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Quotes from Pistons' forums-"if only gobert wasnt like 50 ft tall"


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Pre Game

I like these Jazz unis

I love their floor so clean

No Donovan? I swear no team gets to play teams missing their stars more than us.

I like the Jazz. They start two balding white guys who look middle age. Makes me feel like I could still have it.

1st Half

So weird to see Lyles at PF, I got confused and scared Olynyk was out when I saw him

Cade is really tall for 6'6

Kelly Olynyk is outr best point guard. WTF

This is an interesting strategy. They keep trying to challenge Gobert at the rim?!

Quin Snyder is a coke head twitchy ************

He reminds me of the sweaty sporting goods store owner with a gambling problem from The Sopranos

McGruder cant stick with Clarkston we should put Josh Jackson on him.

If we had a big that could be 60% of goberts impact man

Do we lead the league in getting blocked? Stewart, Lee, guess McGruder got fouled.

Gobert is why Utah is winning

I don't like what just happened.

Just before the commercial timeout the refs called a delay of game on the Pistons and then both teams immediately went to the bench for the TV timeout.

So what game were they delaying?

Ingles in to an open Gobert, again!??

Damn Clarkson just as hot offensively as cade rn

Quinn Snyder looks like he goes home every night and beats his wife because the roast was undercooked

I know this is pretty meaningless but could you imagine how good we would be if we had Rudy Gobert on this team?

Gobert is a star and I'd take him in an instant

Those three Canadians never pass to anyone but themselves

Yoooooo did y'all see that defense by cade, if only gobert wasnt like 50 ft tall

Olynyk looking like the Amish Goat out there

Never really noticed it but Gobert gets away with some low key arm hooks

Third pass of Ingles to Gobert inside for the dunk.

I'm not a big fan of the way that Utah dunks the ball with .1 seconds left to end each quarter.

2nd Half

Man this last stretch McGruder has put together has been awesome.

Gobert with 20pts, without flashy moves.

We're 43.3% from 3 but are going to lose the game. Ouch.

Gobert is a force on D.

Bogdanovic looks like the type of guy who’s super nice to every woman and doesn’t understand why none of them like him

Lyles giveth, Lyles taketh

Can't let them end the quarter with a big gay dunk.

Quinn Snyder looks like an evil scientist

Joe Ingles looks like the type of guy to send unsolicited dick pics to any gal who adds him back on snapchat

The Jazz are a surprisingly dramatic bunch

That's 2 crunchtime plays in a row where cade was a bystander.

Damn, Gobert taking over

Gobert dominant. Was it Rames who predicted he'd be the difference? No blowout though.

some nights the zebra must dance alone

It will be nice to one day see a Pistons center who grabs that offensive rebound standing all by himself and slams it home

Utah historically has garnered a pretty healthy market share of ugly white guys.

We need to get mcgruber some help

Utah does a really nice job creating mismatches with their screens.

Post Game

Cade not getting to touch the ball in the last 2 minutes is inexcusable. Trey Lyles, Kelly Olynyk and Cory Joseph getting the ball over him is comedy.

The last time Cade took a shot was with 3:27 left in the game. We let the wrong coach walk

Final few min made it look worse w/ fouling and TO’s but that was an entertaining gm. Utah sets such lethal screens that’s impossible to recover from. Damn, KO was supposed to have these struggles first gm back not the sophomore slump. Damn RmC layup fail made me forget everythin

If we were given the amount of free throws the Jazz were given we win by 10

Good effort but Utah just needed this one badly with the slide they have been on.

The only reason I can fathom for Cade not touching the ball in crunch time with game on the line is tankapalooza shenanigans. Otherwise, Casey is a clown.

Cade is clearly the future but the rest need an upgrade. Besides bey of course

I can't be mad at this team, they played really well, just that Utah played a little better. Sometimes you do enough to win, but don't. That was this game. Utah was just a little smarter out there in crunch time.

Nice competitive game but I absolutely despised that offense down the stretch. Why Cade isn't touching the ball at all in the last two minutes while McGruder is trying to shoot a three over Gobert, throwing up a wild shot with nobody under the basket, Olynyk is flailing around like a goof and CoJo doing CoJo things is beyond me.

Either Cade has to get this passiveness out of his game that he falls into at times or Casey needs to be a coach and say, get the ball in Cade's hands and let him work. Fine game otherwise, at least they're competing.

Ayo **** Utah & **** Canada


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"Lyles giveth, Lyles taketh"

When I saw Lyles in the game I felt sorry for the Pistons. That dude was so bad on defense. I'm kind of impressed he's still in the league.