Quotes from Spurs (II)-"The jazz are meanies"


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Pre Game

Ready for a win tonight. I hope we can knock down 3s tonight in the first half. Losing Derrick was a major blow to this team. I

Jazz Odds-7.5

Take 2! I want more energy. More effort. Show me something tonight spurs​

Anotaré big L incoming. Pop: we need 3 point shoters. The game has changed. Take note

Patty is a tear. Someone has to tell him he’s done

Hide the women and children

Nobody blows us out twice in a row

So, this is what we’ve become...fodder for the contenders.

I can't believe we're going to lose to Rudy ing Gobert

Wash, Rinse & Repeat? We'll see if PACS will make adjustments after watching film & hopefully the Spurs can make tonight's game a compe ive game at least.

Going against the grain on this one, Spurs by 4.

Win or lose, I'm hoping we execute better and don't play sloppy like last time.

I'm ready to get hurt again boys! lets go!

We haven’t been swept by any Western conference team this year, so this means we’re winning today let’s gooooooo

Jazz are just a well-oiled machine. I would be shocked if they don't make at least the conference finals.

Clarkson hates the Spurs. Always kills us.

Bogdanovic is just getting what he wants

Gobert is a top 3 center. Duh.

1st Half

Noooooooo jazz announcers. Fml

6-5 us.
First lead of the year against the jazz lol

Haha, **** you Jazz. We have finally have a lead in the series.

Poeltl padding those rebounds lmao. He took 4 shots and had 3 rebounds in one go.

Clarkson’s so dangerous.

God this defense

Utah showing why they’re the top team in the league. They’re such a deep team. I wouldn’t mind them being in the finals this year. Would be nice to see someone different.

It’s crazy they have Mitchell and Conley out on top of this.

Jazz made their last 10 shots… our defense is ummm something

Welp it was close just a couple of minutes ago... but this is what happens when you give a great shooting opponent too much space to put shots up like it's practice.

Jazz are just toying with us.

I can't stress enough how impactful Gobert is on the defensive end. Gobert's presence eliminates the Spurs drives and points in the paint. I will always hate the Jazz for picking him 1 spot before us.

Jazz are a very tough matchup for us. I think they can win the chip this year

Rather see Luka or KBD guarding Bogdanovic. Gay is a traffic cone

Jazz are treating this like a preseason game and still obliterating the Spurs

That escalated quickly

Basically gave up 40 to the ing Jazz in the first quarter.

Spurs simply cant get stops and jazz connecting on threes.

It was just 26-38...how did they score ten points so fast

Ingles go-to move is run you through a screen like 10 times before doing something lol

It's all Gobert. He's so huge and so smart he can take out anybody with his screen.

The jazz are meanies

I can’t stand ingles not cause of how much of a shooter he is. But he seems very ****y, didn’t see him like this when the timberwolves whooped them twice in a row.

They don’t even have Mitchell or Conley this is disgusting

Just a bad match up man. They shoot 3s, we cant defend 3s. This is the result

lol 14 minutes in and the game is already over

I can’t count how many games verse Utah in the last few years we’ve been blown out because of their lights out shooting

If the Jazz doesn't win it all this year, then they will probably never win it. This is their best chance in a LONG time.

Jazz are scary..

Trent Forrest is an undrafted rookie and he looks more comfortable than our young guys look half the time lol

Jordan Clarkson playing like prime Jordan

We shouldn’t be getting blown by by Royce o neal...

We gave up 22 paint points in the first and Jazz still made 4 3s, what exactly are we taking away from the Jazz atm?

Wow what's funny is there's no answer we just suck lol

Secure the 90 million for Demar now. We definitely need his iso closing to barely give us a .400 record for the next few years.

22-1 run....Spurs almost doubled-up in the mid-2nd quarter.

This is just embarassing.

Luka with a nice spin move...and an airball.

We have literally started garbage time with 5 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.

So what mark of 2nd quarter did Pop waive the white flag?

I imagine Pop and the coaching staff are just waiting for that moment when the NBA decides to move the three point line back so they can have a leg up on their compe ors with their midrange game

He definitely needs to work on 3s. Not sure why these guys are so obsessed with perfecting the mid range game when you can’t do without a 3 point shot. I know pop is a got when it comes to adjusting to the new nba but it’s annoying how the players don’t practice shooting more 3s.

I know the starters brought for effort, but that still has to be a new record.

Getting some stops would be nice.

FU DeRozan........ again. I really dont want to hate you but I do with all my soul.

Yes. Let's let them keep taking open 3s. I wonder how that will turn out...

