Quotes from Nets' forums-"God damn Rudy is a huge human being."

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    this is gonna be really tough Utah is on a killing spree

    kyrie and spencer gonna have to put the team on their back

    This is an absolutely brutal match up as we're trying to climb back to .500 and the Jazz are on a 9 game winning streak.

    Jarrett Allen and DeAndre Jordan cannot afford to play poorly tonight, and we'll need a much more consistent effort from LeVert and Harris as well. The game's not unwinnable but the Jazz are tough inside and on the perimeter.

    I love the matchup... we should have beat them last time if Kyrie wasnt dingged. We were up 10+ in the 4th. They have no awnser for our gaurdplay and we have a huge bench advantage on them now that we have everyone back. No one on that teams scares you offensively and we can afford to play zone vs them for long stretches.

    I think this is a win unless our shooting is off from 3. we will get all the open 3s we want

    Utah's been the best offensive team in the league since Conley went out. If Mitchell is playing, Jordan Clarkson and Mudiay have been killing it off the bench. Ingles and Bogie haven't been missing from 3. This one is going to be really tough. We need Prince, JA, and DJ to show up.

    This is the most confident I’ve felt about a game in over a month. Let’s get this W.

    Coach Snyder looks like a psychopath.

    God damn Rudy is a huge human being.

    I expect this to be a win. I'm sorry if some don't agree with me but I feel we top 5 team even without KD this year. Just need some chemistry going.
    Jazz on a hot streak vs bad teams and we can test ourselves where we stand. Definitely a tough game but hopefully very exciting.

    Playing bad or not jazz and miami have many weapons so we need to get stops and make shots... hopefully that beautiful BKN designed home court will give us an upper hand

    I really hope we can win 2 of the next 5 games
    Jazz, 76ers, Bucks, 76ers, Lakers

    I have us winning one of the Philly games and tonight against the Jazz.

    They super confident after this win streak. Need to smack them I few times.

    Clarkson must feel like MJ against the Nets. SMH

    Horrible execution at the end of that half. You went from down 6 to down 14. I hope Kenny reams them in the locker room.

    This Jazz D is truly stifling but we just beat ourselves to the the quarter. Dinwiddie and Prince have been soft out there.

    Gobert is dominating him. Gobert almost has a double double at the half (11 pts, 9 rebounds on 5-6 FG), while Allen has 0 rebounds so far.

    Yeah we always had a slim shot of winning this one. Gobert has been punking us for years now. That chance is completely out the window now.

    Utah can't miss right now.

    Gobert gets to set whatever screen he wants. Really annoying to play against.

    Ingles annoying af this game

    Joe Harris can't guard a chair

    DO the refs know they can call offensive fouls against Utah?

    Jazz have answered back every single time, just a ridiculous shooting night from them.

    Jazz come in on a 9 game winning streak, winning 14 of 15.

    But this is a very winnable game for Nets. The only team the Jazz have beaten that is over .500 in that 15 game stretch is the Clippers. Good for them but they have been feasting on the abyss of the NBA for a long time.

    Not calling this a must win but this is a very good opportunity for us that we need to take advantage of considering our schedule coming up or things could get ugly quick again.

    Impressive Utah handling business with Conely out

    This will be a fun one. Let’s get it.

    Dinwiddie should foul Gobert out

    This game will show a lot about the teams heart and toughness

    Jazz are a physical team that is going to bring maximum effort. Can the Nets match the intensity tonight?

    I'm happy for Bojan.

    It took a while, but he finally found his pace in the NBA. He’s in a great situation with the Jazz & he got PAID last summer. Great Signing for Utah. Taurean needs to bring his A-Game tonight. If this team is going to go anywhere this season, he needs to step it. The team needs him to play well. When he doesn’t, it’s usually an L.

    Just remembered the Jazz have Jordan Clarkson now... ****

    That dude always lights us up smh

    Donovan Mitchell putting up pregame shots in a sleeveless hoodie and over ear headphones, might be peak male form tbh

    I love me some Donovan Mitchell I hope he loves me back and drops a nice 10 points on 4-26 shooting so we can get the W

    Watching the replay and seeing Prince just migrate to the basket for no reason is yikes

    so is gobert just gonna get away with every moving screen?

