quotes from Suns' forums-"Gobert should be our backup center"

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    I'd say this is gonna be an over 30 point loss. Maybe the worst of the season. Utah's bunched up with the bottom 4 playoff teams and still close to 3-4 spot. They are gonna play to win.

    Ayton proves he can't be owned twice in a row. Jimmer hits multiple 3's. Bender scores in double figures. At the start of the fourth quarter we are down less than 10. There's my dream. I'd watch that whole game.


    Ayton has show the ability to learn and adapt so I'm hoping has a much better showing against Gobert.

    Gobert please dont bend us over today

    Noooo not Rudy Gobert

    Welp... This didn't take long to get ugly.

    When's the last time we scored?

    Jimmer looks like that unassuming guy at the Y that nobody can stop....except he's not at the Y

    I actually like the Jazz and I'm not in Utah. But really I just like Ingles. I wish he was on the Suns.

    Get the F off the court Ayton if you don't want to play. I'm so tired of your soft arse

    Jingles for Suns PG

    I love Ayton but Gobert is a lot to handle for pretty much every big in the league. Best we can hope for is that at least he’s more aggressive this time around and doesn’t settle for ******** jump shots. Get Gobert into foul trouble

    Gobert owns us.

    It’s the style they are super disciplined

    You would think Igor would be able to have a game plan considering he was with the Jazz. Instead they kick our teeth in every time we play

    Watching the Jazz broadcast they say Booker has the most points in SLC against the Jazz. He needs another point to pass Malone who holds the highest scoring game in Salt Lake.

    Gobert can pat Ayton in the head and send him off to school because he’s ayton’s daddy. And Ayton was flapping his gums before this game . . .

    Gobert sets the record for dunks in a season 274
    And the amazing thing is, he came into this game with only 230.

    We took a center #1 that doesn’t like contact or demand the ball. It’s not easy for Igor to work around that, especially without an NBA point guard.

    They know how to feed the big man. He doesn’t have a great post game even a good post game really but they use him right and he gets spoon fed

    Yeah it's strange to say but the best thing to do is to attack Gobert. If you try to avoid him that's where he is great.

    all our guards are dumb af, they cant pass to save their lives

    Wow our offense is god awful. They have no short term memory. Can't remember the mistake they made in just the last play.

    At halftime, could someone to tell Booker the other guys in purple uniforms are allowed to touch the ball as well?


    Do the Jazz have 60 dunks this game?

    I love 8 turnovers per quarter

    4 turn overs in a row. How....

    Why sign Jimmer to sit him on the bench? I'm not saying play him 30 minutes but damn Booker can't be expected to do everything on offense. No one else knows how to get buckets

    Unleash Jimmer!

    Holy **** the Jazz crowd loud af for Jimmer

    Kyle korvers face looks like a used up porn star with too much Botox.

    This line-up would kill In the G-league.

    Jimmer must be jetlagged lmao

    does Ayton even want to try against Gobert? Feel like he gave up any fight inside him before the game even started

    Seriously, Gobert is good defensively but Ayton can't let that get to his head as we saw in the last matchup. You're as tall *** him, right now you're not stronger, so use your speed. Don't rush the jumpshots and use jab steps, drive to the rim, pump fake, get fouled, etc.

    Holy **** Jimmer is hijacking Bookers 60 point game hahahahah

    You know whats depressing?
    Its when you are out with your girl. Then receiving a notification saying Booker has 47 in 3 qtrs. Then telling myself "ohhhhh! It must be a close game!" but noooooo we are loosing by 20.

    Please kill me.

    Harden scores 59 pts.
    NBA Twitter: "OMG, he’s the MVP!"

    Book scores 59 pts.
    BSOTS: "OMG what a ballhog! Pass to Bender!"


    The Suns scored 92.

    On 12 assists.

    Do you have any idea how hard that is to do? And in spite of a bust who shouldn’t even be in the league going a predictable 1-10, no teammates finished in double figures. Again, do you now how hard that is to do?

    Only highlight is them losing. Pathetic to gloat about how many players someone scores when they can’t even win the game. Rather see him actually pass the ball better and win the game. Oh yeah and Sarver sell the team!

