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Quotes from Thunder forums-"Half of the Jazz team has a bald spot in the back of their heads."


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Josh Giddey has been amazing the past two matches while SGA has been out. Proving that he is absolutely more than capable of running the offence on his own. Continues to impress every single night. Two clutch threes tonight as well is a big improvement. Genuine stud.

Did he just get ejected?

Yep, double technical, wouldn’t stop yelling about there being no call.

nice job Whiteside, what an idiot ... imagine having a team mate like this getting tossed out mid way into the FIRST QUARTER thanks bud LMAO

as much as we love shai, isn't it clear enough that our ball movement is better while sga has been out? nothing against shai but his heavy iso play style kinda kills our ball movement at times bc he's holding onto the ball trying to find open lanes for his buckets

Giddey was such an insanely great draft pick

Idk why Jazz doesn't do that more often. JRE looks like a toddler next to Gobert, nobody's gonna be stopping him

Would be a 30-point blowout if we didn’t have Dort neutralizing Mitchell

Half of the Jazz team has a bald spot in the back of their heads.

As usual, could have had a few more assists, too. Guys afraid to take an open corner 3 and instead drive into Golbert.

What a good loss man. Dort and Giddey played so well today man. Baze was great defensively. Kenny looked great and caught lobs as well. Everyone played their hearts out and I cant complain about a thing. Proud of these guys.

Lol get the **** up Gobert you overacting ****

This has been such a fun game

Super fun game. Probably a W if it weren’t for the TOs, most of which weren’t Giddey’s fault. These close games keep deading the “OKC is only good against bad teams” narrative.

That's as good as an L gets. Great performance from the lads

Josh Giddey runs a basketball team so well. Just imagine him with great teammates.

Mitchell was mia for 47 minutes lol.

mitchell snapped on that last minute. f*ck it

Jazz went into halftime, took a bump of the ole nose powder with Snyder, came out and started cooking us.