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So does picture mean Markannen, George, Hendricks and Kessler will not get traded?

Meanwhile I'm over here, "Has Hendricks grown an inch or two?" and "Kessler is looking pretty svelte!"

First white jersey I have liked in years.
They chose and positioned the players very deliberately. Markkanen wears 23 and Kessler - 24, which means that they represent the current Jazz, circa 2023-24. And Keyonte with Hendricks form 30: they are our future and will win the NBA championship in 2030.

Also, the picture is taken against the backdrop of a mountain because these four players will form the Utah Jazz' Mount Rushmore.
I've made it partly through this thread, but these jerseys look VASTLY better than than last years.
Are we getting rid of the ugly gold/black crap?
That's a huge improvement over the previous monstrosity. I like the white ones. What annnoys me the most is the placement of the note and nr on the black jersey. Imo if it was lower it would look much better. The way it's placed over the mountains motive looks like if someone forgot to check while saving the document and the computer automatically moved it up.