    59. That number is bigger than the amount victories Booker has had in his career.

    lmao they booing a call in their favor

    Yo did Jimmer not know Book had 59??

    Hey Jimmer give it to booker you *******

    **** the jazz and jimmer, straight ****in garbage, **** this crowd for cheering on jimmer to consistently force shots

    Weirdest game I've ever seen lol.

    Suns: score first point in over 10 minutes of real time...

    Jazz: immediate timeout to talk things over

    jimmer get your trashy *** drives tf out of here and give booker the ball!

    59 for book jimmer hits his first shots back in the league and this is what it feels like to be a suns fan bahaha

    Ayton has been absolutely pathetic on defense tnght, absolutely one of the worst defensive game of his career. Gobert and favors just get easy baskets every time

    This is the worst basketball I have ever watched

    Aytons defense has been ********* tonight. No, I take that back. If we had a pile of ********* under the basket. It would be better defense.

    Booker is playing 1 v 5

    Dear lord we just need to get book some help next season

    The Jazz are just a nightmare matchup for us because we don't have a legitimate PF to help Ayton defend the paint.

    Rubio who is a good passer, 2 agile big men like Favors and Gobert, they're killing us on the PNR

    Was really hoping for an Ayton redemption game after that last jazz game and it’s been anything but that. Gobert is just a bad matchup for him at this point, dude completely owns Ayton

    Ahhh yes the down 20 timeout, it's been too long old friend

    Lol jimmer is the king of almost scoring tonight

    This game is really weird. Crowd cheering for booker and jimmer is bizarre

    Jesus christ Jimmer just hit one lmao.

    I think this is the worst I've seen Ayton play all year

    Watching us play Utah is like pouring bleach in your eye balls

    Gobert should be our backup center

    Just give the ball to Book. Embarrassing when anybody else has it

    God gobert is just doing what he wants

    Ayton for the love of all that is holy, jump in the air and act like you're gonna try and block the ball, don't lazily put your arm up

    Is jimmer cursed or something?

    The boos for the travel call loool

    Man they ****in love this guy

    Give the ball to booker you dumb ************! ****in jimmer!

    Dumbest **** I've ever seen lmfao

    I've never seen a crowd cheer so loud for an opposing player

    If ****ing Jimmer is on the team tomorrow I’m done

    i wish quinn was our coach, he's so cool

    When Jimmer freaking Fredette denies Booker his 60 bomb...

    I have an idea... let’s not pick up Jimmers option

    This is one of the craziest box scores I've seen. Just pathetic outside of Booker. Damn Jimmer.

    Ayton revenge game... not going well at all

    God gobert is so much better than Ayton, these past 2 jazz games have been complete domination by gobert

    Guys I think they r better at basketball than us

    Whatever the Suns are playing right now is an insult to basketball.

    it must be fun for smart teams like the jazz to pick us apart. literally every play they properly execute is successful

    Snyder is a brilliant coach though. Take nothing away from him.

    You see that play that Jazz just ran. They set a screen for their big man to get him free. Why cant we do this

    it's the worst lost in NBA history with someone scoring 50 pts.....why are we celebrating bad basketball?

    Great job Book..too bad that Jimmer stood in your way at chance at 60 plus by jacking brick after brick up..guess only guy who could stop Book tonight was Jimmer ...

    Celebrating scoring 59 when you lose by 33?? Pathetic.

    It's a good thing they put him in during garbage time so he could take Malone's record.

    Yay...I got 59 and my Team got blown out...Pass the ball Kobe!

    How can you win any records when your team loses by 30 points? Let’s get serious next year and win some games, PLEASE.

    It was stupid they intentionally fouled up 30 to keep booker from 60. As EJ said on the telecast MAN UP play him 1 on 1

    This guy is the ultimate loser and has no idea what team ball is.

    Great game for HIM.... Garbage game for the team.

    Give this man some teammates.

    Watching Jimmer chuck up 3's while Booker only needs 1 more point for a 60 piece

    Dude might as well be playing with an empty bag of chips and a used tissue

    leave jimmer in utah

    While losing each game. Worst max contract in league history.

    Bender the ultimate Bust!

