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I was nervous going into game 2—and downright anxious going into game 3—because it seemed to me that the game 1 win was fool's gold. We shot the ball too well, and OKC has a tendency to get ****y with only the slightest provocation. So I knew game 2 was going to be tough—but we still didn't lose it convincingly enough for me to believe we would take any kind of "lesson" from the loss. Hence the game 3 debacle, in which we got absolutely crushed in every facet of the game. This may have been a blessing in disguise. There is no way Westbrook or anyone else believes OKC can "easily" win this series anymore, therefore they will have to come out and play with fire and passion tonight. I believe they will. We've seen this before, in the regular season, when we needed our backs pressed all the way against the wall to respond and win the games we needed to to claim the #4 seed. I just hope that we don't wait until we're down 3-1 and facing actual elimination games to find the proper motivation. It should be there tonight. God help us if it ain't...

This is an absolute MUST win, We lose tonight our season is over and PG will leave in the offseason. OKC won’t come back from a 3-1 lead with how inconsistent our offense is

Ahh hell Ricky is meditating

What's the game plan? Shoot shots a step inside the 3? Or drive and get mauled at the rim? I say **** it, drive over and over and over again and make the refs feel bad for not calling a fair game.

Hopefully that Jazz crowd lost their voices after Game 3, that was one of the most electric atmosphere's I've heard inside a basketball arena. And as Thunder fans we know that it's hard to top the Chesapeake

Mad Westbrook usually attacks the rim over and over again. He doesnt seem to be able to go at Gobert

i suddenly hate jazz fans, r/nba they're ******** on russ constantly and sucking Rubios dick

i thought this was hilarious. There arena is LIT. Gonna be really hard for us to win there especially when multiple of their role players are out doing are star players.

This game I believe will determine if PG will stay or leave. If we go down 3-1 on the Jazz in the first round, I feel he will bolt. But, if we tie up the series, that will give us a chance to move on. If we move on we have a way better chance of keeping him.

I dont care if Westbrook gets his shot sent back by Gobert 9/10 times in the 1st quarter, I hope he careens into Gobert 's chest all game. This series rests upon somehow removing Gobert from an impactful position.

we're going to get blown out? Why you ask... cause westbrook will try to do it much, and PG is allergic to driving and scared of contact.

Franchise deciding games for the next week. I believe in the Thunder! Let’s do this! Thunder Up!!!!

Is it crazy to say that these next two games are the most important games in Westbrook’s career?

Is Gobert that big we can't get a floater off?

**** you gobert, I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t say that but **** you

chuck ingles out the inbred looking fool

Thunder win this, they win the series. Thunder lose this, they are done. Treat it like a game 7

Attack Gobert early, it will make the rest of the game easier if you get him foul trouble early.

Aw PG is still scared of Gobert. If they keep shying away from him it makes coverages easier for the Jazz.

These jazz fans our insufferable!

Just saw PG and Melo score. Are we finally getting good so-called superstars?

It’s amazing how much better paint play is without Goliath in there. Just gotta play better perimeter defense than last game

Exum too quick for our guards.

I love freethrows. Shame pesky team fouls makes it take the so long to get to the good stuff. Who's your guys' favourite freethrower?

This is hard to watch it's like a freethrow competition at a Christian Youth Camp

This is mega ultra exciting. Who's going to the line next? With so many AWSOME off the ball fouls and Ts it's really hard to predict!

Ingles is carving up Paul George. WTF is Paul George doing.

our stars are getting taken to task by their non-stars. Nice.

Top of Form

Yep Ingles is in George's head

Bottom of Form

Flopping Spanish *****

Gonna give props to Mitchell, dude is great, gonna have an amazing career.

Why are the announcers sucking jazz dick?

I personally hate Utah because they’re so good at defense and have so much size but still can attack

Derrick favors continues to eat us alive

Bro the jazz think they’re more innocent than a god damn new born baby

Quin Snyder looks like he is a serial murderer of high-end escorts


The Jazz coach looks like a bad guy in a crappy 80s action movie.

lmao im loving that the jazz is resorting to launching themselves onto the floor to draw a foul. flopping *** losers

Gobert is ****ing impressive. I know he's not offensively great or anything but his defense is wild.

I need us to win this series just because I ****ing hate Ingles so much

Wow this series has exposed some of the worst coaching ever lol.

Well, this game is over. Ingles is completely dominating George on both ends

Should leave Donovan in Salt Lake so he can see what actual coaching is not this garbage he puts forth on a silver platter.


Melo 4/14, 0/5 from deep

If OKC doesn't make a stand now, they might as well book their vacations now.

12 my man in a hostile arena on the road screaming yelling fans Getting blown out with altitude; yeah that’s a goal to do sarcasm!

Melo just made Crowder look like Mitchell

Its disgusting how Ingles is owning the Thunder.

Gobert is amazing in the paint

Not enough other offensive options. This looks like its done.

we got beat starter v starter at the very least 2 positions, probably 3, and while the stats say otherwise, our "stars" have been neutralized by the Jazz.

