Quotes Clippers' Game 1-"Damn that stadium is loud"


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Pre Game

Well this is convenient. ESPN is posting postseason stats for teams. We can see from this that the Jazz had a laughably easy time with Memphis since their players barely played over 30 minutes a game in most cases. Gobert and Mitchell are their two best players with the most rebounds and points respectively. And Conley is their best at getting assists. So those are the stats. But what is the story?

I guess we are going to see Gobert come out a lot and set screens for Mitchell. Which means Zubac will have to switch onto Mitchell and we will have some of the same problems we had with the Mavericks. Is there any way we can actually keep either one of our centers in the game? Doubt if Cousins will get much run in this series if this is what the Jazz plan to do. But we could probably do it to them to. Have Zubac go out and screen Kawhi's defender and make Gobert cover him. This did not work against the Mavs because they were always in a zone defense. Few times Boban did come out we burned them with backdoor layups. So do the Jazz man up or do they play a zone defense against us. One thing against a zone for them is that their guards are short and we can just shoot over their heads. Not so easy against the Mavs.

So Gobert can't really guard Morris. But he can guard Zubac and Cousins. Prediction here is that Morris gets the bulk of the minutes at center in this series.

Mitchell is not Luka.
He doesn’t have that slick move to shoot over Zu.
Plus Spider won’t drive to the basket and make those tough shots.
He’s not the same type player.
Just don’t let their role players go off like Hardaway & Finney-Smith were doing we can win the series.
Let’s focus on game 1.

This series is the Western Conference Finals. I don't see Denver or Phoenix beating Utah or the Clippers.

Yep. That's what I was saying. We put five perimeter shooters in the game and Gobert has problems guarding his man. And yes it would help us a lot if Conley can't play. Or if he pulls an Anthony Davis and pretends he can play and instead can't run or jump and winds up hurting his team while selfishly attempting to play.

I think a big advantage for us in game one is that we played a much tougher opponent than Utah did. So we have already raised our level of play to the extreme. Dallas isn't Utah but there are some similarities in the way their offenses are geared to shoot threes and drive the lane for easy twos when you try and take the three point shot away from them. And game one may be our best chance to win at Utah. So we should expect to win this game as fans.

We can’t and shouldn’t go small when Gobert is in there. He such a great rebounder and agility compare to Boban.

On the other side the Jazz don't play through one player nearly like the Mavs played through Luka. Luka literally initiates the offense on every single play he's in the game so if you have a mismatch for him he'll attack it over and over. I don't think the Jazz would alter their whole offense to do the same thing.

No Conley is tough for Utah, but they have solid depth and have players who can fill the role.

Idk why, but Utah really does not scare me nearly as much as Dallas did. Like, not even close.

1st Half

That was a really weird first half. In one sense you think we should be up 20. In another sense you think we should be down if Jazz are making their ordinary open shots. SO...weird. And the refs are calling too much on both sides of the court. It's not to anyone's advantage it's just really annoying and makes the game about the refs more than the game being played.

Clippers management should act on the lousy output of PG 13. He should be given a lesser time if he continue to that lousy game.

Dude.....maintain a decent lead. Don't lead the Jazz have the momentum. Finish strong in the endgame.

I forgot how awful their home court looks. Hope we sweep so only have to look at it for 2 games.

Jazz hogging the perimeter on D, leaving us vs Gobert in the paint.

This Utah Offense without effective p&r is simply ugly.

Up 7 and Kawhi and PG have done nothing. I'll take it.

I knew Boogie would get a look in this series with Utah only having traditional bigs

I would rest Kawhi

Awww, im willing to bet good money theyre gonna overturn that call and give Gobert an and 1.

dude these cousins minutes are so good what the hell is going on

Our depth on paper looks ridiculous right now. Lue is looking masterful at playing this team like a piano too

Despite our star players in foil trouble and pg shooting bad, we lead by 13. Good sign.

4 turnovers in the half, shooting 46/46/90. Second half the stars will probably have to do more of the work, but I can't complain too much.

