Quotes from the Rockets' forums after Jazz win Game 2


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Quinn looks like all he needs is a tommygun and a colorful suit and he's a henchman right outta Dick Tracy, lol

This is the game that will decide whether this will be a short series or a long one. You can pencil in the first game as a schedule loss for Utah but they will be ready for game 2 with 3 days of preparation time. We must protect our home court.

Rockets win. Like playing a pickup game in the driveway vs 12 yr olds.

Omg people really with the jazz have something to build on after the rout first half..ima die hard rockets fan. When we went up my 20 I knew it was over n let up as a fan lmao. Starting eatting crawfish, making sangria n jamming Arian fosters c.d. lmao. We didn't give a damn just like the rockets didn't
Easy series..harden was playing effortless. Gentlemen's sweep. Wake me up WCF. I'm not ****y man but just stack the teams up. It's no way the beating us a 7 game series sorry

I'm a die hard Rockets fan too. If we click again, we can win by a big margin. I do expect some adjustments to try and slow Harden down. I think he will get 24-30 points without much of an effort, but the rest of the team has to make his job easier. As far as Utah is concerned, they will fight, but if we defend Donovan well, they will struggle.

I ain't no Jazz fan bro. My dislike for them goes back to the cheating, kicking, flopping and whining Karl Malone and John Stockton days. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to injury Harden. MDA needs to tell
the refs to officiate a clean game before the start.
Go Houston Rockets!

Watching the Boston crowd last night chanting 'not a rookie's and then 'hes a rookie' made me jelly. Wish we had half as an enthusiastic home crowd as that.

If we win tonight, this series is over. The Jazz simply aren't good enough to suddently win 4 out of 5 games against a team they won't have come anywhere close to beating in 6 tries this year.

Rockets need to come out strong and not play around. The jazz are rested and actually played well the second half of the last game

What a ****ing embarrassment our homecourt advantage is. Good lord.

Can’t stand Ingles

Holy **** the empty seats

Joe the Plumber is ballin'. Cant allow that boys

Our crowd is so ****ing disappointing

Gotta hug Ingles at the 3pt line. The guy will hit every open look if you give it to him.

Eric Gordon continues his *** play

We playing with the same level of energy as this dead *** crowd

Since when Crowder became good?

Trash. Mitchel with 12 ****ing points and we are getting wrecked.

can we leave anyone BUT the top 3 pt scorer in Jazz history open??


Yeah man that plumber can shoot. I aint even mad. ***** ridiculous

oh look an open 3 by ingles

Yeah Chris Paul is really pissing me off for the first time ever. He's developed some terrible habits this season.

i blame this on Kobe..looks like **** learned sth from his show...**** u KOBE

man mitchell passing better than he has all season

I can't tell if Exum is strong or if Harden/EGO trying to work the officials......?

Better start worrying about the damn jazz and not the warriors. sMH

Jae Crowder hitting step back 3’s?

Exum looking like a Harden stopper

Exum is dominating Harden right now. I bet he will start Game 3.

Is Ricky Rubio wearing my little sisters pants?????

Jazz appear to have figured out our defense

Crowder turned his 3pt sliders to 99

They can’t maintain this pace. We will still win by double digits.

I have to give some credit to the Jazz. This offense is different from what they did in game 1. They have a game plan against our D and it's working so far.

That’s Utah’s best quarter this series, they’ll not have another like it. We’ll have a run before this half ends and win comfortably, and they’ll be unable to recover.

Our bench is getting outplayed by a bench that includes Raul Neto and Alec Burks. Holy ****

Mitchell picking this defense apart.

Snyder is coaching circles around Dantoni

The entire Jazz gameplan is to lob Gobert the basketball...just like Kobe told them to. Did no one on the rockets staff think watching that video was relevant? Donovan Mitchel said he watched it at least two times... hmm...... I wonder what he's going to try to do???????

Too easy why the hell they keep leaving the big man open

one team did a comprehensive analysis of game one and the other thought the series was over.

utah studied.

Ehhh relax. Quin Snyder is a great coach and wasn’t going to go quietly. Rockets will adjust defensively and cut it to single digits. Unless the Jazz are up by 20 with 6 minutes left in the 4th I’m not going to get too concerned.

I feared this would happen. They had Game 1 too easy, and I don’t think D’Antoni is the kick-them-in-the-*** coach needed. The Jazz came to play, and the Rockets stopped at IHOP on the way to the Toyota Center.

The adjustment the Jazz made was to have Mitchell go full speed into the Gobert pick, who is rolling quick and hard towards the rim. This is drawing Capela out to effectively hedge on Mitchell, and the on-ball defender can't catch up to Gobert on the roll. It's taking our switching defense out of the game.

****. If Rudy has worked out how to stop James at the rim we are pretty screwed.

We are getting out coached by Kobe.

This is physically painful to watch. **** the Jazz.

We are in 2nd round, never underestimate your opponent...We might even lose the series...****

Saw this coming after seeing the Jazz win the 2nd half Sunday. That first half was the **** being tired and fools gold. If we want to win this series we are going to have to actually give a **** and our so called stars don’t .

The WORST crowd in the NBA...hands down...18,000 zombies.

Gobert is literally slipping on every pick... at this point, we have to make an adjustment to bring help defenders from the perimeter. Leave their shooters open and force Gobert to make a play.

