Quotes from Magic forums-"Jazz cleared the bench with 9 minutes left.... in the third quarter"


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Pre Game

The Jazz are the sole best team of the league this year and have won 7 in a row. Let’s root for the Magic to end that streak and impress the basketball world

It will be a tough game but if Magic can defeat the Clippers then Magic can defeat the Jazz!

These future hall of famers will end Utah Jazz streak tonight!

Magic +15
Over/Under 216.5


Really interested to see how our young bigs play against Gobert.

Only 8 players tonight but also players we want to see.

I’m giggling on the inside, this team is just a bundle of joy right now. I could care less what they do at this point. Its getting ridiculous. How hard they are balling.
We have a tough schedule. The hardest after Allstar break in the east based on win percentage of opponents @.520, so its whatever. Nothing we can do, if this team is gonna Orlando, Let it Orlando, at least we have two dogs in the lotto fight.

1st Half

leave salt lake city now..

forfeit the game!

That's confidence. They're down 30 lol

Magic miss a couple open looks from 3PT.​

But everytime they drive the kick out to avoid Gobert.

Gonna have to pick one.

The Jazz are just such a juggernaut.​

Really shows how gathering high BBIQ shooters makes the game easy.

Man the Jazz are gonna break the most 3 pointers in a half record​

(I don’t know if it’s their franchise record or NBA record though)

Those first two screens by Gobert had him looking like a playground bully lmao. The Jazz are unstoppable

this is borderline breaking basketball ****. time to expand the court, move the line back, and shrink the lane. enable defenses to protect the rim and the 3pt line. bring back the long 2.

Joe "highest TS of all time" Ingles is always hot apparently.

Jazz is 14. NBA is 15.​

Currently at 15, with 4 min to go.

New league record seems likely.

Also the Jazz are on pace to set a new franchise record for halftime lead.

Gonna have to get up on these shooters. This is crazy.​

I don’t even care that we are tanking this team is fun to watch with all these young talents

whoever runs the teams twitter account should take the night off ..just like the team is. and... even if we get the #1 pick, I doubt Clifford will play him

There’s no excuse for a coach to call 5 of his time outs before the first half is over. Even if you’re losing by 42 points.

Holy carp the Jazz 3pt shooting cant be hotter​

Good gracious

Holy crap, y'all. I just had an idea:​

The Magic should try to add shooters, so they could make 3s like this. Seems like a solid strategy that maybe they hadn’t thought of yet.

The jazz are just beating us to death.

Geez that's a crazy stat.​

This will be the TENTH time the Jazz will go into halftime with a 30+ point lead.

That’s insane. Talk about a team that takes care of business.

These pull ups mid range shoots from ross, bacon & Ennis are killing me. Such horrible offense

That block from Favors is extremely suspect. Looked like he got a lot of RJ's arm.

bruh. i wonder if after 18 3's in the half the magic might try and pressure the shot lmao.

The refs are on Utah's payroll. Did you not see Gobert take 6 steps while screening Ennis?

I can't believe he is just a rookie but every drive by Chuma I expect it to convert.

wow.. UTA can't miss.. outstanding

Yeah Utah is going to dispatch us without much trouble. They can really shoot it from outside.

Hampton is unbelievable lightning quick.

Obviously Utah is really good and the Magic have 8 guys healthy, so tonight was a near certain beat down.
That said... I really don’t think we need to worry that much about the team killing their lotto odds.
They simply don’t have enough offensive firepower to consistently beat teams that aren’t playing their JV squads.

The offense is crazy. It's literally ross Ennis bacon coming around screens and jacking up co tested mid range shoots.

wow they can't miss. I was afraid they would have been tired from CHI

A nice, healthy blowout loss with no real chance of a comeback to help everyone calm down.

Bamba really needs to pick up his energy level. It is nonexistent out there.

Bamba being schooled by another starting center tonight. Rudy Gobert just overpowering, outjumping, stoping on D, outscoring Bambi - just outplaying him in every single category.
I hope all can see the reason why Bambi doesn't get consistent PT, especially against starting level competition under the basket.

The Jazz are red hot from three.
13-21... incredible

Pretty sure Utah is gonna set the 3 point record tonight... 11 made in 13 and a half minutes.. sheeesh

The Magic currently have 30 points in the game, the Jazz have 39 points on three point shots alone.