    That's pretty amazing. I saw Ayton play for the first time recently, and he's a beast. From a Californian, in all seriousness, how is this team not WAY better?

    The more he scores the more they lose by

    Sad that he was the only Suns player in double figures...

    Booker shouldn’t be playing so much minutes in the 4th THE FACT THAT THE SUNS WERE DOWN A LOT THE ENTIRE GAME. It won’t help the team win the game even if he scored 80. The Jazz won by more than 30. Embarrassing

    Ayton had 7shots ? Why draft him ?

    Can you imagine Book with 59, Ayton with 59 boards and Zion with 59 assists?

    Send lil’ Jimmy back to China. He’s like the guy who scores 50 at the YMCA and thinks he could be a star.

    59 pts but lose by 33, SO IMPRESSED

    It's ridiculous that y'all keep touring the dude that's the primary reason this team is so bad. He's never seen a shot he didn't want to take. He stifles the rest of the offense and is a cancer on defense.

    59 and would have 60 if Jimmer would have let him have the ball...ugh

    Awesome!! More than 50 points and more than 50 losses!

    Better stat, Booker was the only Suns player with double digits in points... What the actual hell?

    43 points on 34 shots. It’s garbage, not to mention another negative +/- rating. 20 points in the 3rd, only won the quarter by 5. No other player in double figures, this team is trash and zion or Ja isn’t fixing it. There is a reason why Fredette played in China.

    #59 and it's pretty sad that the Jazz players started fouling other suns to keep Booker from hitting the 60 mark! And Jimmer should have given up the rock there at the end!!

    Just saw a comment on YouTube saying, “We just witnessed the first ever 1 vs 12 basketball game...”

    Someone help convince me not to off myself.

    Watching this Suns game was like...

    Getting robbed but also getting a b*** job from the super hot robber. I feel disgusted, yet strangely satisfied. Also like eating Taco Bell.

    Jimmer Ferdette

    a full blown clown. pass the ball to the nba player with 59. Sheeesh

    ****in bastard, made me dislike him, just give the ****in ball to your teammate who has 59, ****in whack

    Jimmer is a world class ***

    Back to China, get this moron off my team.

    The nba really needs to look into the excessive cheering this evening - hand out a couple of lifetime bans.

    How do you not know your teams star player is on 59 and is the game for one reason - TO GET 60

    More like Jimmer Forgets How to Shoot. To think it was his lone skill in college.

    Put Jimmer on the first flight back to Shanghai and get him all the way out of here

    I hope Jimmer likes Communism

    This is the saltiest I’ve seen this sub and I ****ing love it. **** you jimmer

    I mean he didn’t play in China because he is good... let’s get that straight.

    I feel bad for Booker

    He looks defeated out there. 27 points at half time and still are getting blown out. I know we’re missing players but it doesn’t matter, this team truly sucks lol. Genuinely feel bad for book

    EDIT: 47points after 3quarters... still getting blown out.

    EDIT: Finished with 59, coulda had 60 if JIMMER wasn’t a useless c** dumpster. Cut him



    I’m not joking.

    This dude was 1/10 in 14 minutes and -25

    Cut him now

    **** Jimmer and **** the Jazz.

    Jimmer is a flog. The Jazz are a terrible organisation. We're a g league team on a good day. Book is god tho.

    **** the Jazz! That game was fun as **** for a blowout, away without 3 starters. Not sure what Jimmer was doing at the end though, just feed the franchise player who's on 59

    jimmer freddette still playin for utah deep in his heart

    1-10 and played the best d against booker all night

    excuse me jimmer what the ****

    "And let that be a lesson that Jimmer Fredette doesn't miss more than 9 shots in a row!"

    Aside from Booker, the team shot 12/42 for 29%. Take out ayton and they shot 8/35 for 23%

    How pathetic are we as an organization? Our No.1 pick had less shot attempts than a dude who plays in China.

    Suns fans: GET BOOKER THE BALL


    JF: it’s Jimmer time baby

    Ayton ought to be ashamed of himself tbh, pathetic performance any way you look at it. Really the whole team besides Devin should be ashamed of themselves.

