Quotes from Pacers' forums-"Pacers legend Georges Niang outscored every Pacer tonight"

Discussion in 'Utah Jazz' started by JazzAvenues, Jan 20, 2020.

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    Utah has cool jerseys

    Onto another huge challenge. After a hard fought game this will be even harder than last night?

    Jazz are 7.5 point favorites. That is a pretty large spread

    Wtf... Mitchell is only 6'1

    C’mon beat the jazz

    quin snyder looks like an evil investment banker from a children's movie

    Ingles looks like he sells propane accessories in the offseason.

    No propane - licensing thing - just the accessories. Door to door.

    Bojan looks like a hotter version of Cheddar Bob from 8 mile

    holy **** rudy with the dirty dangles

    jazz offense is ****ing beautiful man

    Horrible looking uniforms.

    Would be a huge win tonight if we could pull this off. I miss you Bojan

    I'm not a hater, but lately I can't wait till Myles hits the bench. Lately he has been worthless.

    These awful Utah jerseys may be worse than the orange/yellow V the Vancouver Canucks wore years ago.

    I think we call this the dead lineup. Fortunately the good players will be on the court soon.

    No Superstar call for Conley. Maybe because he's no superstar?

    So glad we never signed/traded for him

    The very idea is infuriating . Niang is scoring on the Pacers...after we gave up on him. He will never forget...

    We all knew this was probably gonna be an ugly game... I didn’t think it’d be this bad though

    Did Aaron, like, squeeze Mitchell's balls when we weren't looking or something?

    I forgot we were playing tonight, guess the Pacers did too. Tough on a B2B though and looks like this is the Georges Niang revenge game

    The corpse of Conley is smoking us

    The perimeter defense has been atrocious, making the center, either Myles or Domas, play 2 on 1 every single time

    I really like Utah's court and jerseys.

    Ready enjoy those Utah jerseys! Nice design.

    Looking at Gobert..... no reason why Turner can’t be that kinda of player on a regular basis. Similar builds and speed.

    Rudy wants all the smoke, Turner doesn’t want any of that.

    How many times we gonna keep trying to score on Rudy?

    “Twin towers” vs this team is suicide

    clearly the guys all got effed up offa decaf and nonalcoholic apple cider before the game

    Nate is making a point by refusing to change this s*** lineup that’s obviously not working.

    When is Aaron traded and will Justin have an issue with that?

    Conley destroying our guards

    Honestly give me J Holiday over Lamb. Thats not saying Lamb is bad though, except for his defense, which is pretty terrible.

    Gobert is killing our offense. Not to mention our turnovers, and missing open shots.

    Utah is destroying us with their dribble penetration. They have been sloppy at times too. But our two centers and Lamb not being able to guard anyone has been killing us.

    We have resurrected Mike Conley from the grave. Nice

    we are sucking **** at literally every other facet of the game, but amazing on deflections/steals...i guess you can't really fault the effort as far as that goes

    I'm not sure what is a stranger box score line right now, Justin Holiday's 5 blocks or Myles Turner's 6 steals, in a game the Pacers are losing by 18!

    I guess Conley wasn’t dead after all

    Congratulations Donovan Mitchell, sincerely congratulations, you scored 4 points against a backup point guard.

    And then Donovan Mitchell happened.

    Should've kept Niang and not drafted Leaf

    Two competitors were going at it. On one hand, I love the attitude and competitiveness from Holiday. On the other, I recognize that Mitchell is one of the top guards in this league. If you come at him, there's a good chance he makes you pay.

    I feel like they aren't even trying tonight. Why do NBA teams act like it is impossible to win two games in a row on a back to back? Is it easy, no. But they are playing like they already lost when the game started. Nate needs to have a mandatory nap time for these guys at the hotel if they keep playing like this.

    Why is Donovan Mitchell so worked up while the Jazz are already winning? Your playing against our bench. Enjoy your moment, just wait till Vic is locking you up little boy Like literally keep talking that trash just because Aaron was scoring on you.

    They got no Chick fil A, and in the end, isn't that what really matters?

