Quotes from Raptors' forums-"The ball social distancing from Siakam real quick."


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Pre Game

These guys got embarrassed by Suns, they will be coming in this game pissed off. Easy L.

And the two games before that they lost to Minnesota twice. Utah has been scuffling a bit since Mitchell's injury (3-4 in 7 games) and with Conley out too, this might be a Toronto win if the bench provides any help.

Matt Thomas revenge game

Utah is starting Ingles at point? Damn lol

1st Half

Fred would rather take a bullet than pass the ball

Fred, Khem and Malachi are off to fantastic starts. Khem is awesome

why the **** we come out like its game 7 of the finals vs a shorthanded jazz on a b2b

Man, Utah is hitting some shots. The Raps defence has actually been pretty good so far.

Birch shooting 3’s just bails the defence out. Any team lives with that shot.

Clarkson was clearly leading with his forearm every time Bembry got in his way there. He did it twice in a row with the ref looking right at him.

Yikes, don't challenge Gobert at the rim, rookie, especially if you're not going up strong.

Damn....Clarkson. That was big time

When did Clarkson get this good? This guy was a role player with the Lakers not too long ago.

Joe Ingles man

Jalen Harris: 4 minutes...3 points...3 fouls

One big weakness for Utah is being dead last at steals and 29th in creating turnovers. We've turned it over only twice. That could really haunt them in the playoffs if they can't get out and run and have to grind it out in the half court.

Joe Ingles is a bad bad man...

Flynn can't let Bogdanovich blow by him. That's just awful.

Joe ingels is such a crafty dude, you wouldnt think an average dude in his mid forties would be this good at basketball.

fred really dont wanna pass to the roller huh

I hate to keep harping on Pascal, so I'm watching him carefully. But he really is not succeeding, almost every time he touches and tries to penetrate. Am I wrong?

damn.. jazz play dirty

2nd Half

Of course Bogdanovic and Ingles are sniping 3s.

What the heck is a Trent Forrest?

There's nothing that I like about Gobert. Not his game, not his face, not his french accent.



Siakam's handles are getting worse. How is that possible?

Siakam so clutch, he gets the ball stripped and bounced off his own foot better than anyone.

We have 7 FT in this game. Let that sink in

Another 1 on 3 drive into the paint adventure for Fred :|

Oh right, Ersan the Raptor Killer

Damn didn't know Ilyasova was still in the league

Ghostface Ilyasova.

lets see if the Jazz can flip that contending team switch late in the 4th

Refs letting them play on both ends lol. This gonna get ugly with the physicality

Siakam is out of control....he thinks he's a superstar or something

The ball social distancing from Siakam real quick.

Remember earlier this year the Jazz got all upset about lack of calls, no respect from refs. This is like the battle of 2 teams the refs usually screw

New covid side effect from Siakam. Loss of touch.

remember when Raptors used to toy with bad teams and then pull away in the 4th...now we're on the other end of that

Does Fred forget that he’s like 5’10” with mediocre vertical jumping ability? Geebus man

Fred thinks he's Booker. That lucky bank shot will just make it worse. We need a Cade to force him out of this role

How does Gobert get away with staying in the lane for 7 and 8 seconds at a time? He's already a dominant defensive player. He doesn't need the help.

LOL what an awful final 3 minutes

My god we just cannot make a shot and we haven't gotten a call most of this 2nd half

Both teams gassed from this Royal Rumble

How many fadeaways has Fred attempted now?

anything you can brick, I can brick better...

Fred is such a selfish player it's unbelievable

Finally! They called one on Gobert. That was getting ridiculous on both ends of the court.

Why did Khem not even attempt to box Rudy out?

Joe Ingles looks like Nick Nurse's long lost twin brother

Nice job not boxing out Gobert at the end there, Birch. Literally your only job.

Everytime we show we're still a competent team, which has been almost every game this year, we just get hosed again and again and again.

Every damn time.

No 4th Quarter choke please

How tf did that girl just make $3500 from 2 puts

The how about we don’t score for 5 min challenge is getting old

Post Game

The refs stole the game, there’s 100% proof so you can’t @ me saying I’m wrong. They don’t want us to make the playoffs because they hate anything to do with Canada!

No team in the history of the nba has been this bad in the 4th quarter, pathetic. Also tell VanVleet to work on HIS ****ING SHOT SELECTION

This team is so *** in the closing minutes I can’t remember the last time they won a close game

I am not sure which was worse, Siakiam's defence or his offense. The bench is also clearly an issue. Who gets rest tomorrow, because you know it is much needed for the offseason. It is like they knew Washington lost and were like, shut down the offense.

They keep us entertained until 4th quarter like usual. Low key tanking for a good reason. They will be a better team next year with home court advantage when everyone starts coming together.

The Raptors continue to have bad luck. All 5 starters in double digits but as the announcers said during the game, we need more production from the bench. 13 points from the bench is abysmal. Plus only having 5 of 22 or so field goals in the fourth quarter is insane. Can't win the game against the #1 team in the league having a shooting slump like that.

I’m pro tank, but man Fred throwing us out of these games (7/11 in the first half, 4/14 in the second) is painful to watch and the next 3 years are not going to go well if he’s given the keys.

Fred especially, the guys look dejected everytime he takes a dumbass shot or tries to drive in against 3 other players

Its time we have a real conversation about siakam.

4 years of him as our number one, isn't going to cut it. His defense has also been worrisome

“Effort” doesn’t stop after the 3rd. ****ing every game. Oh well. Tank rolls on

We got beat by a jazz team missing 2 of their best players....

That was clutch by gobert

Man seeing Utah have a crowd makes me sad wished we had this in toronto

Raptors showed Jazz that they're the superior team through most of the game but had to tank for strategic purposes

Ban hero basketball from the Raptors organization


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Joe ingels is such a crafty dude, you wouldnt think an average dude in his mid forties would be this good at basketball.