJ. This is like going and blowing $150 at Ruth's Chris because it has some stupid name recognition, when there are a lot of local joints that are both cheaper and better. I know, I know, but "OMG Ruth's Chris!"

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The Jazz don't need young players. Age is nearly irrelevant to the Jazz currently. They just need guys who can fill defensive roles and play. Yes, potential is nice, but it's far from the most important thing for the Jazz.

If they want to take a chance on a higher "upside" guy in the draft then go for it, but that's not what this free agency is going to be about.
LoPo wants assets that would be easy to trade. He doesn’t want an actual team that can win because they are less likely to wheel and deal