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Report: Rockets may trade Sengun...Jazz interest?

Thunder is the team that keeps getting mentioned. They are already close to rebuilt and they have the picks to trade for a star.

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And I think you could play both teams against each other if they were interested.
I would take 4 picks from any of the 3 teams for Lauri. Statistically, picks represents the best route for the Jazz to make a championship run... period.

Also, I think we should hire the best draft analysts in the biz from Miami, OKC, and anyone else who wants a prime spot for a decade helping launch their careers as draft gurus.
I listened to the actual pod where this was brought up.

Tim brought up the Rockets have played better without Sengun, specifically Amen and Green. There's more room to drive without Sengun using the ball so much and the defense has improved (also mentioned it's been was a relatively soft schedule). Also said the Rockets seem to be most high on Amen. He didnt say the Rockets are looking to trade Sengun or Green, but he did say GM's are starting to circle and look at the situation and that the Rockets do want to make more splashes to improve the roster and arent interested in continuing to add young talent.

MacMahon also brought up the fact that the Rockets thought they were going to get Brook Lopez and that a defensive first center fits Udoka's mindset more, which is another reason why there is some speculation they might deal Sengun for a star.

Probably not remembering every bit on context because I listened to it yesterday, but that's what I remember.
I do not believe they will trade Sengun unless the offer is very high. He is young and can improve on his weak points like Kessler. Minny have a better defense right now after KAT injured ( through an easy schedule....). Does it mean they will trade him? Don't believe so unless KAT really s... at PO.
Softer Kessler's weak point is putting too much peanut butter on the kids sandwiches at summer camp.
He's a very nice young man
Hope he can get tougher and more focus. It will be a shame to hava a kids much more gifted than Rudy and at the end did not achieve 70% of what Rudy did.