Spurs suck man and it ain’t even funny no more.

Defense... Is it in you?​

38-26 Utah at the end of 1.

I’m not sure I want to watch this game. 38 points given up in a quarter.

I am gonna close my eyes one quarter. Let me know when it is safe to look​

our defense is just so bad without derrick and our offense has always been just mediocre. next year we really need to think if any of the players not named poeltl or white that are supposed to be good defenders are in fact good defenders.

It also doesn’t help that Jazz are deep. Missing Mike Conley and Donovan Mitchell on top of it all. Crazy.

**** it’s turning into a massacre. We can’t make anything and they are making everything​

I don’t buy you have to shoot threes. You do have to be a top 5 defense if you don’t though. I am lost on how we are not one of the best defensive teams with the types of guys we drafted. Maybe Lonnie was not a positive defender in college, but alot of these guys were.

Joe ingles is taking it personally they we are going under screens on him. And he should. Terrible decisions by our guys

If there was any question on the Spurs staff on how important 3 point shooting is in today’s game I hope this crystallizes for them. Geez on the avalanche that is going on.

Eubanks 3/3 from deep for his career! Curry in the making

It’s like the guys don’t care much any more. Looking very unmotivated

We need the team to get a spiritual cleanse​

This is the best team in west, possibly the league. The Spurs don’t have some magic lineup that can compete with this team. They’re better at every position. This is just a game for the young guys to get some experience.

Clarkson just tearing our guys up. I swear it seems like he always plays his best games against us. I hope that next time he’s a free agent we try to get Clarkson. Bring the guy back home.

Don’t double triple Gobert. Even if he goes off for 60 which is not likely. That win the game. Those shooters left wide open are going to kill us.

66-42 Utah at the half.

To Jazz, Spurs shooting and defending looks like a big joke. Everyone from Jazz shoots as if no one is guarding them. Frankly Pop has absolutely no idea whom to play and whom to bench, he is totally lost. Forget about this season and look forward for the next. Put up a spirited show in the second half. Go Spurs Go.

Who cares about that stupid dunk. Where's the defense? Where's the offense? Is there any desire to make the playoffs?

Last game, game was over at halftime. This game, it was over at the start of 2nd qtr

Just starting to tune in to the game at halftime and I see the score. Is Bally Sports accidentally showing Mondays game again?

Ouch, this is pretty bad

Killed by Niang. lol

Would certainly be our best shooter.
What a poorly constructed team.

Niang would probably be our second best player tbh

So easy for teams defend us with no threat of 3 point shooting from our star(s).

**** there's still another half

Man... Do you remember the time last season when the Spurs beat the Jazz twice when they essentially had this same team? What changed between then and now?

2nd Half

This 3 point shooting​

has been an issue for 3 years now. Pop needs to figure out a solution or let someone else

This is a good old fashion beatdown. Not sure if this1 team can hold on to the 10th spot. Friday will be telling. It’s not a fluke we are behind by 24….I like Bonner’s spirit though!

What I keep seeing over and over is the margin of error is razor thin.​

If we are not knocking down threes or playing superb defense for majority of game. We croak because we have no superior consistent offensive threats down low or at perimeter. Two seasons in top 5 if we draft well. That problem is fixed and margin for error slacks.

In the meantime… I want this team locked in dungeon with Chip this offseason.

Only 46 pts in the 3rd quarter? OMG!

Back to back blowout losses!!!

As they go down by 41 points.

Return. To. Sender.

If that alley-oop was worth 33 points, we should have won.

Must be nice having multiple 3pt shooters on a team

Just woke up from a bad dream that we were playing the Jazz today and got blown out pretty bad. Thankfully it was just a dream though.

Gobert, Bogdonavic, and Clarkson completely dominated us. We played terrible defense on Gobert's screens, Bogdonavic was getting anything he wanted in the first quarter, and our offense sucked.

Only down 23!

Its quite possible the Jazz come into the 2nd half over confident and the Spurs can pull off a Celtic-like comeback.

Wtf was that​

i am no longer wasting electricity on this ****** team this team is nothing without daddy white

If it was Spurs up like this you know it would go into overtime and we would still lose

Pathetic. 32fg%

These guys are just very disciplined on defense and offense. This well rounded team reminds me of the Spurs of old. They did it for longer though.​

Im not going to start the pile on Derozan thread....​

HAHA actually I will because he is really sucking it

Jakob does his best but Gobert is just a different level.

Spurs down 37 after 3 quarters.

uh I guess this is one bright spot from the game. If we do end up as the 8th seed let’s hope that we don’t have to verse the Jazz

Getting cucked by Matt ing Thomas

Thomas, Niang, Clarkson (per usual), etc. Real elite group of all-stars.

