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Quotes from Clippers' forums-"The Jazz have the best roster construction in the league I’ll take no other answers"


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Pre Game

Will Kawai ever play again in Clippers uniform? It’s very disappointing he’s still not able to play after over a season of absence.

Pg13 is on the fire

If you saw Markkanen play in EuroBasket this summer, its no surprise that he's the best player in this game. He averaged 28 pts/8 boards over 7 games with 54% shooting.

Vanderbilt and Conley and Clarkson all playing very well for the Jazz as well.

We'll need some elevated games from the Clippers supporting cast to beat these guys.

I think Zubac can stop the Lauri Markannan train

Kawhi's out. This is a big game against the team that has the second-best record in the Western Conference. Utah is 3-3 on the road, so they could be potentially vulnerable. Unfortunately, the Clippers are 1-2 at home. Think Kawhi Leonard, Robert Covington, and Luke Kennard will be unavailable for this game. That means Ty Lue will eventually start Marcus Morris, Paul George, Ivica Zubac, Norman Powell, and Reggie Jackson. Our bench will be John Wall, Nicolas Batum, and Terance Mann.

Clippers vs. Jazz spread: Clippers -3.5

Just need to control the glass, chase them off the three point line and avoid turnovers and the win will be ours.

The Lauri-Mook matchup is going to be entertaining as well, neither play defense, both love to shoot.

Utah play 5 out, Kelly Olynk is shooting 60% from 3s so Zu cant be in the paint to cover for our defense so if our perimeter defense dont show up, it is going be over for us

Saw Utah in Utah last Saturday against Memphis. They were REALLY good. Deadly shooting. Lots of hustle. Lots of heart. Clippers gotta play 48 minutes of great ball tonight.

Is vando out? We have a good shot without him playing

Utah is such a bad matchup for us, We struggle defensively against quick and athletic guards, Utah got a lot of them to kill us and Zu cant be in the paint because apparently Kelly Olynk is shooting 60% from 3s. At least vanderbilt is out, he would have a career high in offensive rebounds if he was healthy

Such a shame the Jazz are playing so well in such **** jerseys. Success always comes at a cost

1st Half

Clippers have more experience they can winn let's go mann

Zubac is wearing out his welcome...

Great first half for PG

Gonna be a tough game. This Jazz team is legit.

Two tough games in a row. Jazz tonight and the Cavs tomorrow. Lets Go!

Jazz 5-7 from 3 and we are only down by 2 not bad

PG is playing at MVP level right now but he needs help. Norman Powell especially, needs to get going.

Utah's record is no fluke. They got a bunch of guys can get you double figure scoring on any given night. No more ball hogging with Mitchell gone, always a fan of an underdog team overachieving.

Small ball just not going to work against them. The two bigs will put it on the floor and punish us.

Utah can flat out shoot. It's nuts.

Utah doesn't miss from 3. WTF.

Lowkey we should’ve went for Conley

Turnovers and Jazz 3s, I hope that trend does not continue

The Clips have played well so far, but Utah is just on fire.

Their luck’s bound to run out at some point, but they shouldn’t be getting wide open shots. Tighten up defense.

Jazz gonna shoot 30 of 35 from 3 at this rate

I like the hotdogs cannon

THT must be getting nostalgia getting Booed in LA

Is that it?

Utah is doing a good job of getting the shots they want with all these screens at the 3pt line

Lauri grabbing that offensive rebound reminds me of last year when he was with the Cavs just grabbing all the rebounds.

Walker Kessler a badass dude

jordan clarkson ****ing cooking teams since 2016

Jazz took advantage right away of the small line up.

I'm loving the red accessories the team is wearing tonight. Crisp.

I must have said it 5 times this season already

Terance is Ben Simmons level afraid of shooting at this point

We're doing very well considering that Utah is shooting a ridiculous 70% from deep.

Down 2, but the Clippers are playing to win out the gate. This is what we need to see at all times. You won't win every game, but you have a great shot at winning if you play like you want to win.

I miss when mann would rebound and go coast to coast for bucket, that man confidence seem shot, someone need to talk to him.

