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My mom has always been a lil koo koo but wasn't legitimately "crazy." About 5 years ago she made some really stupid decisions that pretty much cost her our family. After about a year after what happened I ended up forgiving her after I met with her at her house. I realized she wasn't my mom anymore and she was losing her mind. Knowing she was losing her mind helped me not blame her for her decisions.

I've talked to her once in the last 3 years (it's more complicated than what I'm comfortable sharing.) She called me a year ago and asked me for money. She lied to me and said she war fired from her job because she missed too much time with jury duty. I know my mom is too smart to say something so dumb and just figured this fed my confirmation bias that she's lost her mind.

After my accident a few Saturdays ago, my I decided to start talking to the rest of my family (my siblings and my dad - I haven't talked to them in a year because my brother screwed me over for 2k and my dad and step mom took his side - they don't like me lol.) My brother told me mom was losing her mind and she was gone. I was like, I'm glad you're finally realizing this. :/

Anyway, my mom called me 2 days ago. It was the saddest conversation I can remember. She sounded like a lil kid and obviously mentally ill. I'm not sure if she has early onset dementia or schizophrenia or what, but she's lost her marbles. It's beyond sad.

She's currently living with my grandparents and they're taking care of her. My brother is convinced she's dying and sent me a screenshot of her from a video chat and she looks really bad.

My son is 8 and my mom and son were super close from age 1 to 3 or 4. She hasn't seen him since. I wanna see my mom here soon but not sure if I should bring my son or if it would be weird.

For some weird reason, it's easier to share this on Jazzfanz than to anyone I know. Not sure if that makes me embarrassed, insensitive, insecure or an *******.
Sorry to hear this, man. I just caught this after Wes bumped the thread. May I ask how old your mom is?


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Being at the beach where it's 80 degrees when in Redlands where I live it is 120 and fill of smoke from wild fires.


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Being on a Utah Jazz message board when a Republican like Trump loses.

Bonus points: When people on this board lament that there aren't enough Trumpy idiots on a Utah based message board.

Mega rewards: When the Trumpy idiots disappear on 11-4 after talking **** on 11-3.

Max benefits: Inauguration day Jan. 20th 2021.

Trump was gross AF. He didn't make the U.S. better. He made us gross like him. If you supported him in 2020 you need to ask yourself some serious questions about what kind of person you are. You might have a lot of good qualities and be an overall decent human. Your Trump support is not a check in the decent human column. It just isn't. Welcome to a new day.