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Quotes from Clippers forums-"Utah should just give us Markannen and Clarkson for our garbage players"


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Pre Game

I’ve lost faith in this team

all this resting to keep them fresh for the playoffs. The way they going, they might not even make the play in. SMH.

PG out, Kawhi out, Wall Out, Kennard Out. Ty Lue gonna see some playing time today.

They take their outfits more seriously than take their basketball.

Moments before another loss...

1st Half

This is ridiculous..less than 2 minutes 9:0…2 turnovers….3 missed…they need to sell and rebuild…unwatchable…embarrassing…

Clipper Nation deserves better! What happened for us being the so-called deepest bench? We better get it together we're moving in the opposite direction.

Zubac again he gave up 6 Offensive rebounds 1 st quarter...... Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results..

I don’t know…if it would be Markkanen and one random Jazz player vs 5 Clippers, they would still be up by 2-3 points…we don’t deserve to be called contenders. This team gave up on themselves. We are on a great path to lose by 30plus to another below .500% team…

dismiss, sell, rebuild before we enter this new arena in 2024 …without any fans left….

Embarrassment all around…this new road trip may as well put us right down where we belong with the only team we have winning record against this season ; horrible Huston Rockets

Kessler big *** just reached over Batum and snatched that ball away

I thought the collapse would happen late in the game when fatigue sets in. This start is bad, even by our low standards.

************ ****ing ****

I refuse to believe any other team is more of a **** show than us at executing drawn up plays.

Start key guys during tough games —> lose.
Rest them against “lesser teams” —> get cooked

If I’m ballmer I’m firing the medical staff or the coaching staff somebody has to go

zu getting daddied by a kid bro. yikes

Let’s be real, this is the most depressing and unfun Clippers team in like the last decade, right?

Lauri deserves that all star spot

Need my money back after buying clippervision.. these injuries are ridiculous. Clipper fans really got duped

Kawhi's contract is a biggest money heist. Man is consistent on injuries and load management. Can't even play 10 games in a row

Zubac is getting owned

Kessler really is baby Gobert

Everybody gotta go at this point. They should just rebuild trading away your future picks for present losses smh

I can't watch this team anymore. I'll check in and see what, if anything, happens at the trade deadline and see how it goes from there, but until then I'm out. This team definitely ain't it, and I'm not sure as constructed the play-in is even a lock.

Utah Globetrotters vs the Los Angeles Generals.

We must have missed the scouting report on Markkanen. He's destroying us.

Incredible start. They find new ways to start ugly.

Clarkson isn't real. He looks like a South Park character.

Clippers basketball we absolutely suck right now

Conley working that audition for the Clippers lol.

This organization is slowly coming back to the Sterling zone with the way they’re treating this season. What is resting PG and Kawhi gonna do? That’s why whenever they’re playing together this season, a rarity, they still look rusty af because at least one of them is still on limited minutes. Full strength paper-wise, but never play-wise. This coaching staff and front office really think they’re easily in the playoffs with a 42-40/41-41 record. Hell, who am I kidding? We’d be lucky to avoid finishing below .500.

He’s so athletic. A 7 footer with hops. Nothing you can do to stop him.


Only down 12 with the Jazz shooting 500% from three. Good result. Hopefully they regress to the mean and we can make this a game.

2nd Half

Blow it up. Get what you can for Kawhi and PG. Clippers have been bottom 3 offence all season long. Don't waste anymore time, money or picks fixing this. BLOW IT UP.

How ****ing old and slow you gotta be to get done by Conley like that LOL

Damn.. the Jazz are shooting 65% from 3.

Morris is getting paid the same as Markkanen.

Another turnover after a timeout. We must've took a course on how to master that.

When we aren’t just throwing live ball turnovers, we’re committing dumbass fouls lol

How many fast breaks have we absolutely flubbed this game?

Conley saying I’m light years better than any PG you have. Don’t you guys wanna trade for me?

