Quotes from Clippers after Game 2


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Post Game

They got ridiculously lucky **** em

My god Donovan is a beast.

Damn. I don't see us coming back from being down 0 - 2 this series.

go home to LA and regroup, both games have been close. Clips have the much sexier squad which normally goes further. Jazz are a gritty team but think Game 3 will be a 15+ win for Clips to put them in their place.

Credit to Mitchell honestly. He’s looking more and more like a better Wade

Paul George (no more PG13), is at best right now the 3rd wheel. He just doesn’t have it mentally. He was such a good player in Indiana and OKC. But he’s weak.
Try and try to defend him that he will turn it around but nope he disappeared and disappoints.

Watching Mitchell has me questioning, are PG and Kawhi even like that? Kawhi just seems to be going through the motions this year. He looked way more aggressive getting to his spots in the bubble. And man, what can I say about PG? Can't believe we sat here and gave him a max contract.

Joe ingles is a beast man. I really like the way he and bogdanovich play. Mitchell is overrated tho.

Gobert fell asleep in the tanning booth

I wanna know what D Wade said to Mitchell from the sidelines in Game 1 because he flipped a switch ever since that moment

Has Clarkson always been this good of a shooter? Or is it just a “he’s playing the clippers” type thing lmao (and ik he won 6MOY)

We constantly stop at the sight of Gobert, we need to drive in with the intent to destroy him EVERY TIME. When he blocked Boogie a few minutes before the end of the second quarter, Boogie went up with the intent to lay-up. That is not the way you attack Gobert.

Gobert has looked like a kid guarding smaller dudes like Zion straight up because Zion will try to destroy the rim. Why can't PG and Kawhi do this same thing? You've gotta be relentless when going up on a team like this or else Gobert will stuff your ****. He's not invincible.

It's funny because say they make it to the finals against the Nets or something, guys like Kyrie will literally drive and score on Gobert every time because his finishing skills are lethal, and he's not even dunking.

I think they need to go at Gobert more. He gets to play defense on half of the possessions he is in basically on reputation. They need to make him actually defend at least some of the time, maybe he'll pick up some fouls (yeah, I know with these refs but still).

Quin Snyder looks like he came straight outta a Harry Potter book

This can't be good for PG's confidence, just rest him please

Clarkson is like that stupid little kid on the playground that you know is gonna shoot a ****en three every time and somehow you let it keep happening and happening. And when you guard it, he don’t give a **** and still shoots it and makes it

If there’s a basketball god, they hate the ****ing clippers my lord, **** Clarkson for both those


All our shots come agains their best defenders. Theirs usually against our weakest links. It’s as if they had an offensive game plan...

Reggie Jackson carried Kawhi. Clarkson is a better player than Pandemic P. Also Refs vs Jazz. Conley was playing this game would have been over in the first quarter. Clippers are poverty

It was terrible seeing Playoff P deliberately trying to injure Donovan Mitchell there are the end. Just a shameful display....


i dont even care about making it to the finals at this point just make it past the second ****ing round jesus christ

Down 0-2 against the Mavs was on thing but the Jazz? It's pretty much over.

The beauty of Utah Jazz's game is it's not just the Donovan Mitchell show. It's The Utah Show.

I’m still pissed about that bank in 3 for Clarkson. Man hits the most bs shots

they're getting Conley at some point. Our low IQ team is prob cooked

Marcus Morris 0/5 from 3. 37 minutes

Not going to pin this loss on any one player but my God he stunk up the place. Reggie deserves a team that gives a ****

We absolutley could have won both of these games. Crushing

Gobert really bothering KL and PG. They are struggling to get anything inside.

Well yeah he's gobert lol.

They don't even try much. His presence makes them passive in the paint.

Jazz have to come back to earth on their 3 point shooting, right?

Jazz players rising to the ocasion. Somehow our players are scared of Playoff basketball after a whole 7 game series.

It’s going to be worse when mike Conley comes back

I like PG and he’s a good player but he can’t be the second best player on a competitive team. Clips fans need to admit this

This Clippers team is not the 96 Bulls. They are a fourth seed that barely squeeked by the Mavericks. The Jazz are damn good and they run a good system. Ty's rotations are truly mind boggling, and our 2nd max player is just not consistent enough, neither is our defense.

The Jazz are also defending Kawhi a LOT better than the Mavericks. Give them their due.

Clippers garbage in the 4th as as usual. Missed 8 FG attempts in a row.


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Tanked to avoid the Lakers who still live rent free in the Clippers heads. Lol, and the Lakers couldn’t even make the second round. Lol
They already avoided the Lakers after their second-to-last game of the season. They outtanked OKC on the final game so they could get us in the second round.