    Jazz getting every 50/50 ball

    4 points behind to Utah feels so much heavier

    Wow that Utah passing

    Gobert is playing a factor
    Allen is getting eaten alive by Gobert, lobs are getting taken away. The 3s don’t seem to be the problem tonight, most of the misses can be attributed to Harris and Dinwiddie, although I am more worried about Harris.

    Gobert shuts Din down
    Everybody knows Din is not going to even try to score on Gobert.
    Din can’t hit the three.
    No plan C.

    Goebert is a beast
    Kenny should be scheming to get him and Bogan in foul trouble

    Quinn snyder is one of the best coaches in basketball
    kenny atkinson is not even in the same universe

    cant get outhustled like this

    Kenny probably having a stroke getting outhustled by jordan clarkson

    Where's the hustle at? Jazz are diving at everything while we are trying to pick the ball up with out bending our backs

    love to give up five points in the final 1.4 seconds of the quarter lol

    DeAndre Jordan, worst inbounder of all time

    Way to just give away 5 points in that last second

    Deandre is lucky he’s great friends with KD and Kyrie

    Hahahahahahahahhahahaa trash as ****

    Dinwiddie playing hero ball in the first half throws everyone out of wack! Joe gets so frustrated in the 3rd because nobody sees him! Then when he does get a touch he can’t produce!

    of all people Mudiay makes that shot

    if it was Mitchell I'd be okay but really?

    dude deandre is so bad right now hes not rebounding over bradley like come on man

    Gobert does the exact same every possession

    Clarkson and patty mills are two irrelevant point guards that dominate us

    bro i hate clarkson

    Clarkson looks like a solid signing

    can gobert **** off please thank you

    11pts for clarkson in the 1st half lol

    Mitchell would have been a hell of a running back

    **** Ingles can’t miss

    Why would you decide to leave Ingles open?

    I don’t like getting jingled

    Nets gonna Nets

    The Jazz team is kind of how I want this offense to run. Boggy and Joe Ingles play like Taurean and Joe, Kyrie as D Mitch, JA=Rudy.

    That's about it boys no answer to Gobert at all

    Damn, LeVert can't guard Mitchell

    Mitchell is a flat-out stud, so I don't see it being that much of a 'LeVert did an especially poor job' kind of thing.

    Utah is playing elite basketball without Conley. Ingles, Spida, and Gobert killed us.

    with kyrie we are top 4 team. and he is the best shot create and one of if not the most efficient shooter/scorer in the east. its not an issue as long as he is on the floor. i mean look how good he looks just coming off injury. last 3 games weve played really well. we are about to start stomping people. that includes philly who is a trash fraud team weve already stomped once.

    I don't know how the Jazz start Conley when he gets back. Their lineup now really has no weakness.

    The jazz have shot 40% from three this season. They are shooting 42% tonight. This is how they are literally every game

    For the love of God, can t we stop throwing lobs.. ****ing eh

    kyrie is insane

    this game sucked, joe ingles ****ing won this for them imo

    Not much we can do they are sinking every shot even with a hand in their face

    I'm so tired of these Deandre turnovers man

    Joe Ingles destroying our Joe

    This Jazz team is legit

    Gobert's screens remain illegal and uncalled

    Must be easy to win DPOY when you can get away with everything

    Bogie is unconscious right now

    8/10 3pt shooting. That’s nuts

    we go under every single screen just fight through that ****

    No one can finish around the rim tonight. Gobert is effecting shots just by standing there. Something JA needs to aspire to.

    Do we know that Rudy gobert is the best rim protector in the league?

    I hate these fouls that are pointless and don't stop the basket and just give the and 1 FFS

    Deandre again not moving again on a Mitchell layup

    Jingled. Does anybody truly believe this team + Durant will be a legit contender?

    Choked an easy game

    Why does your entire fanbase look like white people from the purge

    Kyrie is a monster. He was single-handedly carrying the Nets tonight.

    Our guards outplayed theirs – Irving is awesome, and Dinwiddie attacked the heck out of Utah when Gobert was off the court. But their wings and Gobert dominated. Really don’t like Ingles – (and would probably love him if he were on Brooklyn!)