OMG PG13!!!

PG locked in

I think the team might finally be clicking

****, we can never close out a quarter

Always liked Sexton & wish we had picked him up, he'd have fit this team like a glove.

jazz are insanely hot right now, dont take them lightly or start raging you plebs

Horrendous stretch to end the ****ing quarter, dear lord. That was some Eric Bledsoe wtf **** right there

We're winning this game, don't matter who is in these Jazz uniforms, we own this franchise.

John we didnt sign you to shoot jumpers when they arent open

These jazz might be better without Gobert and Mitchell loll

THT made a 3?

Wall horrendous start yeesh

2nd Half

Clippers being within seven is pretty lucky in a lot of ways. They are giving up a ton of good looks to the upstart Jazz, leading to 58.3% from the field and 47.6% from behind the arc. Usually would say I don't expect that to continue, but Utah has shown all year that it's going to.

Some key team stats:
Utah with 12 FTA to the Clippers 4 is a bit shocking, esp since LA has more points in the paint. Just need to be more physical.

Clips -2 on the glass, in a game with 30 total halftime rebounds isn't going to cut it. In a game with limited boards, they need to win.

Two less turnovers is a great sign, however.

George with 24 on 9-14, he has to cement himself as player of the week with this performance.

It's also interesting how Mann and Markanen have combined for 24 points on 10-10 shooting. I wonder when the last time two opponents scored in double figures with neither missing.

Zubac being dominated

Powell should be waived... Cant play defense and cant shoot anymore 3s even in previous games.. more minutes on mann and please dont underestimate opponents.. that 3rd quarter go wasted

its a 2 man team john wall and pg13 they dont sharing the ball

Wall can’t make a jumper to save his life

Keep taking 3s meanwhile Jazz who are tanking keep scoring in the paint.

does pg know he is good enough to drive to the rim instead of settling for jumpers?

Clippers best weapon: bricking shot

This was a game we should have won we had the lead too. Next game we better play some damn defense

omg wall is fast

Wall & now PG13 trying to carry the team to the W

Powell chucks up a 3 that misses, then on D gets posted up, allowing the Jazz to get a open corner 3. Clippers down 5 all of a sudden.

Knew we were in trouble once the ref called 3 consecutive fouls on the clippers on a single possession. That was BS!

PG misses yet another 3, this time on the fastbreak. Def should've attacked the hoop instead.

Ugh- Clippers played 22 seconds of good D, but allows Sexton to drive to the hoop who draws yet another foul.

Olynk supposed to have 6 fouls but they gave the last one to Markanan. Dang ref really screwed the clippers

Jordan Clarkson is actually making absurd shots rn my goodness

Utah ain't got **** to counter PG, Beasley too small and their bigs too slow.

Jazz just know how to get easier shots

I can’t believe we aren’t winning

Being one of the slowest pace teams in the league while being one of the highest turnover teams in the league is a death sentence

This team flip flops from unwatchable to absolutely amazing within the minute

Nba would rather jazz be champions this year than have any chance wemby go there.

Clippers killers themselves forcing the 3 ball.

Kessler has been a problem for Zu all game. That was a big man rebound.

Wall is so good at some things but he's got that Eric Bledsoe brain dead demon inside him too

Guess what? Another missed 3 by Paul George. I guess live by the 3, die by the 3 lol. But even if the Clippers had made some of those, they couldn't stop the Jazz down the stretch. Big culprit was the small lineup which had no shot blocking inside, and the Jazz went to the hole at will.

Still plenty of time but Jazz have all the momentum. Gonna need a quick hitter out of this time out.

Sexton's speed bothered the Clippers. Felt like Reggie Jackson should've been out there to at least try to contain the speed.

Jazz shooting 56.8%

zubac spinning, spinning, spinning, wait what there's nobody there? free dunk!

forget shooting
J-wall just taking it to the hole

That sequence where they got 3 fouls in one play. The refs were in their bag!

John Wall has been amazing, despite bricking every foul shots and jump shots.

Really can’t play small against anyone.