    Whoever made this schedule can suck an egg

    The Jazz are legit. This was a tough game given how well they’ve been playing, especially recently. That combined with this being a back to back after a hard fought game last night makes this a really tough game. We’ll be fine, let’s sweep the rest of this road trip and get TJ Warren some revenge

    I thought before the season, the Jazz would finish with the best record in the West.

    Things I did not see: Miami, Toronto - both doing so well. I figured pacers would be 3rd or 4th in the east, with less wins then we currently have by this point.

    Imagine how much we might've lost by if the Jazz didn't turn the ball over so much. Just a rough outing all around.

    meh, splitting a back-to-back with two of the Western Conference's top 5 teams is a win in my eyes. But wow, that was some horrible shooting matched by Utah outstanding shooting.

    I was at this game and my coworker kept gloating and laughing in my face the whole time even when we were down like 25 in garbage time and he could see that I was extremely pissed. I think that’s about the worst we’ve looked since the 0-3 start. A 0/10 experience.

    We got jingled by the schedule

    Pacers legend Georges Niang outscored every Pacer tonight

    Jeremy Lamb's defense is absolute dog ****.

    A back to back in Denver and Utah has gotta be one of the toughest B2Bs you can ha e when both teams are good. That altitude is a huge advantage for the home team. Pacers shot horribly, hope they rest tomorrow and get back on track.

    sunday nightlife in slc is wild bro. man's so busy going to church and doing all his home teaching or whatever it's called now and shoveling snow from old lady's driveways

    Now we do realize why some fans want to fire Nate McMillan. Sabonis and Brogdon both exhausted last night but still McMillan makes them play 1000 times pick and roll in the first half. Turner is such a great weapon against Jazz because Gobert can't come out and Turner can also post up small fours. However Turner only has one post up chance in the first half. Inacceptable.

    I had a bad feeling about this game tonight. Back to backs are tough. Tired looking and flat. Can’t score on Utah’s turnovers. We are still in good shape.

    Utah is a great team. Ever since they got Jordan Clarkson they have found their identity. And have won me lots of money haha. Anyways, our boys left it all on the floor last night. This is what we call a “scheduled loss” look for them to bounce back against the Suns on Wednesday

    Schedule Loss, could see this one coming I'm grateful they got the win in Denver even as a best case scenario for the back to back

    Tough loss fellas. Hard to win on back to backs on the road, especially against upper tier teams.

    Lid on the basket tonight. Sometimes that happens, but that was rough to watch.

    People are freakin out! Are guys not allowed to have a bad game? Haha. Like we didn’t just win 5 in a row. East is still tight in the standings. Just gotta hope back on that horse.

    Wow.. that can happen.. I think bogey had something to do with that. I told you it was a bad idea to get rid of gim

    I know it’s back to back games but that was bad coaching by Nate. He needs to go. Myles stays underneath or he sits on the bench. UTAH has a center that does not shoot the 3. No need to be out there. Pulling Aaron Holiday was dumb. I would of played TJ leaf more the Turner. He bullies and may possibly tired Gobert.

    Yeah playing back to back in the Wild West is never a good idea

    Malcolm was 2 for 11. That hurt. At least Bojan didn't look like someone we should have kept, but 30 points, 8 or 10 is 1 thing, but 30 is a hell of a loss. You can't even finger point, that's just a hell of a loss after a nice comeback win against a top 3 west coast team. Ouch, just OUCH.

    What a sorry performance

    The Indiana Pacers did not deserve a win tonight. I always praise them when they do well but tonight they downright stunk!, Sabonis had a very bad game tonight, but that’s OK he’s due to have one every now and then the problem is Miles Turner can’t take up that slack also our outside shooting was terrible we have to get more consistent at that. When the Pacers play a team with a dominant center our centers cannot get much done personally I would’ve played Goga on Rudy tonight and had Myles coming off the bench that way Sabonis could have been freed up to do a little more damage. And if I were a coach I would’ve left Aaron holiday in the game let him go at it with Mitchell that’s good experience he would learn from that if you’re going to talk the talk you have to walk the walk. But nevertheless I really think if the Pacers had really came to play tonight they would’ve had a good chance of winning. The team really has to learn they have to play Hard every game night to get to the elite level if not the league will never take them seriously. (Go Pacers)

    Utah quietly has been the best team in the NBA for the last couple weeks

    The most disgusting game of the season.