How tf do you only make 6 threes in Today’s NBA?? is ridiculous. This is like the 10th game this year that I’ve seen where the team has just quit on Pop. Dude needs to be Landry’d and some new blood needs to be put in. I mean whats the worst that happens, we are the 13th seed instead of the 10th or 11th?

The word "tenacious" can not be used to describe any player on this team. Not one. All scared.

This is so embarrassing LMAO

I’ve never seen so many shots rattle out like this game.​

Clarkson playing like a top 10 scorer in the league tonight he’s making everything

Post Game

I mean, this team is 2nd (1st?) in the West for a reason lol. Their depth is insane.

I don’t think I have ever seen less contested threes for them.
Looks like they in arena with one of those machines dishing balls to them.
Like football field wide open.

This game was over 1 minute into the second quarter

JK they’re just a far better team, and our team is ****ing beat down rn. This schedule and no White has definitely had an effect on us. It is what it is, hope we get a good draft pick.

Clarkson sealing that Sixth Man award.

Bogdanovic getting better and better, he has stepped up with all the injuries.

Absolutely embarrassing effort twice in a row against a team missing their two best players. This team is lost

Gobert is the jazz's best player and he's way better than anyone on the spurs

Rooting for the jazz or nuggets to win it all now.

sad coyote noises

48 mins of garbage time lol

That was pretty terrible. Started off poorly and then made it respectable at the end of the 1st. Then in the second the Spurs completely collapsed and the Jazz took them behind the woodshed.

We led 6-5 for a brief moment there, so Utah can't say they lead wire to wire against us all three games

No Conley or Mitchell, no problem.

Still baffles me how bad this team is. They have quit and just don't care anymore. No other way to put it.

Spurs have to resign DeMar DeRozan. Would've lost by 40 instead of 30 w/o his efforts tonite

Clarkson and Ingels could both be 6th man of the year.

at least we didnt lose by 40.

glass half full!

Between Clarkson, Ingles, and Favors, that’s a pretty decent bench. Each of them were starters at some point, and could probably get a starting job on half of the other teams in the league.
Then you got Conley and Bojan to play 3 and 4 next to Donovan and "somehow still not being played out of the league" Gobert.

I can’t think of any other team who field 7 legit players, 5 of whom can all play consistently well on a night to night basis. maybe the Nets, but they’re more top heavy.

They’re extremely deep. I mean, their two starting guards aren’t even playing.

Clarkson with 30 points in 24 minutes on 75% shooting

Jazz have end of bench players that could be our teams best deep threat lol

Jazz have a lot to play for and it shows – having the West come through Utah would be huge. They’re playing with a lot of effort and fire tonight as they did two nights ago. Very focused looking team.

Luka Samanic is the 10th player to lead the Spurs in scoring this season. (Two of the others—Aldridge and Lyles—are no longer with the team.) (Okay, technically Lyles is still with the team.) (In spirit.) (Maybe.)

Wish we could have played this bad about 5 games sooner.. Now no path to at least getting a higher pick.
So I want to compete as best as possible. No blowouts please.

At this stage, there is no point even making the play-ins. It is a charity case going in as a 10th seed who had to pray for another team to lose just to get in. We all know we have an imbalanced team that can’t shoot. We all know we can’t hang with the big boys when they are at full strength. Hell, we all know now that we can’t hang with them even with their depleted lineups. This team abhors drastic changes. It has been a succesful formula for decades. But for the first time in a very long time, this team needs a shakeup. An Earthquake. I love this team but I am now rooting for the Pelicans to get that last play-in spot. We badly need that lottery ticket.


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Spurs fans aren't happy. I bet Suns fans are jumping off of buildings tonight.


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How is it possible for Rockets fans and Spurs fans to be so different when Houston and San Antonio are less than 200 miles apart? These guys are respectful, knowledgeable, appreciative of good basketball, not whiners, and yes actually likeable!


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How is it possible for Rockets fans and Spurs fans to be so different when Houston and San Antonio are less than 200 miles apart? These guys are respectful, knowledgeable, appreciative of good basketball, not whiners, and yes actually likeable!
I lived in Houston for 6 years and the two cities are very different . Same is true with Dallas. Houston was a great place to live but they are the worst fans in the NBA.


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How is it possible for Rockets fans and Spurs fans to be so different when Houston and San Antonio are less than 200 miles apart? These guys are respectful, knowledgeable, appreciative of good basketball, not whiners, and yes actually likeable!
The bigger women really mellow them out.