Quotes from Mavs' forums-"We dont need rebounds. Who cares about such trivial things"

Discussion in 'Utah Jazz' started by JazzAvenues, Feb 10, 2020.

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    Aug 26, 2014
    Didn't beat these guys on the road with Luka
    so now the home game without Luka. Conley is resting tonight (but he wasn’t a factor in the first game anyway), and the Jazz are on their second night of a back-to-back after an emotional win against the Rockets.

    Bookies apparently call it EVEN. Let’s see.

    Layups and dunks ... thats way too easy ...

    This Dallas team is absolutely TRASH! Defensively Atrocious


    Rudy got 13 boards and our leader has 4...

    teams as jazz, expose every defensive hickupp

    our guys are trying.

    Rebound battle: 27-13... yep, it’s that bad.

    Wait! I thought traditional bigs like Gobert are useless in todays nba?

    Keep playing small rick.

    F you Mitchell!
    You are trash.. Just getting bailed by stupid fouls.

    I don't think it have anything to do with luka not being out there, this team just not talented.

    I know it’s a bit old fashioned to look at rebounding numbers...

    but I still think it’s practically impossible to win a basketball game if your opponent grabs twice as many rebounds as you.

    yes, only 21. but feels more like 41.

    Bojan 3 looks nothing but beautiful ... and the shot is 100% identical every time .. a machine ...

    I don't think I have ever seen a more one side game by refs. And I have seen some pretty bad **** from refs when it comes to Mavs games. Wow...

    Way to fight back, but yeah too many mistakes against a team like Utah

    We dont need rebounds. Who cares about such trivial things.

    What happened to " Porzingis, the rim protector"? They score on him at will.

    Jazz 67 - 45 Mavs 2nd qtr 1:42 left, hoping for a miracle soon.

    71 points conceded at halftime to a utaz team who played last night!
    Disgraceful, they just dont care this dallas team.
    And Carlisle one of the most overrated coaches in the NBA

    I am about to add utah to the list

    Of teams we better dont meet in the playoffs …


    Man Gobert sets good screens

    dam UTAH plays smartly

    can’t get no ****ing stops. reminds of that suns game.

    If we get beat by Clarkson we deserve to lose

    Another embarassing home loss on the way! Soft! Soft! Soft!

    Utah is on the second night of a back to back and you’re getting ran out of your own building and about to be .500 at home. Embarrassing. Learn how to play defense. We need Luka back desperately because without him, we’re not a good team. Period.

    The allas Mavericks. Notice there’s no “D.”

    Let me know when Luka comes back. I can’t believe there were fans who tried to say we were better without him. Most ridiculous statement ever.

    Homecourt Disadvantage Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Too much short player on the bench Jazz bench way way taller

    A great 3rd quarter until the last 3 mins. Can't catch a break.

    20 turn overs by Utah and still couldn’t win they gave us too many chances

    We arent goin far without defense in the paint. And its non existent

    26 rebounds, how sad. Maxi 2, KP 5! wow!

    1st in offensive rating but totally ignored defense. Jazz shot 59% FG

    Gonna be hard to win when a team shoots 60 percent the whole game, but having said there our defence is no good, onto the next one get a W before the all star break

    Frustrating loss but they built too big of a hole to come out of. At least we didn’t get completely embarrassed. Why is luka jumping around on the bench? Shouldn’t he be in a padded room in a medical facility healing those ankles?????

    Why the **** did WCS not play in the second half

    Remember when we were the 2 seed? Good times

    Gobert 100% FG against us this season

    Kleber was getting obliterated down low by Bradley, screw that ****. Big Willie was shutting them down from boards and working them down low on offense. Look Big Willie can handle himself down low and Gobert wasn't on the floor during most of that time, when Gobert was in the game I trust Big Willie waayyy more against Gobert than Kleber.

    Gobert got away with a goaltend possibly, but ultimately the reffing was bad but equally bad.
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    Jul 4, 2016
    The allas Mavericks. Notice there’s no “D.”

    made me laugh. thanks JA
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    Never as tasty as Rockets tears. Thanks JA
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    Nov 1, 2018
    What happened to " Porzingis, the rim protector"? They score on him at will.

    This quote got me thinking more of when it happened
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    They're right. Rudy is shooting 15/15 against the Mavs in two games so far...
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    Ok, that was cute.
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    The Meh-vericks

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    17-0FT in the 4th is equally bad? LMAO

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