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Resign Conley... do or don’t


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So, do we take the risk and resign Conley and his fragile hamstring or do we let him walk. Obviously when healthy he makes us better.

But how healthy will he be? At what price do you sign him?


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He's hurt more than he plays. His lack of toughness has severely hurt our team. His contract takes up a huge chunk of our payroll. With him we have a great team, without him we don't have the necessary playmaking. The Jazz do not have the margin of error that other teams have. He's taken our title hopes with him into his comfy little do-nothing laid back rehab. We don't need anymore soft-as-charmin players. It's a tough situation, but we can't improve the team if he wants a lot of money. He'll probably have to go.

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It comes down to a number. Affordable contract, sure, but we can’t pay high-dollar for a guy who’s going to miss >25% of the season.


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Was Conley really the best high risk, high reward player we could sign? It was a gamble so I'm not mad, unless we could have signed another player that was a gamble, but better fit.

And to answer the question, no we should not resign him. He got paid $30+ million to sit on the bench.