Quotes from the Spurs' forums-"oe Ingles or Larry Bird? Trick question, it's the same white guy."

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    You picked the right photo for this article. Joe Ingles has scored career highs in his last 2 games & is shooting 45% plus from 3 & 4 assists per game. Jazz are getting contributions from lots of players in this winning streak but Jingles is right up there.

    The Utah Jazz have now won 9-straight games including wins over Blazers, Raptors, Spurs and Warriors.

    Just want to say this before the game: Quin Snyder looks really charming. And he is also a great coach.

    So rookie Donovan Michell is their highest scorer. Interesting. Guess Utah Jazz picked well.

    Nobody does emotion like Quinn. He’s like the anti-Vulcan.

    spurs without their 4 best players against the best team in the league at the moment ... hum ...

    Damn. Utah recovered fast from Hayward's departure. Donovan Mitchell, what a steal.

    I don't care who is or isn't playing. It's payback time against Utah ... ALWAYS!

    Eh, you never know. This could be a trap game for Utah (oh the irony)

    The Jazz are a 4-point favorite tonight against the Spurs in Utah

    At least All-NBA PG Ricky Rubio is out tonight.

    With a tough game in Denver tomorrow, a win tonight would be a pleasant surprise. If Utah comes in with an over-confident attitude, maaaaybe we can steal it.

    Watch out for Joe Ingles (still wish he was a Spur) who has had 2 consecutive career high scoring nights.

    Ingles Curry all of the sudden. Ridiculous

    Only down 6 at halftime is almost miraculous. Considering we’re 1-for-11 from 3 (9.1%) and Utah is 8-for-16 (50%), I’m amazed we’re only 6 points down.

    Seems they hit all decently defended 3s and our open ones all rim out

    How is that collision a foul on Mitchell lol but anyway

    · I’m still laughing.


    Pau trying to prove something and air balls it and then loses the ball

    Pau’s making friends all over Utah!

    Damn you Ingles, why are you so awesome

    · I honestly think the Spurs are overplaying his 3 point shot making ability, leaving him with wide open lanes to the basket. Make him make a few contested threes, I don’t think he’s Steph Curry. I think he misses, just don’t leave him open.

    they are so afraid of Rudy

    Joe Ingles or Larry Bird? Trick question, it's the same white guy.

    Ingles is indeed killing it.

    how about we just give the Jazz every call from now on, that way we don’t have to waste time reversing them

    Maybe with the Jazz being without Rubio, the Spurs have a chance... a sentence I never thought I would say.

    Ingles the GOAT

    This summer the Spurs gave Patty 4/50. This summer the Jazz gave Ingles 4/52. Totally ****ed up on getting the wrong Aussie.

    I would take Ingles @ 4/52, need SF depth, plus he is a point forward.

    Lauvergne sighting... God help us all.

    Gobert should've been a Spur.

    At least Teen Wolf Rubio is not setting another record at our expense!

    I hate seeing Patty's hair like that. Just go back to '14 hairstyle please, maybe that will help him shoot better.

    Favors taking a steamy **** all over the Spurs, per par.

    These refs are ***. Spurs are being punished for playing good defense

    ****ing mormons getting all the calls

    Forbes is earning 800k and shows more heart than Flabby Patty. Disgusting

    Lauvergne the best Spurs player out there. Is this real life?

    Ingles comes back in and they go on a run.

    Spurs missing 3’s while UTA burying them at a great clip. 1/10 3’s from SA and 6/12 from UTA. That cant continue. Have to make shots.

    …….Still waiting for that Pau/ Ingles battle Royale

    Pau is a traffic cone defensively.

    Parker should take every shot in this unit. He's surrounded by fossilized dog ****

    Why does Gobert flop every play?? Hes 8 foot tall

    Second half adjustments: Get slow *** Fathead and Bertans off Ingles Send Fatty mills to a Mormon farm to tend the cows until the game is over

    The Spurs shooting a blistering 9% from three. Go Spurs Go!

    Spurs are still in it, just need Utah to come back down to earth in the 2nd half. They shot thr ball lights out that half. And we can't continue to suck from 3, obviously.

    Seriously, what a delight the Australian basketball fan is getting tonight with so much talent on the floor... all on the Utah Jazz side

    Jazz fans ****ing boo everything.

    Man Joe Ingles is earning his 50M.

    I didn't expect to win this but with this game so close... I am starting to have hope. Will I have my hope crushed to win this game?

    **** I hate when Pau stays back and complains after a no-call. Run back you dumb ************.

    This. Ingles getting in his head.

    Pau is letting Ingles get to him. Just play smart. Make the right play. Don't try and be the hero.

    Mills is a ****ing piece of ****. WHY IS HE EVEN ****ING OUT THERE. Because he would be an expensive paper weight at the end of the bench.

    Maybe stop going at Favors.

    Get Mills off the ****ing court. Someone pay one of the Mormons to make sure he doesn't get back on the team bus after the game [​IMG]. Make him disappear.

    So should they make it a tie ball game or shoot for the three?

    · Go for the win. There’s another game tomorrow. Don’t need OT

    That last play looked like a bunch of idiots that didn’t know how to play basketball!

