Quotes from around the league on the Houston/OKC trade and the West

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    From JazzAvenues - What do you think? How does this affect the Jazz?

    From Reddit NBA

    Nuggets- Someday ill tell my kids about the great offseason of 2019

    Raptors-Someday traumatized thunder fans will yell at their grandchildren and tell them not to ask about the 2019 offseason. Looking forward to 2027 when they trade away 3 more MVPs

    Raptors- Each of those MVPs will yield three more picks. By the year 2035 the thunder will have all 30 first round picks, unprotected

    Raptors- By the year 2040, the thunder have acquired all the picks in the last five years. Teams are desperate for new talent and are trading several future first round spots for rookies. The thunder now have a death hold on the league, they are the first team in league history to go 82-0 five seasons in a row. Their cases overflow with trophies. Sam presti ascends as commissioner for life. The earth trembles.

    Hawks- In the 2036 playoffs they lose to the Tacoma SubSonics in the first round.

    Suns- Seriously. The list of NBA legends that will play on a different team next season is astounding:

    Kevin Durant, Paul George, Jared Dudley, Kawhi Leonard... the list is endless

    Thunder- Yeah **** alllllll this ****

    Celtics- New phone this week. Missed a Woj Bomb of the century. Can’t tell my kids how weak I was

    Blazers- Like a month or so ago I actually restarted my 2K MyLeague because a bunch of crazy **** went down in my first offseason and I thought to myself, "No way anything like that could actually happen."

    lol I'm a ****ing chump.

    Hornets- I will tell my dogs that this offseason sucked donkey balls.

    Knicks- This whole era is legendary as it gets.

    Raptors- sit down you little ****, grandpa is gonna tell you about that ****ing summer of NBA free agency where titans jumped teams in FA, good trades were made, parity was restored and.......

    RUSS FOR CP3 destroyed all of reddit.

    Unk- This off-season was insane… Somebody needs to compile a list of all the major exchanges because I can’t even wrap my head around all of the movements around the league.

    Pelicans- And here I legitimately thought the Thunder couldn't reasonably get any more first round picks.

    Lakers- I’m crying with happiness at the sheer incredible amount of ridiculous **** that has happened. I love this league and I love all of you

    Spurs- How the **** is it gonna work though lmao

    Lakers- They gonna be trying to strip the ball from each other on offense.

    Lakers- Harden gonna flop and look for a foul, not realizing it’s his teammate Westbrook lmao

    Unk- "You had your turn bitch, give me the ball." Nobody else on that team will ever get the ball!

    Unk- Imagine them with a guy like KD? That’d never work

    Blazers- All Selfish Lineup:


    Nuggets- Harden was a 6th man then, not the MVP he is now. I honesty don’t know how this will work, both are such high usage.

    Mavericks- lmao imagine them now with the MVP's and inflated ego's.. .This will be GLORIOUS to watch! LMAO!!! Remember Harden was a bench player back then!

    Knicks- Rocket fans need to hurry up and delete all the Westbrook slander from the past few years.

    Rockets- **** Russell Westbrook. Welcome to Houston.

    Rockets- I've called him westbrick in way too many gamethreads to backtrack now LUL .

    Rockets- He's gonna end up ruining the Rockets season too. This is such a dumb, desperate move. CP3 must have been terrible in the locker room. It's the only explination.

    Lakers- chris paul was so close to that ring... now he's gotta babysit the new young guys while OKC rebuilds lol

    Unk- It's sad that the only way Chris Paul can get to the finals now is through a State Farm commercial

    Lakers- God I hope the rockets win without him.

    Unk- I feel bad for Adams, man. I really like the dude and now he’s been abandoned by his basketball dad and gotta put up with CP3’s ****.

    Timberwolves- Omg I can only imagine how pissed Chris Paul is!

    Unk- Lol meme team back on the menu boys

    Suns- Tucker, Capela and whomever will be playing its a suicide drill all game since they just be running up and down with no ball possession haha

    Blazers- Lol they'll be running a 3 man weave with no ball while Russ and Harden have a tea party.

    Warriors- Capela is going to lead the league average 72 points a game on put back dunks and maybe 3-5 free throw attempts per game


    Celtics- This must be the series finale of the NBA

    Warriors- Canada brought an NBA title in the sport they actually kinda invented, the Warriors superteam got wrecked and crated a power vacuum, but actually refused to die because cap space. LA is trying to make super teams, Brooklyn ****ed the Knicks, but will still be a disaster because Kyrie and KD won't work. Boogie goes from best center, to injured, to bargain Warriors sign, to injured, to bargain Lakers sign and is going to be a monster for them, OKC went from "We got KD/Russ/Harden/Ibaka to "We got Russ/PG/Adams" to "Uhh why the **** do we have Chris Paul's bitch ***?" Everything in Philly doesn't make sense. LET'S ****ING GO!

