Quotes Clippers' Game 1-"Damn that stadium is loud"

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Mitchell is not Luka.
He doesn’t have that slick move to shoot over Zu.
Plus Spider won’t drive to the basket and make those tough shots.
He’s not the same type player.
Just don’t let their role players go off like Hardaway & Finney-Smith were doing we can win the series.
Let’s focus on game 1.
Got any **** predictions for game two?
Idk why, but Utah really does not scare me nearly as much as Dallas did. Like, not even close.
Good, just underestimate us like everyone else. Remember when everyone thought the griz would roll on the jazz. Lol. Yes, we aren’t Dallas, and that’s the worst kind of news for your sorry excuse for a super team.
I forgot how awful their home court looks. Hope we sweep so only have to look at it for 2 games.
Oh I got great news for ya, I know the Clippers lost but you are still looking like it will only be two games in Utah, so the dream is still alive.
PG deserved the "overrated" chants from the crowd. Clippers fans should also take some notes on the way Jazz fans root for their team. No such atmosphere in LA.
Yes, half your fans are closet Lakers fans.
Why the **** did we not call a timeout ???? Why???
Because Lue was afraid we’d take Gobert out, you know.... the guy that had the winning block on the guy you idiots thought Gobert couldn’t guard. Lmao

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Though our slow starts are worrisome I love how opposing fans go from over confident and ****y to disappointed and back down to earth within minutes.
WTF are you talking about? You idiot!! This is the first game we didn’t have a lead in the playoffs going into the second quarter. Just STFU you sound like an utter idiot!!


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If the Clippers sit down Paul George for the REST of the GAMES, ONLY like that they could win the Western conference and the NBA finals.

The PG 13 slander from their fan base is just heartwarming!
Burn down the franchise
I just don't see how we're going to win this series. Our defense is horrible, Lue has no idea what he's doing, Playoff P is having another chokejob for the ages, and we've already started the series
I hate to be the one saying this, but sometimes we get this type of overreaction here in our beloved forum.
Paul George wasnt gassed, he just sucks.
Best take of the lot.


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Wouldn't it be smart to rest Conley one more game? I'm sure the Jazz will be fine without him in this next home game. But Jazz is going to need him greatly in LA. We gonna need all the help to at least win both or one game there.