Jazz have missed a lot of shots, so the lead gives a cushion for if/when they start to make more shots in the 2nd half.

PG in pandemic mode, Kawhi quiet first half, playoff Rondo playing like regular season Rondo.

Yet we are still up 13.

I really hope we don't end up wasting this great game by the role players

Its early but it kind of looks like Zu and Cousins could take the Gobert effect off the board for us. That would be great if so

Jazz missed 21 consecutive shots in the 1qtr and were down only 7..

Mitchell doesn’t scare me like Luka did, size can bother mitchell

I am so glad it's Donovan shooting those 3s and not Luka. He can have that shot all day.

2nd Half

Michell is one explosive scorer. 11 for 21 so far feels like 31 for 21

Momentum is a bitch when it goes against you. Damn that stadium is loud.

Mitchell heating up this half.
Uh oh.

PG13 looks scared out their.
He’s been useless in the game.
This game we had it.
Not getting no call but that’s what I expected w this crew.
Need Mann or Bev in there. Need a spark.

I know Lue would not do this but need to bench PG13. He’s hurting us more than helping us. Get Mann in there to cut and drive to the basket. PG13 just doesn’t have it tonight. Looks like bubble PG13.

Let the Paul George head games begin. 2-14 sheesh

Good defense by the Jazz on that last play, there really wasn't a shot available for us

They slept during the 3rd quarter while the Jazz stepped up!

If we don’t have full capacity in the staples center we are not gonna win this series

Why is paul george still in the game.

PG lost you the game. 4/17 on a horrifc 23% shooting. If only he made a couple more shots, this could have been a clips win. Unlucky.

PG deserved the "overrated" chants from the crowd. Clippers fans should also take some notes on the way Jazz fans root for their team. No such atmosphere in LA.

If the Clippers sit down Paul George for the REST of the GAMES, ONLY like that they could win the Western conference and the NBA finals.

If we were not coming from a game 7 we would have get that win for sure.

This team just absolutely gets bent over by other team's stars.

Need a body on Mitch bring in Rondo or Bev

Gobert like a great wall, his defense make clippers fear.. clippers has to break their limits to win

Bottom line, if we want to win and go to the nba finals. Paul George has got to shoot better. He has too. I feel like he has been holding out. He has to make plays for him self and shoot better

Mitchell also lucky but next game ..Im sure clippers comeback win.

our star players are not playing like stars


we are playing like *** need to step up in 4th


I’m convinced George Pauls braids are too tight and it’s affecting his game. No nba player should be missing that much shots/layups

Its hard to do when they keep doing pick & rolls. It’s not that easy

Why the hell did Lue leave Kennard out there to get cooked by Mitchell in the 4th?

Burn down the franchise

The #1 seed in the west didn't lie down and die.
They made a run.
Big whoop.
Such is life when making a title run.

Mitchell's star is shining bright.

The calls Utah are getting are ridiculous.

Everyone except Kawhi is now scared. We aren't winning a championship. Paul George absolutely dissapears.

Not to mention looks like we got a whole new Luka problem with Mitchell... smh

I don't see how we're making any run when our $190 million "superstar" is mentally shook and all our role players are turning back into pumpkins. This looks like a rerun of the Nuggets series.

This is just a total mental meltdown. Sorry, can't blame it all on fatigue when the Clippers do this every **** year.

Since when is Jordan Clarkson good?

Gobert is setting the most obvious illegal screens I've ever seen and the refs are just like "so what"

Here you go, PG. An entire arena full of fans taunting you with "Playoff P" chants. Time to show off that new improved mindset you've been claiming to have and prove them wrong.

Paul George is literally pissing his pants right now. The Utah Jazz fans are straight up clowning his *** & he can’t do anything about it. Smh!!! LA Clippers in trouble now

Wow Rudy Gobert is annoying.

Reggie Jackson has been horrible all night and fouled out

Never have any confidence when Rondo shoots, just hope

Their defense put the clamps on us in the 2nd half.

jazz are just switching mitchell onto kennard every time and it's working EVERY time. that's on lue.