Snyder having Gobert stay in the paint on D has made all the difference (for them)

Ingles is trash. He's like the old **** players.

Hey dumbass rockets... Joe Ingles is the only one on the Jazz who can shoot spot up threes........ I didn't even have to read a scouting report.

Can I punch Ingles?

the jazz had the best first half they could hope for. its a single digit game.

“We don’t akways suck ***, but when we do we let Harden take over”

Looks like the Jazz figured out the Capela - Harden pick n roll. Threes are non-existent as well. Only thing going are drives and fouls. Biggest adjustment though needs to be defense. This is the one of the worse defensive efforts of the Rockets all season. Engels just keeps on being free to take 3s.

Utah is taking away our 3 pt looks which is concerning. We're too reliant on Harden now.

r u serious ingles?


Slow Joe Pringles is cooking.

Ingles can ball.... I'm shocked.. Better talent than 3/4s of the Rockets.

We could use a math teacher!

Lmaooo Quin Snyder looks like he's about to transform into Green Goblin

I changed my mind...I do hate this jazz team!

PJ gonna murder this rook

Crowder is such a ****ing bitch.

are you f'ing kidding me? dante exum hits his 6th 3 of the ENTIRE SEASON! can someone on the jazz be off?

Call me what you want but I want all tree of these refs to die tonight

Utah Floppers. Some things never change.

i'm still mad about the exum 3. we finally don't have ingles and crowder raining down 3's and we leave an objectively awful 3 point shooter open and he nails it to end our run and get the lead. just ridiculous.

exum has played excellent defense this series.

Exum is somehow allowed to defend like its the 90's lol

**** getting every call

Kobe Bryant told the jazz to throw Gobert lobs and they did it a lot

These next 12 minutes are SO crucial to the dynamic of this series. The Jazz are going to play us VERY tough in Salt Lake City. We can't allow ourselves to be in a position where two close losses in Utah put us on the brink of elimination. LET'S GO, BOYS!

Burks's finishing is killing us.

Goddamn science teacher can't miss tonight.

as i saw ingles was about to be the next to force a jump on capela, i was like "they can't possibly do it again, can they?" ingles and crowder are just insane.

The Jazz cannot hang with this pace!! Keep
Playing fast!!!

Alright ! but please explain why we kick out on an obvious layup?

Gobert was down there, it wasn't going to be an uncontested layup.

Lmao the Jazz forget we're not the OKC Blunder. You give us a gazillion chances to score, we'll hit one eventually.

Run Rudy Goober and the Jazz into the floor...FAST BREAK !

This Exum bs.... my god smh

now exum hittin 3's smh

Where the **** did Daunte Exum come from?

All these Utah scrubs can't miss SMH...

not only do we not get more momentum, dante exum makes another 3? to stem the tide in a huge playoff game? dante "bust" exum makes a shot-clock beating 3?

Ego... that's what happens when Icarus flies too close to the sun. Play within yourself!

Is Crowder going to miss a goddamn shot?

literally going to lose to a crowder/ingles/exum jump-shot fest. i mean i watch teams miss 3's all the time. why can't these guys?


Well I have to give it to the Jazz. Looked like we had the momentum after taking the lead but they came back firing and haven't looked back.

We are definitely gonna be shook by Utah at home. They actually have a home court

Whoa Mitchell Whoa

vicious dunk. respect

HOly crap Mitchell

Travellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllling dude 2 extra steps then layed it up WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

Their role players are absolutely torching ours...

Ariza on Mitchell has always been stupid.

We will not cover Joe Ingles. We will not cover Joe Ingles. We will not cover Joe Ingles. We will not cover Joe Ingles. We will not cover Joe Ingles.

Holy hell that play by Donovan Mitchell was amazing.

Mitchell has already arrived but that was a statement to the league.

i was amazed at crowder and ingles by the 2nd quarter. it literally feels like they haven't missed a shot since then.

We lost, they aren't scared, and we aren't respecting the game by playing hard all game long.

At some point, a championship team has to learn to play hard.

This is how OKC lost....game 2, then never won a road game.

Wow what a play by Mitchell. That dunk was beautiful


Leaving Ingles is such a good strategy. Cant believe it didnt work.

Best dunk I've ever seen in a game.

Dante Exum hits a corner 3.

Jae Crowder hits an off balance contested 3.

Joe Ingles hits like his 539th open 3 tonight.


They're wide open. Exum was unguarded. So was Crowder. And so was Ingles. What do you think is gonna happen?

Flat footed set shooter killing us because we can’t stay with him LOL

too many open 3s for **** tonight.....this game is bad for my heart...

you know you can't let them win this, they are brutal at home. GO Rockets! Whats wrong with the crowd. omg!!!

A rookie, ingles, crowder....gobert???

... and we’re struggling - and about to drop game 2?
Good night folks
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"Omg people really with the jazz have something to build on after the rout first half..ima die hard rockets fan. When we went up my 20 I knew it was over n let up as a fan lmao. Starting eatting crawfish, making sangria n jamming Arian fosters c.d. lmao. We didn't give a damn just like the rockets didn't"



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How do they complain about other teams flopping when Harden and CP3 are the kings of flopping? Harden was literally trying to draw a foul every time he touched the ball. Kicking his legs out on jumpers, throwing his arms out on jumpers, throwing himself into defenders, anything to initiate contact and get a call.