    I haven't ever hated a Spurs team as much as I hate this one.

    Wow. Followed it on espn app and cant believe they lost this one. Mitchell shoot like 32% too and still beat us.

    Disgusting. Pull your head out of your butt, Pop. You would think the team with the best coach in the NBA could figure out how to run the last play of the game. Instead dribble around like a bunch of idiots. Fantastic execution

    What an epic chokejob

    Can't even beat a Jazz team who played last night and without Rubio

    MVP chant, ****ing idiots

    We were up 12 with 8 minutes left and now we're going to lose. **** these choking *** chumps.

    I can already tell this is gonna be one of those play hard and play close the whole time and lose at the end to a sudden run type of games

    This game is atrocious. So many whistles. The refs have completely killed the flow for both teams.

    They're destroying us with basic PnR. This is embarrassing.

    Favors has tried to block everything you have to hit him with a pump fake every now and then.

    Need to trade Fatty for Mitchell

    What a disaster of a final possession.

    0-3 now against Jazz this season. Absolute embarrassment of a season. Just end it already smhhhh

    How did we end up with this team?

    Jesus Christ what an abortion of a play. Unreal.

    Take this season out back and put a bullet in it.

    **** Mills. What a choking piece of ****. He can't even hit a shot. Mr. No ****ing pressure to perform. He needs to be called out. ****ing joke that he's playing in crunch time. Anderson, too ****ing slow to do anything with the game on the line.

    Snyder would make a good Spur coach tbqh

    i blame everyone. i blame patty for being fat

    I just don't think Pop cares anymore.

    You can’t even say that Ingles and his teammates were running great pick and rolls as there weren’t any Spurs close to either one of them More like pregame layups.

    The on-court “feud” that no one asked for or expected but everyone enjoyed in this game was Pau Gasol vs. Joe Ingles.

    Each of these losses is just salt in a gaping wound. I know were missing our best player and then some but still. Hurts like a mother.. Also, I don’t believe we will see Kawhi again this season. He of the slowest healing quad tendon known to mankind.

    This season sucks. That 4th quarter was a **** show.

    I'd rather watch a train wreck then that fourth quarter Chernobyl meltdown.

    · Exactly man. We had that game in the bag I’m not even sure what the hell happened.

    You let a Joe Ingles/Derrick Favors pick-n-roll score 8 straight points.

    That last possession was the stuff of nightmares what a disappointing loss

    Blew a 10 point lead. Can't finish in the 4th. Went 17-25 on ****ing Free Throws. Turnover in Last Minute. What an awful game. Hell, even the refs seemingly tried to help us win with all those ******** calls throughout the game. We are like the previous years Timberpups, too young and inexperienced with no Kawhi or LMA leading the way.

    I need a hug

    Patty "$50 mill contract" Mills, 21mins 0 points

    Jazz played last night, on the road, against the Trailblazers. They're missing players, too. What's the Spurs' excuse? What's the point of this season?

    These are the future of the San Antonio Spurs ????

    Pau Gasol is ****ing pathetic. Can’t get a damn rebound, set a screen, guard his man. Why did we pay him more

    We let a rookie beat us down the stretch... We have to many short players.. should have made a move at the trade deadline

    Have to give it to Utah they came back with some great defence and with those two 3 pointers in a row they were always up for the victory.

    Beaten 3 times by Utah LMAO

    I think both jazz and Spurs fans can agree the refs are terrible

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    Leave it to people living in Texas, a state that houses polygamists, to pull the Mo-card when their team takes a massive ****.
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    lmao Spurs Talk

    Last time I tried to go on that site I got a spyware warning on my computer.
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    I said said something like this during the first quarter
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    Best one. :D
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    Annoying entitled fans. Do they not appreciate what they’ve had? Ingrates.

    Love the Ingles quotes though.
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    And all three times the Jazz were on the 2nd night of a B2B.

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    SpursTalk is probably the worst NBA forum around. Just f***ing terrible.
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    That last play looked like a bunch of idiots that didn’t know how to play basketball!

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    Spurs have nothing to be down about. They were missing their two top players, and on the road against the hottest team in the NBA. They still almost beat us.

    They are so used to titles and winning that they barometer is so different than many fan bases.

    Love thats they want Ingles. He is the type of player I would expect to be on the Spurs, and kill us. Thankfully he is ours!
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    clutchfans wholeheartedly disagree
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    Entitled hopeless brats, until the final comment..."I think both jazz and Spurs fans can agree the refs are terrible".
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    Spurs fans have always been tools.
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    Spurs fans are as whiny as their players. I'll bet they practice flopping on their couches.

    Spurs players believe they've never committed a foul in their lives and keep crying to the refs, as does Pops. Its disgusting.
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    I guess you have never been to Celtics forums.
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    SpursTalk is a collection of the biggest idiots in the basketball universe. Clutchfans got nothing on them.
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    Gotta say, that is a terrible way to lose a game. It is almost better just to lose wire-to-wire. My favorite quote on Reddit that didn't make it on here,

    "You really gonna let your rookie Iso in crunch time Utah?"
    From a Spurs Fan.
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