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Roster Building From Here - FA and Summer of 2023

I think Luka is the caliber of player that gets to dictate where he goes, but you never know. I think Ainge knows a lot more than me, and he obviously thinks there is a chance.
Did DA say he was going after Luka? I think I missed that.
Luka is so annoying... not sure he can reach his highest potential if he doesn't commit to getting in world class shape and change his attitude about complaining.

I'd be happy to trade for him obviously but I think you'd have to retain Lauri and Kessler if you were doing it. I think those are two ideal partners to put with him. I seriously don't understand the theory of what Dallas was trying to do with Ky and Luka. The team last year was built on defense and Luka and Jalen setting everybody up or scoring... they let Jalen walk and traded their best wing defender... for a ball dominant defensive liability who also has a tendency to wreck culture... ummmm what you doing Nico?
Yea, I mean if everything fell just right, I'm not gonna be against adding Luka. But right now I'd just as soon keep the assets and continue building the team. Getting Jaylen Brown for half the price would interest me way more.
Someone from the front office said that one of the reason we have a stockpile of picks is to go after stars through trades. It was specifically mentioned that we are monitoring the Luka situation.
First off, if you have Luka you have the best player in a playoff series against anyone. Luka + Lauri would also be an insane 1-2 punch.

However just like with anyone, the price has to be right. I would guess trading him with 3 years left would require at least 2 of Lauri/Kessler/Ochai being in the deal (likely the latter two since they are younger).

I wouldnt do that. Our offense was fine this year. Adding a second high-level scorer is important but adding to defense is even more so. Luka would subtract from our that.

Current Mavs is the perfect evidence you dont win just by scoring. Need to play on both ends of the court.