Quotes from the Heat's forums-"Leonard just got owned and completely destroyed by Gobert. That was not pretty."


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Gobert going to be feasting tonight.

Wait, wait, wait. There's a Heat game in two hours?

Meyers looks like he's trying to keep a safe space from Gobert. xD Didn't realize we were up against "patient zero" today.

Meyers Leonard has to go he can’t play against Rudy

Gobert was dominant while he was in. So much opens up when he sits.

Aside from a couple of turnovers, nice start for Tyler.

Jazz is defending so well

yeah i honestly don’t know why people take scrimmages so seriously

People haven’t seen basketball in months. We just excited and passionate lol.

Gobert lucky bam not there to clamp his **** up

Mudiay’s been in the league for 5 years? Time flies wtf

We play so much better when crowder/iggy are in love to see it

Leonard just got owned and completely destroyed by Gobert. That was not pretty.

im gonna say it for the rest of my life, i told yall jae crowder was lit

God damn I love me some Crowder

Meyers getting destroyed down low

Well at least we know our bench would crush Utahs bench.

those bench seats look comfy as hell

Bro the Jazz cannot hold themselves together without Rudy or donovan

"gobzilla" so cringe

We using challenges in scrimmages? my god

The amount of Gobert circlejerking on NBATV is absurd

Conley is putting Nunn in the torture chamber

That’s a clean block but I loved that Tyler tried that lmao. Really wanted to join Bam and DJJ on the posterizing Gobert party and forgot Gobert is actually a good paint protector welp

why is the jazz commentator trying to call KO for a travel lol

Is anybody else watching the Jazz stream getting an absurd volume difference between the broadcast and the NBA promos during the breaks?

Random thought but how does Anthony Davis not have a signature shoe?

Lack of personality

There are exceptions but big men don’t sell shoes for the most part

The Jazz's commentators are so boring and annoying at the same time.

Aside from Gobert being dominant, The Heat looked good. KO and Tyler were great. Iggy and Crowder made their defensive presence felt that half.

Oh my goodness, Tyler just challenged Gobert. Looked like Gobert got it clean, but they called a foul.

Gobert in, Heat look bad on offense. Gobert sits, Heat look good again.

I want Gobert 2021

There was a game today? **** bruh

Oh, you think the bubble is your ally. But you merely adopted the bubble; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING! The bubbles betray you, because they belong to me!

Gobert is getting all these easy points because they guards keep getting beat

i hate the Jazz. Ingles has a punchable face, Gobert is a tad overrated

I have to say Conley is a god at those floaters

This game seems so much quieter than other scrimmages I’ve watched they need to play more music lol