    Utah is damn good.

    Aaron Holiday shouldve chucked the ball at Donovan Mitchells head

    No comments. It was that bad.

    I expected the loss tonight but I won't say that a 30-point loss doesn't sting. The garbage time minutes exaggerated the final score a bit but still, it was never particularly close. The Jazz have been phenomenal lately, though, (they were 13-11 at one point and they are 30-13 now which means they have won 17 of their last 19 games) and they are also an amazing home team (17-3) so I won't get too mad about this one.

    Offense was the issue tonight. Clear as day. We couldn't score to save our lives and we couldn't even do it in transition. Utah turned the ball over 21 times (we had 15 steals) and we only had 11 fast-break points. 11 fast-break points on 15 steals. That's pretty dang bad.

    Oh well, time to put this game behind us and prepare for Phoenix. We really need to beat Phoenix since we usually don't play well in Portland.

    On a totally random note, I'm very happy for Georges Niang. He has made himself a rotation player for a pretty good team. Happy to see him sticking around the league and finding a home

    Well, I had I winning recipe for Pacers to win this game: play well all 4 quarters. Guess what? We didn't play well a single quarter.

    Good thing is that we got W in a Mile High City. 1 out of 2 - very respectable result.

    BTW, can we play all-right at least 2 1/2 quarters a game? It is getting tiresome to see us missing open shots and defensively not capable of a bleep.

    Myles Turner during Vic's postgame interview: "Tell you what the East is in trouble now boy"

    Playing two bigs against Utah was stupid and this result was expected.

    The preseason narrative was that the Jazz were a sleeper time to win the West, and so far that seems to be the case.

    It should be illegal to play in Denver and Utah in back to back games

    I expected to lose today but holy ****

    Gobert is a good basketball player. It was like the Pacers didn't gameplan for him.

    Fortunately, I DVR'd last night's Pacers game in Denver... I think I'll go watch that again.

    Damn fine game, Jazz folks. I have no idea how you did that.

    Myles Turner with 6 steals and Justin Holiday with 5 blocks. No that's not an error.

    p.s. Healthy Jazz are very very very good.

    Pacers top scorer had 12

    Holly ****, Conley was efficient.
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    Ok, that cracked me up.
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    Man, these guys calling for McMillan to be fired are out of their minds.
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    Pacer fans seem pretty funny. Got a good laugh from several of these posts. Thought the jingles quote and the below quote were particularly funny:

    "sunday nightlife in slc is wild bro. man's so busy going to church and doing all his home teaching or whatever it's called now and shoveling snow from old lady's driveways"
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    They used the verb. I'm pleased they know the legend. Jingled.

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    Right! Their team looks pretty good, especially for Dipo being out. They've got some nice talent and without an obvious star currently have a better record than the Rockets who have two former MVPs in their primes.
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    Idk, I'm not sure I'd want to buy anything from this madman IMG_20200120_234036.jpg
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    Is this one of those deep fakes where they took Quin’s angry face and put Joe on it?

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    I can't tell if that is a mad look or a sad depressed look. LOL
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    And it has transcended the jazz now. It was used in reference to the schedule.

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    "Utah is a great team. Ever since they got Jordan Clarkson they have found their identity."

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    We've broken a lot of hearts in 2020.

    Let's hope we break a lot more...
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    Loved that.
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    Pacers fans are smarter than the fans of most teams. All they do is drink and watch sports this time of year so they know what's up.
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    Preferably the heart of Lakers fans.
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    Yes but they referred to Niang as Pacer Legend, do they not recognize the man is now renowned as the MINIVAN!!!
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    Boler thinks it's the minibus
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    The mix of quotes is a lot like what’d I’d expect from JFC, actually. Plenty of little children complaining loudly and irrationally, but a good mix of folks with a clear sense of the jazz and Indiana’s schedule.
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    No really? That would put him in Special Ed - so wrong on so many levels.:eek:
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