Quotes from Celtics' forums-"We should trade Tatum for Jordan Clarkson"


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Quin Snyder could totally play Two-Face in a Batman movie.

Why would anyone penetrate right now? The basketball gods are obviously giving away 3s right now

We've blown big leads recently, so I'm a bit apprehensive, but I'm liking the energy. All the guys look good.

Jazz have only taken 1 shot inside the arc. Both teams are on fire from range, but we have to of a better job of running them off of set catch and shoot 3’s

bogdanovic acting like he got shot by a sniper on that contest

Can Kanter dunk?

Kanter has been so *** since his injury

TIL Kanter and I have the same vertical leap.

Kanter misses more layups and gets rejected more than any center I've watched

First Kanter forgot the play then he missed those layups smh

kanter you stat padding piece of **** just score the layup

Man, we played a great quarter but a bad two minutes and only up 1...

Like usual the opposing team’s bench > our bench. Niang and Ingles just owned us

won't see 11 point leads get pissed away much faster than that

Kanter has been absolutely useless since his injury. Not a single thing to like about his game right now.

Celtics love to just evaporate their leads with stupid play

Way to close out the quarter boys

Every game this man gets his damn dick kicked

Wanamaker's -30 is extremely deserved

How many more shots directly to the dick can Smart really take. Jesus.

Marcus Smart always gets hit in the balls.

Niang +21 with 7 points already looking like a starter.

I know he’s a local boy, but screw him.

Marcus just doesn’t want kids at this point

They're hitting every 3 because they're all open. This is the real downside of having Kanter on the floor, he just can't defend out to the 3 point line. The second he gets caught on a switch someone is getting a wide open 3.

Wanamaker is a complete passenger, the only impact he has is negative. Honestly feels like it’s 5v4 with him on the court

Wanamaker’s shot was so flat dear god.

If Utah could just miss a couple 3s that'd be real nice of them.

Smart nut shotted again jesus...

“Holding your jewels is a problem”

Lmao never change Perk

my mind is still blown as to how brad managed to play every single piece of garbage on our roster instead of tatum for 80% of that quarter.

We are getting ****ing Jingled.

So why is it they can dry hump Tatum 25 times per possession?

How is that consistently happening to Smart

am i tripping or have we been constantly getting ****ed on our own court? i have to be being a homer but this seems like some real ******** recently.

Marcus smart thought process. Damn, I’m off tonight. Better take 20 or so shots to confirm

celtics bench is so garbage they gave up an 11 point lead in 3 minutes

I honestly just don’t understand how someone that tall who gets paid to play basketball professionally can miss 2 consecutive point-blank layups smh

Imagine having an NBA Superstar in your roster without minute restriction but you dont even play him 3 min in the 2nd quarter

Did he just airball a ****ing layup

Hey I just woke up from a coma, can the Utah Jazz miss a shot?

Damn Brad is a -28 in 15 minutes. Jeez

Watching Wanamaker dribble around for 14 seconds while Tatum stands at the 3 point line hurts my soul

Does Smart have the largest ********* in the world and any blow to the abdomen area is a blow to his balls?

Wanamaker is having the worst game of anyone on the team the entire year

I saw better 3 pt defense in my church league last night

Just got out of a Cambodian prison. Are the Utah Jazz the best 3pt shooting team of all time?

We’ve got our death lineup on, expect the jazz to run away

Wanamaker: 15 min, 4 pts, 1 TO, -28

Get him the **** out of there please

Wanamaker a whopping -32. Now that is amazing.

Happy birthday Marcus Smart, your present is you're the only one to show up today and you get a kick in the dick.

Where in the ever loving **** is Tatum?

Terrible bench play

Nothing going for our offense

Bum *** Conley playing his best game all year

Terrible ****ing officiating.

Smarts nards getting hit again

Im over this game, man.

Jazz closed the final 2:08 with an 11-0 run. Gotta take care of the ball and close quarters better.

I've been a staunch Kanter defender this year and he pays me back by being a staunch zero as a defender.

Yeah the Jazz just hit 15 straight buckets, and brad just sat and watched. Again

they really hit 13 threes in the first half my lawd

Gobert is a little ****ing bitch and his face looks like my ****ing ballsack

How do you airball an open layup and an open 3 in the same game

Conley really balling out on us of all teams huh ?

Imagine a world in which Kanter doesn't drop back 15 feet every time

Wanamakers a -21 in 6:54

Seems impossible

Jazz are just making everything. Unreal

What the **** i stepped away for 10 minutes to talk to my mom and we went from 8 up to 12 down? Disrespectful

We're going to win. Mitchell has been *** and they'll cool down. We'll start hitting easy peasy .

**** the refs and our offense and **** Conley and that ****ing big bitch Gobert

Who put Conley in the way back machine?

No one gets more techs for being correct on calls than Marcus

Gobert always seems to be doing something potentially harmful or illegal

I hate status calls. Gobert been pushing people shooting layups all night but he gets to do that because he's DPOY.

The jazz just hit 11 straight shots including the one called back for the charge. Christ

How many ****ing open threes are we going to give to the Jazz

well we are getting outplayed in every possible way and they’ve hit every 3. not looking good.

Has mike Conley ever scored this much in his career ?

Gobert is so good and I hate it

Im a homer, and of course I have a bias for my team.

But have we not been ****ed by refs these last 5 or 6 games?

Clarkson always plays super hard against us no matter what team hes moved to

He has to have some sort of seething hatred for us

We had 25 points with 5 min left in the 1st. We've scored 41 points in 2 1/2 quarters... This is just embarrassingly bad at this point

We just need to quintuple team Clarkson cause the mf clearly aint gonna pass

This game has aged me

Only reason the game was somewhat close was because Mitchell and Bogdanovic were both playing like ****.