This is wild. Hopefully this starts a longgggggg losing streak.

Maaan, he's having a bad career...not a bad day. Even the Jazz announcers mentioned it is unacceptable for a 3-year veteran like Bamba to be out of shape at any point of the season.

17 threes in the 1st half lol. Utah is really good.

Utah being ruthless. Crushing young dreams tonight.

My condolences guys, Utah are just being cruel out there.
Empty the bench Snyder.

This is one of the worst first half drubbings I have witnessed.

Then again, it's a short handed young team against maybe the best team in The NBA who is playing like it tonight.

18 3s in one half.....we have made 12 3s in the last 2.5 games....

Just now tuning in. Did I miss anything?

utah is the best team in the league right now

Well, that was a short handed good team against a Championship level team.

Well at least this frees up some time for me tonight. No point in watching the second half of this one

i actually think its so bad that i have to historically watch this! lol

It's amazing what the Jazz has done with their team. And they did not load up with a lot of super stars to get the job done.

Well I need to watch the film but my first impression is that we’re being outplayed.

We should always expect them to at least be competitive. They are still NBA players. They are making us a laughingstock tonight.

38 points at halftime in 2021 is just terrible

At games like this, i wish the NBA had a rule that allowed the winning team to be forced to let a fan play as their 5th player on the court.

2nd Half

Walk off the court before you lose by 50 like us

this is looking like one of the worst magic games i've ever seen and this includes when i was 14 watching the '89 magic

Jazz cleared the bench with 9 minutes left.... in the third quarter.

My god. This was a close one. To be +35 in 21 minutes, you gotta be jingling.

the hell is is defense

Post Game

I love to watch magic play but I can't imagine anyone not watching that Zags UCLA game tonight instead. Pretty sure I just witnessed the best march madness game in history.

know everyone is happy we loss. But being blown out by 46 points is embarrassing.

I'm just hoping everyone on the court is having fun

A loss is a loss but okay Utah, why you gotta do us like that!?


All I know is pain

Who needs scores anyways

Y'all better not miss anymore threes in the next game. Your 3pt streak has been the only thing that reassures me. Reassures what exactly? I don't even know anymore. Just. Don't. Miss. All. Your. Threes.

Yep we definitely smoked Jazz don’t worry about their score tho

Hmmmmmmmm... moving on

Magic 2-23 from deep tonight. Our front office still doesn't get it!​

This front office just like the one before is obsessed with wing span and length. When are the guys running the show going to realize you need to put the ball in the hoop to win the game! Outside of Terrence Ross we have nobody that can fill it up!

My goodness - everyone ate tonight on the Jazz

Miye Oni played more minutes than any of the Jazz starters

Has there ever been a greater disparity in made threes in a game? The Jazz got 72 more points from three than the Magic.

Snyder called an illegal timeout after a made 3 to get the starters out. Our radio guy indicated it was on purpose to make sure Clifford knew he wasn't trying to run up the score against the Magic.

Damn the starters on the jazz all got to play around 21 minutes. That's a gift.

8.7% 3PT% wtf

Wtf Utah made 13x as many from deep as Orlando did... Sheeesh. Idk how to even research such an obscure stat but this HAS to be the largest ratio of 3PM:3PM between opposing teams. 13:1.

Imma be so happy if the small market team basketball Jazz come out on top in the year of star-stacked, ring-chasing juggernauts

I know people would pull the “COVID year” card but it would be one of the heaviest chips of all time

What a scary team to play.

That game happened and now it’s over

If you want to see how a competitive team is built without tanking, we just got destroyed by them.

just draft a top 10 defender ever with the 27th overall pick it's not hard

They also drafted Mitchell at 13, got other great defenders and 3 point shooters around those 2. Then add their really deep bench and it's crazy how good they are.


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Snyder called an illegal timeout after a made 3 to get the starters out. Our radio guy indicated it was on purpose to make sure Clifford knew he wasn't trying to run up the score against the Magic.
Yeah. This was crazy. Bojan hits a three and Quin is livid. Goes on the court to call timeout when he didn’t have possession, then has Donovan foul.