Settled for way too many 3s in the 4th. Utah on the other hand, got a bunch of points in the paint and from the foul line.

Stupid 3s when it wasn’t necessary

Nope, jazz earned most of their fouls. That game was not on the refs. Were there a maybe a handful that were close, yes. But they were moving the ball, getting switches esp on Morris, and attacking the paint at will and forcing their whistle with our physical play.

WTF. How should the Clips address "The Markkanen Problem?"

John Wall playing as good for us as the refs are for the Jazz.

I love John Wall.

I hate John Wall.

Kessler is shutting zubac down with ease

Sheesh.. why does clarkson loves playing us...

We could so use a Big Government Bailout.

Sheesh Clarkson is a score machine, is facking frustrating

Mike Conley would’ve been so nice next to pg bruh

It would be nice if the Jazz shot less than 1000% from 3

Conley/Clarkson/Sexton is a nice back court. Small, but effective.

Frustrating amount of turnovers

They just can't close the gap, Jazz always answer everything

Utah’s commentators are classy bunch. Very complimentary and professional

Lol John goes from 0-100 in a flash.

The end of this quarter is going to be a treat for fans of watching free throws. This game is being managed by the refs and it's clearly to the advantage of one team over the other.

I like what John Wall brings to the team, but he needs to never shoot a jumper ever just be driving and passing threat

This was such a low basketball IQ game. Refs were trash, but doesn't excuse a dumbass offensive plan - Wall literally missed 100% of his jump shots, and most of them were him hoggin the rock. PG had 5 turnovers and 5 fouls.

who is this lauri dude - he playing like dirk ever since he returned from FIBA

Lauri is a fine *** man. I would smash in the straightest way possible.

Olynyk’s entire game is falling over

Conley looking like three years ago before he got injured, dammit.

Man.. their whole team feels like rotation players.

Add Collin sexton's FT arc and PG's hairline to list of things straighter than me

this team's basketball IQ is less than a tree trunk

You can't look this tired 10 games into the season. Horrible late game execution

Foul after foul after foul after foul

What are these refs Utah residents

Lauri is really good. Ngl

0/14 last three pointers. And we still forcing them. Wtf

they kept running the same play - motion and cutting - and scored every time

The Clipper weaknesses are real. Gotta deal with it.
Will it be even be possible to avoid humiliation tomorrow? Like, maybe just sit PG and Zu and let the others go at it to try and get their basics together.

The Jekyll & Hyde of Wall driving vs shooting is unreal

When was the last time the jazz didn't get free throws on a possession

Lack of ball movement too much hero ball - chill out and let's get back to basics on offense

What is this Jazz team lol crazy what a change of scenery and new coach can do

Kelly olynik is a terrorist

This team gives out ****ing 9-10 point runs like Halloween candy and is physically and mentally incapable of going on one themselves to put games away

Kessler is taking zubacs lunch….

**** it. Trade for Olynyk. I didn't know he shoots 80% from 3.

PG just needs to play every minute of the game then we’ll be fine

Clarkson could probably average 40 points and people still be like surprised he makin 3s

This game exemplifies all the pros and cons of Wall

How many fouls are they gonna give sexton

Clippers could have been trying that but instead have been launching 3s on tired legs lol

Credit to the jazz - they played and executed better as a team

Oh no we’re down… quick let’s just shoot more threes! Are they close to foul trouble… quick shoot more threes!

Utah jazz are legit. This blows

This whole Jazz free throws vs Clippers bricking threes contest is annoying.

Dude. We've been fouling on every ****ing possession. Aggravating

Honestly Utah has been very good
We're winning this game, don't matter who is in these Jazz uniforms, we own this franchise.
That didn't travel well.

Nope, jazz earned most of their fouls. That game was not on the refs. Were there a maybe a handful that were close, yes. But they were moving the ball, getting switches esp on Morris, and attacking the paint at will and forcing their whistle with our physical play.

What? A reasonable, non-homer Clips fan?

What are these refs Utah residents

Where's the Mormon reference?

**** it. Trade for Olynyk. I didn't know he shoots 80% from 3.

Can't have him.