Quotes from Wolves' forums-"how are we gonna let Joe Ingles dunk on us"

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    Gail Miller addressing the Utah crowd and shredding that fan who go banned on Monday.
    Good for her.

    Wiggins just got beat on a straight line drive by one of the slowest guys in the league.

    Jazz players are throwing the ball at the home fans.

    I guess that answers the question of if they are more loyal to the home town fans or fellow NBA players.

    Derek Favors is ridiculously underrated.

    It's amazing how we can leave so many players open from three and still not grab the rebound

    Korver has beautiful footwork.

    The number one concern for KAT tonight should be getting in foul trouble. KAT will be able to hold his own defending Gobert and he can exploit Gobert with his perimeter game, but if he gets into foul trouble the wolves have no chance in winning. Refs could have a major impact on the game without having outlandish calls, just who they are on will make a big difference for KAT or Gobert

    Gobert is comically big next to Tyus

    Hey Wiggins is playing! Does that mean the tank is on??

    Ref really waited until Ricky airballed that layup to call the foul lmao

    Korver that wide open should be illegal

    You really leave Korver that wide open?

    Kyle Korver was designed in a lab to take advantage of what we're terrible at.

    Do we seriously think that was all clean play from Ingles? Really?

    Bayless playing in a game is the equivalent of a power play for the other team

    Can’t wait for Kyle Korver to retire. He is always throwing flames against the wolves somehow

    Bayless literally watched Korver shoot then didn't try for the rebound, **** outta here

    Neto is a top 3 most attractive nba player


    Serious question, what happened to Wiggins? He’s completely fallen off the cliff to the point you ask how he gets minutes. What happened to you Wiggy!

    Good Christ we just don't play defense, it's just not something this team does.

    The big difference between KAT and Jokic? Jokics teammates actually make buckets.

    KAT is 10x the offensive player Gobert is. Gobert just isnt as awful at offense as everyone pretends he is. I think he is the most important player on the Jazz though obviously the same could be said about Kat, honestly either of them could be 3rd team.

    There should never be another game where Wiggins has more shot attempts then Towns...ever.

    I despise Kyle Korver

    Omg just give the ball to Kat and get out of the way

    Its like we are cursed and everyone ****ing hates us because we are cursed. Year-after-year our second and third most impactful players are always injured for long stretches and our best player never gets the benefit of the doubt from the refs. Then we build up to barely missing the playoffs while never moving up in the lottery or fielding a roster with any legitimate depth. Its just so disappointing.

    Also, how many of those Utah fans in the high five tunnel washed their hands after pooing?

    ****ing Korver

    how are we gonna let Joe Ingles dunk on us

    god we are gonna waste KAT's career...

    I sense another KG with no ring in Minnesota... lol hand in your trade request, Kat!!! Haha

    Well, that was a sad loss... we hung with them for a while but then imploded. Utah is a solid team with lots of weapons. I'd like to say it would be a different game if we were healthy, but we lack consistency to close out and make a run in a game.

    A loss with Wiggins in the starting lineup, what a surprise

    Wiggins is a liability

    Don’t you think Wiggins knows all the hate on him and would at least try his best on the court to stop the haters. Yet every time I watch him it’s like he tries to make people hate him some more. And that’s not even mentioning the stupid careless look he always has on his face.

    Yess Wiggins needs to play like this every game so we can have a chance at Zion!

    Could rebuild the road to the Wizard of Oz with all those bricks from Wiggins..

    Wiggins is a joke right now with that massive contract

    Wiggins must chuckle when he gets home to his mansion built with mediocrity.

    Giving up 120+ points in 8 of the last 9 games and 130+ in 4 of the last 6 games is not getting you into the playoffs anytime soon. Lazy defense doesn't win championships.....it just breeds a vicious cycle of mediocrity that has plagued the entire timberwolves franchise for years now. Keep KAT...get rid of everyone else.....and start over.

    I’ve watched 3 games this year but I still know Wiggins sucks.

    Next up: another L.

    Wiggins is the worst player that gets minutes that I've ever seen. How at this point in your career can you continue to take so many contested long 2's? He is so weak going to the basket.

    Next up, who cares. Just tank and start the rebuilding process....again.

    How come every team in the west is getting better and we are getting worse?

    I wish wiggins would have been injured. forgive me God!

    KAT can't do it all man

    Timberwolves. Bad. Very Bad. Extremely Bad.

    That’s all folks

    Only KAT with positive plus minus

    Road win #10 remains elusive

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    How does Favszilla avoid their radar? Were they watching the same game? Probably all terrified he'd take their pocket money.
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    One of the few fanbases I truly have empathy for. They've really never even sniffed great as a team and had to watch their best player ever get his ring elsewhere. At least we didn't get that particular hemorrhoidal itch.

    We should team up and agree to share best players, like take turns farming for each other. They send us towns, we get a few rings while they build in the lottery. We send them our next best prospect later and they win a couple. Rinse and repeat
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    Wtf does this mean?
    Jazz players are throwing the ball at the home fans.
    I guess that answers the question of if they are more loyal to the home town fans or fellow NBA players.

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    What do you mean? I seem to remember Greg Foster winning a ring with the lakers after he left us. I lost weeks of sleep over that
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    I've complained about this team some this season but sometimes after reading these I realize it's not that bad after all.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    Ouch, and with that contract...

    Guessing they didn't see Joe's dunk life t-shirt last year.

    Man I feel sorry for their fans, we really don't have much to complain about all things considered.
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    I made the comment a month or so ago that people are almost as sure about Zion as they were about Wiggins. First response was that it'd be great if Zion's floor was Wiggins. You know, a player bad enough to sink a franchise.

    People are stupid as ****.
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    Each year I get less and less impressed with draft hype.
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    There was a play where Ingles catapulted a pass into the stands about 5 rows up. Over Mitchell's head. It was the most off pass I've ever seen from Ingles. He and Mitchel both laughed as they ran back up court because it was so weird. .
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    How does that have something to do with loyalty to home fans vs opposing players though?

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    He's saying he chucked it out of anger at our horrible racist fans.

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