    We played hard. Tried to make a few runs, but Utah always had an answer. Three players with 20 points. They run a nice offense. Gobert, Mitchell, Ingles were all tough.

    The article said Utah defended the three. That’s easy to do when you have Gobert in the middle. Nonetheless, we haven’t shot well from three for quite a while. Unless Harris finds a way to get more shots off, he doesn’t deserve a big payday. I see him as an off the bench player.

    They out hustled balls on the floor and beat us in the last 60 seconds of the first 2 quarters.

    We still had a bunch of positives but just didn’t seem to have a plan on how to attack gobert on offense. I for one do t think it’s that tricky: drive at him and take the rejections – there will be a bunch, granted – but foul him out and have JA or DJ close by for the dish.

    He’s only one (super giant) dude.

    We didn’t make shots, we didn’t get calls. This outfit will do better.

    Tough loss to a championship contender.
    Rudy Gobert makes such a difference – every one has to alter their shot at the rim with him around. And Donovan is a gamer. And Joe Ingles, that guy can ball.

    This team is what I hope we are on defense in the future.

    Ain't even mad
    Ingles and Bogie were on fire
    Mitchell was really good
    Kurucs needs more minutes
    DeAndre needs less minutes
    Kyrie is unbelievable
    Imagine when KD comes back?

    Pick and roll defense is abysmal.
    How are no adjustments made from this simple play? One high screen from Gobert and its Allen or Jordan being faced with a 2 on 1 every single time? Disappointing game overall from Levert as well…Mitchell did whatever he wanted out there. Jarrett Allen also had 2 rebounds in 25 mins which I didn’t even know was possible for a 7 footer.

    Gobert is annoying
    I kno the Nets abuse that loop hole in which the center is allowed to stand in the paint, because their "target" is involved in the basketball play by setting screens. But c’mon it seemed like plenty of times gobert wasn’t even checking anybody camped in the paint with s’mores and refs were just allowing it. I hate talking about officiating especially in loses and the 2 teams even took the same amount of FT’s but one team was def playing a lot more physical than the other, Gobert could of picked up 4 fouls in the final 2 mins alone.
    I’m not a fan of Irving, Spence and LeVert on the floor at the same time. They all need the ball in their hands and I trust Kyrie with the ball the most and he’s prob the best off ball shooter of the 3.
    Need more Rodi his baseline cuts are beautiful and I like his disruptiveness of defense

    Gobert is a monster
    The fact he’s never been an all star is a joke

    If he isn't this year, I'm pretty sure the team will go off and make it's own league.
    With blackjack! And hookers!

    Very true man. Very true Gobert killing us on the boards

    Yeah he finish with 22 pts 18 rbds meanwhile Allen got 8 pts and 2 rebonds

    Okay stop picking & tolling please it’s not working for us

    Idk but that Rudy gobert is good at stopping shots from going in the paint so please I beg we don’t go near him

    Jarrett Allen really only has 2 rebounds lmao

    Why is the Pick & Roll so hard to stop?

    We are getting destroyed

    We are going up agaisnt probably the hottest team in the NBA

    Wow! Another center with a 25/20 game! It’s almost like this happens every time we play an above average center!

    Good effort, Jazz just a better team this year. We got something for them next year..

    Our two centers were useless tonight, you don’t want that against Rudy

    Got thrown around by the jazz. This team needs to fight . Soft

    Only one player up their put his heart in the game and that was Kyrie.

    Joe ingles would be the 2nd best player on this team

    Gobert is just too big lol

    They got Jingled

    CAN WE SAY HOW BAD DINWIDDIE IS THOUGH. MY GOD. HE CRYS NONSTOP. SO MUCH FOR BEING IN THE GAME. CHUCK UP 4 shots at the end and not hit Harris or prince or get anyone involved in the offense.

    They have Joe Ingles theres nothing u can do with it

    We honestly played pretty well tonight, but we just had no match for Gobert. Not gonna really sweat about this one

    End of 1st and 2nd q was disastrous, otherwise we played them pretty evenly. I'm concerned about our defensive excecution more than anything. And it just seems like the in game adjustments aren't coming quickly. We really had to keep going under on Joe Ingles all night? Oh and he eventually kept going for the disrespectful high scoop. We should have laid him out for that. This team needs to get rid of Prince, start Kurucs, and infuse some kind of defense (probably via trade)

    Wow. I am so done with Prince lol.

