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Post your personal victories


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Learned how to play Texas hold ‘em playing in a 30 person tournament with some pretty skilled players. I literally did. not know if a flush beat a straight. Buddy was sitting next to me coaching and pointing all my mistakes. Just having fun and learning not trying to compete. Incredible streak of luck. People gathered around the table in utter amazement as I was dealt great hole cards and incredible luck hand after hand. We are talking astronomical odds. I had 8 pocket aces. No clue what I was doing. Everyone watching including poker tv watchers said they had never seen anything remotely close to this luck. I was truly embarrassed to beat my buddy on the final table and win the tournament. It felt like a twilight zone episode.

How much did you win?

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That's why he never invited you again. :)
Interestingly, I joined a poker group and my beginners luck continued for sone time (although nothing remotely close to that one amazingly improbable night). No one could read me because I had no clue what I was doing. I learned, improved, and have been losing ever since.
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