Utah players take turns destroying us. Now it's Conley.

Can't spell Los Angeles Clippers without a couple Ls

We are getting absolutely curb stomped but we all knew it was coming

Considering Utah is shooting like 80% and our D has been bad, there's room for us to improve and for Utah to regress. We're in a deep hole but we can make it competitive.

Y’all say we don’t need Mike Conley meanwhile Conley..

Damn it's honestly crazy how bad we became. We basically aren't competitive every night lol

And to think that Utah was supposed to be tanking this year and we were supposed be contending for the championship.

The Jazz are all playing like Luka vs the Clippers

Post Game

9 games on the road out of the next 10. Season is and has been cooked

2-9 in the last 11 games. Shoutout to Ty Lue and the front office.

You notice how we consistently get blown the **** out by everyone? I'm not a scientist but that's a bad sign. We are ****ing terrible lol.

Zubac getting **** on by a rookie lmao

But we gotta make sure Kawhi can run on the beach when he visits Cancun this spring.

This was supposed to be our year. I can’t even put my disappointment into words.

Our stars rarely play and are ineffective when they do. Our young guys are too few and not good enough to lead a team.

This franchise has no present or future. We’re in NBA purgatory of being a middling team that can’t tank and can’t win.

This feels worse. At least during those years there was no question Lob City was playoff bound. This year's team was supposed to be our deepest, arguably most talented team with a high likelihood for a championship run and instead it's looking more like we're not even going to qualify for the play-in.

This season feels like the bubble collapse, but in slow motion and never ending.

The roster just sucks lol, really what is comes down to. Two years ago they are probably the one seed, but guys have drastically deteriorated over the last two seasons. Shots aren’t falling, and defense is slow. Guys are just older and lazier now, sucks but that’s the harsh reality

Load management is really demoralizing the rest of the team. It’s saddening.

So I guess they'll never be an end to this dark tunnel huh, no light no joy just sadness and disappointment.

Wtf is there to be positive about

We are now tied with OKC and falling fast. Shai might lead them to a play in and we will give them our draft pick.

These aren’t just little loses, WE ARE GETTING KILLED ON THE SCOREBOARD

this is honestly the worst season in years. I didn’t expect anything from this team from 01 (when I started watching) to Lob City. The 15-16 and 16-17 Lob City teams were the worst years for me in vibes level. 17-18 was whatever. 18-19 was fun. 19-20 was bad vibes but we were actually quite good in the regular season and finished as the 2 seed. 20-21 was great. Last year was fun. This is just…a team that sucks and doesn’t care, isn’t fun, and is disappointing expectations more than the Blake teams ever did (mainly because we all knew the Blake teams weren’t winning it all).

Not sure why I should care when the organization doesn’t.

It's crazy how we are outperformed by absolutely anyone and everyone.

Utah should just give us Markannen and Clarkson for our garbage players

Quotes from around the league

Walker Kessler is a monster.

That dunk out of nowhere was insane

Lauri has 32 and 10 and it's only the 3rd quarter

Lauri Markannen looks like an angel. Zubac looks like a Zubat.

That move was called the Finnish Fling

Markkanan is the hero the Utah Jazz deserves


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Being a clips fan seems rough. You can never look forward to watching a game because 50% of the team will be in street clothes.
Yeah they aren't even that fun to bait. They are so jaded. So much hope, dashed on the rocks of reality, over and over. They get really high, thinking they have cracked the Laker's code, so how could they lose, then they come crashing down and have to go to therapy. I cannot imagine why anyone stays a Clipper's fan. I do give them credit for not bandwagonning/knob-slobbing the Lakers, as they could easily do. They have a certain pride in not being Lakers fans, and that I can respect. Even though when things are going well their sense of entitlement nearly equals the worst of the Lakers fans.

//r00t 4 Jazz

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Utah should just give us Markannen and Clarkson for our garbage players

Think this guy is the same guy that tweeted this