    Warriors- POWER VACUUM

    Bucks- And the Bucks do nothing and will rule the East!

    76ers- Hot damn

    Raptors- We in the endgame now

    Unk- It's the GOT season 8 we never got.

    Unk- Definitely the craziest changes happened this year. The whole league looks different now. Maybe except for the Knicks....

    Suns- They’ve gone full blown pick mode, I’m guessing they ship out Adams for a first rounder too. This is getting unreal.

    Edit: to all of you saying they can’t get a first rounder for Adams, why the hell not? His contract? Dude is a double double machine and his rebounding numbers are deflated from playing with Westbrook. He’s a good defender and rim protector, plus he finishes well around the rim. If the Thunder can squeeze a first rounder for Grant then they can definitely get a first rounder for Adams. Maybe he’s not traded right now but come trade deadline I’m guessing so playoff team is going to need a good big.

    Thunder- If I counted right, that's 11 7 first rounders and 4 first round swaps for PG and Russ alone. The rebuild has a lot of potential.

    76ers- Chris Paul to the Lakers on a vet min contract for ALL the picks. The year is 2030 and every single college basketball player is drafted by OKC

    Unk- To release him, Paul and OKC would have to agree on a buyout, which is usually done for contracts around or less than $15mil, not $120mil. I’d be very surprised if they could agree on a buyout. And, no one wants to trade for Paul because of his horrible contract, unless they are also giving up a horrible contract (like Wiggins)

    Sonics- You waste him, and you **** up every single draft pick

    Not that I'm invested in your failure or anything

    Seriously though it's weird being able to root for Westbrook now

    .... Did I mention that I hate you?

    Lakers- With the first 15 picks in the draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder select the entire Duke, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt teams.

    Kings- The real loser is every other future summer free agency period because nothing will come CLOSE to topping this crazy few weeks. Next year is gonna be like “Draymond max deal to the Hornets” and then just crickets

    Unk- Rockets are hoping the NBA allows for a team to play with two basketballs at once.

    Unk- Yeah, I don't think Westbrook will fit in too well. Seems he'd fit better with the Pistons or even the Heat. Two high percentage ball holders doesn't make sense in my head, but well see how it plays out.

    Has there been another team with two dominant ball handlers that did well?

    Bucks- There was a team that had Westbrook and Harden at one point. But they had another guy who liked the ball too. So it is hard to compare.

    76ers- The West is literally going to devour each other this year and some team is going to emerge from the East fresh and ready like the 30th man in the Royal Rumble.

    76ers- Thunder rebuild is gonna be so exciting in 6 years

    Unk- It’s almost like they’re just trying to wait out this generation of stars.

    Mavericks- I’m sure Chris Paul is thrilled to become the tank commander in OKC.

    Suns- Durant going to request a trade to Houston to get the gang back together lol.

    Pacers- Westbrook going to miss 27 straight 3s by himself

    Unk- He knows that they’ve got a brief window and those picks aren’t going to matter. Once Harden is done, the rockets are in the tank for a long time anyway.
    Morey is going all in now with maybe the most wide open NBA championship of the 21st century. You can check my post history- I’m as big a Westbrook doubter as they come- but he’s going to be better than a broken down Chris Paul.

    Knicks- Now I gotta root for my favorite player on my least favorite team goddamn Presti look at what you’ve done to me

    Thunder- What's even worse, is I have to root for my favorite team with my least favorite player on it! What do we even do?!

    Celtics- WTF


    Wizards- Lmao Chris Paul is prolly furious good **** him

    Bulls- The 2021-2026 NBA draft is just going to be the Pelicans and Thunder alternating picks.
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    Trading JazzAvenues would cost four 1sts, two 2nds, and a bottle of Jack from the recipient. The latter because I would simply miss these threads.
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    I once saw Jazzavenues dunk on Frederic Weis; on Weis' shoulders was Vince Carter. Jazzavenues still dunked over both of them. MJ was there and called him the GOAT and I agreed.
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    If I remember right, Bill Russell and Wilt nodded in agreement.
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    "The real loser is every other future summer free agency period because nothing will come CLOSE to topping this crazy few weeks" -- so true.
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    I am in Houston right now and was here when the news broke. The fan polls are interesting - about 50-50 on whether folks like the trade. The talking sports heads are saying almost universally that Houston is now the favorite in the West.
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    Now that's funny.

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