Quotes from Pacers' forums-"Pacers legend Georges Niang outscored every Pacer tonight"

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I'm surprised that so few of their fans recognized that we're pretty good. You'd think they'd understand the underrated and overlooked small-market thing.

The issue wasn't Lamb or Nate McMillian. And lol @ them saying that they shouldn't have played 2 bigs. That's actually how you beat us. You go big and pound the hell out of Gobert and hope he picks up some bad fouls. That's how NO beat us and that's how Los Angeles will beat us (if we meet in the playoffs). Going small against us guarantees a loss now that we have Conley and Clarkson. Our small shooters can match any combo in the league.

The issue is they ran into a buzzsaw. Unless you have a superstar who can take over or a big frontline, you basically have to hope for us to have a stone cold shooting game. But even then, it's tough. The Jazz now have so many shooters, even if Mitchell or Jingles have a mediocre night, others can get hot and shoot the hell out of the ball.
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