When it plays up at the point of attack ie Mitchell and Rubio ...
it opens the floor for the assts and the corner 3’s.
If the OKC guards stay in front of their players and get over the screens, the Utah Offense is nullified.
It is not about how many pts ….. it is the ease of how Utah is scoring.

You can probably bag this in as one of the worst coaching seasons of a playoff team of all time.

How hard is it for Billy to tell George and Brewer to stick with Ingles and Mitchell not matter what. Make someone else beat you

Same **** different day...

We're being coached by a potato

Utah ran OKC out of the building. I wrote after Game 3 about how OKC's pick-and-roll defense needed to change. Nothing did, they got roasted again.

Please fire Billy Donavon Immediately

Westbrook is the problem. Not Donovan

Billy Donavan needs to do some changes. More ball movement and change the rotations

LOOOOOOOOOOL Russel Brickbrook gone get dumped out in the 1st round by a ROOKIE hell naw.. Meanwhile Durant is somewhere laughing in the bay ready to eat some cupcakes

rubio got shut down and jazz still won by 20... hahahah burn

OKC is one of the worst places in earth plus the sorriest sports teams in life. They need to defunct the Thunders and bring the Sonics back to Seattle. No wonder players are leaving and having happier careers elsewhere. Russ is such a diva too.

Too bad we can’t move Melo in the off-season (since he has his no-trade clause)

Melo 0-6, Westbrook 0-3 from 3, and you let Jazz scores 116 points on you, you guys deserves to be eliminated

Dis will be one of the biggest disappointments in basketball if OKC lose this series come Wednesday

Ingles > PG13



3 ****ing all stars, can you at least play basketball

At least they will be home to clean out lockers fast

I'm embarrassed to be an OKC fan. It's messing up my health mentally and emotionally. This team is Bipolar.

Why do we have Brewer on Mitchell he clearly can’t guard him anyway put russel on him or Pg on him the start of the game got dam I can coach the ***** Thunder the play like a middle school team

Paul George does realize Joe Ingles is his biological daddy right

Melo make the thunders what they are. He brings nothing to the team. Yeah he makes a midrange here and there but he miss many wide open shots, misses easy lay ups, and has terrible defense like come on bro.

Carmelo is 3 seasons late on retirement, hes a bum...i bet his own family is laughing at him

We suck for no reason inexcusable basketball and performance in a clutch game..... sad to see the best team OKC has put together for awhile losing like this to scrubs in Utah like gtfo

Most overrated team ever. Carmelo and Westbrook are not all stars. George is the only good player on this team.

Westbrook is out there playing petty and wreck less. Carmelo is just terrible at both ends and Paul George better not ever use the name Playoff P ever again.

Until the series is over I will continue to believe in okc. Yeah the odds are against them but the odds where against the cavs and even the Warriors before. Okc got the talent now let's see if they can pull a maricle in this series. Thunder up

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR TEAM?!?!?! We are so much better than this?!!! So many turn overs, bad passing, leaving the 3 open- we are better than this team! We are not playing smart nor with any confidence? Argh!!!!

okc are not playing any defense at all they are only watching their opponent shooting the ball, better go home and enjoy your million dollars salary.

Run some plays. Hell, run just one play. We can't keep playing ISO against Jazz especially when we're not making our shots

Sore losers Big baby Westbrook all talk Rubio still had a good game . Dumb fool Westbrook the player he needed to stop was Mitchell couldn't stop Rubio what makes him think he would stop Mitchell

Horrible team defense, if there was better defense then offense would flow a little bit better. Not to take any blame off the players but coach Donovan is horrible, no adjustments made whatsoever, we need a coach who's going to implement an offensive and defensive system

If this was a boxing match it would be an under card with an aging fighter being abused by some no name. Unfortunately there is no TKO in the NBA and we have to watch the Thunder be pummeled.


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Jingles got in PG's mind

I just think it's awesome that Rubio got in Westbrooks head without even trying - that's when you know your team is about to loose to the jazz when your obsessing on our Point Guard lol


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Is it crazy to say that these next two games are the most important games in Westbrook’s career?

This fan understands. Maybe not the most important games of Westbrook's career but certainly could be the defining games of his career. Westbrook is the last of the original OKC big 3. Now Harden is leading Houston and KD has done another hit and run job on Westbrook. And it appears that Westbrook responded by confirming what KD was saying.


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LOL @ the idea that 7:30 am is an unreasonable time to get up.

Until the series is over I will continue to believe in okc. Yeah the odds are against them but the odds where against the cavs and even the Warriors before. Okc got the talent now let's see if they can pull a maricle in this series. Thunder up

That's really sad, TBH.

Maybe it was just the quotes that JA selected, but practically none of these people recognize the solid team defense Utah plays. A few comment on the most important element, which is Gobert, but aside from that they blame their own guys for not doing what they should be able to do.