Damn! Rudy with the block to seal the game smh

I just don't see how we're going to win this series. Our defense is horrible, Lue has no idea what he's doing, Playoff P is having another chokejob for the ages, and we've already started the series with a demoralizing meltdown.

It was stupid we got abused in the paint and the unit couldn’t get rebound or stop them from attacking the lane.

Utah isn’t Dallas and they know how to use size

Why the **** did we not call a timeout ???? Why???

We got smacked in the 2nd half.
They turned up their defense. They hit shots. Mitchell was unstoppable.

This is with Conley out btw.

Paul George wasnt gassed, he just sucks.

Which is a big reason why I now strongly doubt we will win this series. They did this without one of the all-time Clipper killers. When Conley comes back, it all feels insurmountable.

So, Gobert is just straight up camping out in the lane and the refs aren't calling it.

Post Game

We done for game 1.
We had the chance to put Utah away if PG13 had hit 40% of his shots.
He has that same bubble look.
Plus the refs calls are not going in our favor at all.
We will get them in game 2.

Rondo's been garbage since game 4 of the last series, the guy totally lost what he had. I'd give Mann a shot, can't watch the Reggie mistakes

This Jazz team isn't impressive at all. I really like the Clippers chances this series. This is all fatigue

I just don't understand why Kennard is still out there. He won't shoot now, and he's a defensive liability. Him and George should both be on the bench right now.

And we’ve lost our first away game in the playoffs.

We are good. We lost and almost won w Bubble-PG13 playing so poorly.
We just didn’t get any key calls down the stretch. Lue did have a TO and surprise he didn’t use it but I think Synder would have fouled immediately.
We will make the necessary adjustments and win game 2.

Luke was burned by Mitchell but almost all defenders were burn by Mitchell. He had it going to the basket.

We good fellas.

Enough of the small ball gimmick. Wonder who warned against that pregame? We give up too much rebounding and shot blocking, which works against Dallas, but wont work against Utah. We need to up the Zu mins and even maybe play Cousins a bit more. Ibaka would really help here. Not having a big against Mitchell/Gobert is a huge mistake. He drives and finishes at the rim way more than Doncic.

Kennard shot really well but Utah smartly adjusted to attacking him and Reggie defensively. Kennard has to be a 12-14 min player max in this series. Need way more Mann. Utah's 3p shooting is going to be a real problem for us, especially since we arent at all disciplined defending the 3 this postseason.

PG needs to redeem himself big time.

What a tough game to swallow. Total choke job by Lue and team. Adjustments in the first half and literally 0 in the 2nd half. Left Rondo and Kennard out there the whole time they werent doing anything. No Mann/Bev mins. I'm usually hard on Reggie but he got some real BS calls.

The game was emotionally exhausting.

Please trade pandemic p!


Small Ball wont work on Jazz, they have solid defensive bigman unlike Dallas, let Cousins play more down low and push them into foul trouble

How did Clippers lose??!! Kawhi needs to accept the challenge again and contain Mitchell

I swear to god if we let a team from Utah reach the finals I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t even know where Utah is.

PG 13% always goes missing when it’s Jazz time

Ingles OWNS Paul George

When does the laker game start?

TBH Paul George should win DPOY for single handedly stopping the clippers offense tonight

Utah's double agent pandemic p has been activated

I’m sorry clippers fans, these aren’t the Mavs. You’re not playing a one man team like the Mavs. The Jazz are a great team on both ends of the floor, they can shoot the lights out, they have a rim protected in Rudy. They’re just a much better team than the Mavs.

You let Donovan Mitchell explode. Whatever the game plan is from tyron lue is ****ing pathetic against opposing team stars.

Jazz played horrible tonight. This was the Clips chance and no 2 and pandemic P didn’t come through

Kawhi has a terrible game, PG is horrible, Morris shooting bricks and Ty is worst! I know it's just game 1 but seriously we're leading in the 1st half.