The Celtics have been so bad tonight they are making Conley look like he's actually worth half of his contract

I have no idea what the going rate for a basket is but we definitely didn't pay for em today.

We're making Gobert and Conley look good, CMOON!!!

Rudy Gobert is a monster defensively jesus

I feel like the Celtics always get torched by the guy you don’t expect. Tonight Mitchell has been mostly quiet but Conley, who has sucked donkey d*** all year, looks like prime AI. Celtics are the best team in the league that lets average players absolutely ****ing torch them (see lavert a few nights ago)

If we had Lebron, AD, Kawhi, and Giannis we would’ve won

Mmmm idk we might have to add Paul George just in case

How soft do you have to be to T up a guy who just got hit in the nuts

time to stop worrying about the 2 seed and start worrying about the 4 or 5 seed, this team can not overcome these injuries with this pathetic depth

This game has pretty much been everything I hate about this team, letting up wide open 3s, awful bench, inconsistent Kemba and injuries

I hope these refs ****ing have a horrible potato salad and spend the whole weekend with the *****

Game over on that Conley 3. Goodnight fellas

Kemba can **** off with all his shots getting blocked

Sigh...must be nice havin a productive bench. All this and Mitchell hasn't even got back on the court yet.

Our bench players are too offensively challenged. Every shot they make seems like a miracle and that’s on wide open shots

Is 43 points in the last 2.5 quarters bad? Asking for a friend

How do we give up wide open 3s and then a 6’1 guard still gets an offensive rebound?

This team needs another all star break

Keep load managing BRAD!!! If these guys are actually hurt then we have the worst ****ing training staff and those little c***** should be fired and deported to Wuhan, China - even if they are Americans

Where do I even begin with this team's performance tonight?

The celtics were leading by 11 points with 3:00 left in the 1st quarter. The Jazz then went 14-17 the next 10 minutes of game time. Including 11 consecutive shots. Brad stood on the sidelines and watched the Celtics completely disorganized while the Jazz bench torched them like a village revolting against their lords.

I've said it wayyy too many times before, but Brad watching teams go on these ridiculous runs is what kills this team over and over again. It puts the Celtics in such a hole that they have to fight tooth and nail to get out of it. Games like this where they're missing Brown and Hayward, with Kemba on restricted minutes, that is a really tough task. Especially when the bench is mostly young guys.

The celtics came close but they just couldn't catch them. It still pisses me off they only scored 17 ****ing points in the 3rd. Seriously, how many plays were there where the Celtics just straight made bone-headed moves? Why was there such an insistence on attacking the paint with Rudy ****ing Gobert standing inside?

Why. Why in the name of **** can this team not get any rebounds? How many games in a row is this where they've been straight dad-dicked on the boards? I already know, its been every ****ing game since Kendrick Perkins was traded. ************* could've dropped the commentator's mic, thrown on a jersey, ran onto the floor, and got at least 5 of those rebounds.

Really ****ing ugly stretch of games so far in March, capped off with this game where they finished shooting 36%. This team needs Jaylen Brown or Hayward back right ****ing now. They aren't competing with the big boys if they're not health

Lastly, Wannamaker was absolute ******* tonight. Worst performance he's ever had hands down

Has any team ever taken more ball-shots than the Celtics this year? **** sucks

**** everyone, **** existence

Mike Conley should go eat a goats a**hole

I know the discussion will be largely about the ****** bench, but can we discuss how the Jazz stopped Tatum tonight? They were physical with him, doubled him well, and didn’t let him get to the rim. Surely we will see more of that in the playoffs...good think when we are healthy, it’s harder to double Tatum

Also the Jazz have the ability to press really hard on the perimeter, making dribble moves much hard and forcing players right into Gobert - the best in the league at the rim (maybe a couple other guys in his tier).

Kemba and Tatum played awful. We have ZERO bench help. Smart and Theis shouldnt be our best offensive players in any game.

Celtics would be a 6 seed in the west

I want wanamaker arrested

Rough night if your name is Brad. Although we can only expect so much out of Wanamaker and our bench given what we’ve seen all year. What’s more frustrating is Stevens mishandling Tatum’s 1st half minutes & throwing out some questionable lineups throughout the game. Also I think having to manage Kemba on a minutes restriction and trying to win is affecting everyone. Maybe we could get away with it if GH/JB were playing, but right now it’s hard to get a lot of guys in a consistent rhythm.

Sooo, is this pretty much what every game the rest of the season is going to be like? One or two key players out each game (even in the playoffs)? Guys playing hurt, playing weird minutes and odd rotations? The team hanging around but coming up short, even at home?

All three sucked tonight. Smart 8-22, 5-14 from three and 1 assist. Tatum 18 pts on 19 shots, Kemba 13 pts on 17 shots. We had enough to beat the Jazz, we just didn't have a single player shoot the ball well. Credit Snyder though dude is a great coach..if Utah was coached by Brad, Tatum would have had 50 today without seeing a single trap , just like LeVert did a few days ago.

I am not even sure the Celtics work on boxing out. They give up a lot of offensive rebounds to small players. In fact that Rockets game would have been a win if they knew how to box out.

We should trade Tatum for Jordan Clarkson.

BOX. OUT. Donovan Mitchell wants to jump for a rebound? He can't if you just box him the **** out.

God damn it.

Has Wanamaker ever made a 3?

Wanamaker is exactly who Utah wanted taking the last two shots. Bravo guys.


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We're going to win. Mitchell has been *** and they'll cool down. We'll start hitting easy peasy .
I’ve been reading this same quote in our game threads way too much this year. In fact, most of these comments sound like a lot of our game threads.