    Someone else needed to step up tonight next to Kyrie for us to have a real chance. Hopefully Levert/Dinwiddie just had an off night and are back on it tmrw

    Missed a lot of layups. Gobert should be DPOY.

    Also love the Jazz ball movement. No wonder why they have 3 wings shooting 40%+

    I wouldn't be too concerned about this loss since the Jazz are a really good team and they have no answer for Gobert on offense and defense. That being said, that beginning to the third quarter was rough. They made at least 7 or 8 pull up threes coming off P&R to start the quarter and those are difficult shots. They could of brought the screener up more, but the Jazz are a smart team to know certain passing angles would be available if they did that. Don't think the Nets could of done much.

    Props to Jingles. He shot well.

    First game I've been to this season and DJ and Allen were utterly dominated by Gobert the whole game.

    With that said nothing really can beat Gobert setting picks every possession to get Joe Ingels an open 3. Felt like he shot 90% from 3 tonight. Frustrating to watch.

    We just got Jingled.
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    Jan 11, 2015
    Great stuff. DPOY indeed.
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    May 26, 2010
    I love that Jingled is an NBA verb now.

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    May 26, 2010
    Them talking about how Brooklyn with Kyrie is really a top 4-5 team... I HOPE they were just talking about the Eastern Conference.

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    Dec 20, 2011
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    May 26, 2010
    Nobody is more disrespected than Rudy. It is such horse-****.

    NUMBERICA Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2010
    This is easily one of the most ignorant, delusional fan bases I’ve ever seen.
  8. rjfan

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    Nov 1, 2018
    Man, this was levels of saltier than i expected.

    Loved it.
  9. bigb

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    May 26, 2010
    It’s surprising how confident they were in the pregame comments. Like we’re some bottom feeder on a 10 game losing streak, not #2 in the west riding a major hot streak.

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  10. Release the Kraken

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    Nov 9, 2016
    Why would you decide to leave Ingles open?
    Good question.
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    Jul 7, 2010
    This is the biggest question facing the jazz imo, he hit it spot on. How indeed. No weaknesses. I'm not looking forward to Conley coming back.

    Easily the best quote. He forgot "in fact, forget the league".

    Ingles is an unmitigated stud. Have we been sleeping on him possibly being an all-star candidate?
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  12. candrew

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    May 29, 2010
    Net fans haven't learned yet that having Kyrie doesn't translate into wins. It just pretty much means you get to watch Kyrie put up all-star numbers.
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  13. Thee jazz fan

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Wut?? Idiot!!
    Good for you!!! How do you feel now?
    Ya? Well so does yours quite frankly
    Top 5 team? How do you figure, don’t you have a losing record playing in the eastern conference? You need to get some help.
    Well there’s always one reasonable in every fanbase.
  14. Thee jazz fan

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    Dec 27, 2010
    My hope is that he can fit in better having been watching this team from the bench for an extended period of time. It would also help if he made some of his shots and that floater he supposed to be so good at.
    On the flip side if he figures that stuff out, just think how devastating that would be to the rest of the league.
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    Feb 19, 2015
    Mitchell would have been a hell of a running back

    Interesting thought imo. He definitely has the makeup of one.
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    May 25, 2010
    Not quite as bad as the Magic. That said, what is it with these idiot fans of sub .500 teams who think that beating a team with nearly a .700 winning percentage is some sure thing.
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    Dec 24, 2016
    I've been voting for him heavily, as are my minions...
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    May 25, 2010
    Yeah that was the comment that really stood out to me as well.
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    Jul 7, 2010
    I doubt 7 street-hookers will make that much of a difference but hey, stranger things have happened.
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    Jul 7, 2010
    They have fully bought into the pre-season hype. That even without KD they are the best team in the league. Losing record? Lalalalalala I can't hear you lalalalalala. Best. Team. Ever.

    Definitely the best team to lose most of their games. How about that?
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