Doesnt PG feel ashaned getting paid 33m for 23% shooting??? Even yogi ferrell can do better than that


Kawhi and PG scared to take the last shot

I love PG,but obviously he should stop shooting like that

We should try guarding Mitchell in game 2

The Klaw needs to lock down Spida ASAP

Trade PG for a new Chick Fil A cow

Btw, this is why I paid ZERO attention to the idea that playing someone other than Luka would have benefitted this team.

Luka woulda busted us.
Dame woulda busted us.
Mitchell is busting us.

Pick your poison.

Pg I love ya brother, at the same time. What the ****.

Jazz missed 20 shots in a row and no Conley. Don’t care about the tiredness, to me we dropped this one

Watching Donovan Mitchell take over that second half was all the proof anyone needed to know we don’t have a second star on this team. PG has never taken over a stretch of the game like that in a meaningful game for us and willed this team over the line, it’s usually just passing on a good look, that crossover ******** to a brick or a sloppy turnover unless he somehow manages to make it to the free throw line to pad his scoring stats to overshadow his typical poor shooting nights

PG is going to get paid $48M in 4 years and he’s gotten outperformed in these playoffs by 22 year olds. I’d much rather have Trae or Luka headed into game 2 since they don’t shy away from the moment. We ride on to game 2

Jazz had no Conley, went 0-20 for 8 minutes in the 1st and still WON. Pandemic P looks back. Not to mention our roleplayers missing wide open shots. We should've won this game. Now Conley will probably be returning which will make it even harder to win. I know it's a 7 game series but this was a VERY disappointing game to lose!

pg was rattled in the paint by gobert tonight, had 0 confidence unfortunately

I see them (Utah players and fans) going crazy for that win and the whole time i am thinking Clippers almost crept back to you mofos in the last 2 minutes. I’ll take that all day. They (jazz) were one or two plays away from losing but that block won them that game.

And now they get Conley back? What a ****ing stupid ****ing game to blow. I just don't see how we can win a title if every game we're just crossing our fingers that PG and Mook won't just ****ing throw away the game since they have no ****ing consistency. Need to win game 2, this team won't pull the Mavs **** if we're in a hole

The Jazz are top 5 in offense and defense and they didn't even play well on either end. Conley and Gobert didn't show up either. If y'all think it's gonna get easier from here, think again.

Imagine passing to Morris with clock expiring and Rudy ****ing Gobert of all players in front of him

Paul George is gonna get destroyed by the media tomorrow and he deserves it

God it’s almost like they wanted this series opener to be like wow let’s make it seem like the Clippers are going to steal it and then smash them

Why on earth would you even pass that to Morris after the game hes had

If Morris jumps into rudy he's shooting 3 at the line

Gotta give Rudy credit for that crucial block. I’m mad but impressed


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Max Porter

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I don’t think these fans know anything about the team they are playing. If your game plan is we were still close at the end and Mitchell got lucky good luck haha Mitchell curb stomped you


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So Gobert can't really guard Morris.
Unless it's on a last second 3 to tie the game apparently.
Mitchell is not Luka.
He doesn’t have that slick move to shoot over Zu.
Plus Spider won’t drive to the rim.
This aged well.
Idk why, but Utah really does not scare me nearly as much as Dallas did. Like, not even close.
Yeah now they will haunt your dreams ************!
I really hope we don't end up wasting this great game by the role players
I am so glad it's Donovan shooting those 3s and not Luka. He can have that shot all day
LOL. Oh wait, this guy was serious?
The calls Utah are getting are ridiculous.
Except for, you know, the full 7 points gifted to the clippers on some of the most blatant missed calls of the playoffs.
Since when is Jordan Clarkson good?
Ever heard of this little thing called 6th man of the year? Too bad clippers never had anybody like that...oh wait. Morons.
The Jazz are top 5 in offense and defense and they didn't even play well on either end. Conley and Gobert didn't show up either. If y'all think it's gonna get easier from here, think again.
This guy gets it.