    Jimmer is better at preventing Booker from scoring than the Jazz Defense

    I know that Gobert is considered a defensive player, and rightfully so. But he's actually a good offensive player. He doesn't have an all-around game, sure. But his screen assists, rolling the rim, dunking, etc. has a HUGE offensive impact on the team.

    I get that, but my point is that Ayton is a better offensive player than Gobert, and Gobert's teammates set screens for him. Why can't we set a screen for Ayton when he is doing the dribble handoffs, it is either a path to the rim, or a mismatch. It is like if Ayton can't get the ball on a PNR, Igor doesn't find any other ways to get him scoring opportunities.

    I love Book, but Hero ball and lose by 33 is not what I want from this team.

    Don’t get me wrong , I like ayton but man he’s horrible at defence. He’s making gobert and plenty other defensive centres look like they are Olajuwon. Oubre is Cleary missed out there

    It's taking a toll on book. All this losing is bad for him. He wasn't even smiling after a 59 point performance against a great defensive team. It's not about stats no more for him, he's ready to win. It scares me and if we lose idk if I can be a suns fan. Get this man some ****ing back up. Hopefully we can come out hot like we did after the ASB at the beginning of next season with Zion as our new piece cause this **** is depressing af

    Alright cool, that was the Jimmer experiment. Im good, time to move on. Pissed he ****blocked Devin from getting 60. Only a handle of chances in a career to go off for 60 and Jimmer clanked our final possessions.
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    May 26, 2010
    Holy crap, it's like their fans dont realize that their team is garbage. Why get so worked up for a team looking for ping pong balls?
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    Dec 24, 2016
    The first is gold, the second is strange.
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    Aug 25, 2010
    I lol’d
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  5. Avery

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    May 26, 2010
    Hero ball doesn’t win in this league.
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    If it's done on a good team it does though. I have seen Steph, harden, Kobe, iverson, Jordan and many others play hero ball with great success.
    Suns suck though.
    If Booker didn't play hero ball and instead kept passing to his teammates who were shooting below 30% then do we think the suns would have won last night? I'm gonna say no and in fact they probably lose buy 60 if Booker decided to be more of a facilitator.
    I mean Booker made some amazing passes to open teammates who bricked the shot.

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  7. Jazzta

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    Jul 25, 2017
    "The more he scores the more they lose by", LOL
  8. Ellis269

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    Jul 3, 2013
    Getting robbed but also getting a b*** job from the super hot robber. I feel disgusted, yet strangely satisfied. Also like eating Taco Bell.

    Best quote I’ve seen in awhile. Made me laugh.

    To think. . . they could’ve had Doncic and probably Favors if they would’ve given him a longer contract. That would’ve been a much better team than drafting Ayton #1 overall.
  9. hhoop

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    Mar 16, 2017
    I like the twist on the usual Jingles quote: "Jimmer looks like that unassuming guy at the Y that nobody can stop....except he's not at the Y" and "He’s like the guy who scores 50 at the YMCA and thinks he could be a star."
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    May 26, 2010
    Gobert sets the record for dunks in a season 274
    And the amazing thing is, he came into this game with only 230.

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    Dec 21, 2016
    This has got to be the dumbest person in Phoenix, and perhaps the world! Rudy as a backup, I have to wonder exactly how far up his *** this person's head is.
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    Nov 4, 2010
    I know there are some jazz fans that think favors should be our starter at center and Rudy be the backup.

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    Jun 23, 2016
    They should cut Ayton some slack. He's a 20 year old rookie going up against the reigning DPOY. It's not an easy matchup. Ayton has had a very good rookie year. He'll be alright.
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  14. SoUjazzfan

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    Dec 21, 2016
    These must be the same people who are making the opioid addiction problem so prevalent. No sane, sober person could possibly think this.
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    They are mad because of Booker scored sixty than all those delusional suns fans would have received one of those participation trophys

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    Feb 14, 2012
    This took me 2 days to read. Great work JA!
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  17. Crawlnstall

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    Nov 28, 2012
    I really like Booker. He's a good kid seemingly and a great scorer. He doesn't play defense but he can get ya buckets. Gotta feel bad for him being on such a poorly ran organization
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    Aug 19, 2011
    Awh poor Suns fans. All I can say to them - Luka Doncic!

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