Rudy and Donovan as leaders

Discussion in 'Utah Jazz' started by oneye, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. oneye

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    Dec 2, 2017
    I’m just asking honestly, Jazz are in a rough spot, what are everyone’s thoughts on Rudy and Donovan’s leadership?
  2. KqWIN

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    Sep 26, 2016
    I don't think we'll ever really know how much this stuff matters, but if leading by example is a thing, they are doing a horrible job. Especially Mitchell. He is an egregious ball hog whose solution to struggles is more hero ball and more hero ball. Rudy, it doesn't really surprise me that his defense is falling off but he shouldn't be asking for more touches to the media.

    The problem with this team is so obviously selfishness. These two need to be unselfish first and let the team follow.
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  3. oneye

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    Dec 2, 2017
    Agreed. The bench isn’t great but the team doesn’t lack talent.

    I’ll start with Rudy.

    Rudy’s think about asking for more touches to the media is just a bad moment for sure. It shows a selfish nature and as a leader you can’t get your shots off with the media about a frustration.

    Now I’ll preface this part by saying Donovan’s a 23 year old kid, but he’s been a bit more disappointing in this aspect IMO....ON the court this season specifically. Like, this is pretty obviously your franchise to represent my guy. The moves made this offseason were to help you out, and now it’s on you to figure out how to use them. I’ve seen Donovan point fingers, I’ve seen horrible body language from him when things get rough. I’ve seen him pout. He looks visibly miserable out there. Now we do need him shooting, and at times his “hero ball” as some of you want to call it is necessary. It shouldn’t be but it is. Idk, I’ve felt like some of his body language has just been really quite bad at times. Idk, you can’t lead your team by getting beat on simple back-door cuts and then pointing fingers and looking visibly miserable out there like you don’t want to be there. We can all say the right things are you actually doing them? Or are you getting beat back door 3 times in a row and pointing the finger at your teammate? There’s been so many times Donovan gives the “I’m f**** over this” look when things get tough. Has to be better.

    It just brings me back to Spence’s rant on the radio about this team a few days ago. This teams effort is terrible, and it’s on Quin, Rudy, and Donovan to actually be leaders and have no tolerance for the lack of effort there is with this team and hold themselves accountable too because Donovan’s box score is fine, his intensity and effort is not always fine. I haven’t seen as much pouting or lack of effort from Rudy as Donovan but there have been moments. They got you talent guys, now take control of your team stop lacking effort, show some leadership and use it and stop being selfish. This team has plenty of talent. It lacks true leadership and a true willingness to play like a team. That falls on the coach and the guys who are supposed to be your leaders.
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  4. Jazz Traveler

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    May 26, 2010
    One of the players last year made a statement that Favors was the heart of the team. Found it interesting that it wasn’t Mitchell or Rudy.

    Favors was such a steadying influence. I think Rudy really misses Favors. Dude was so solid, did all the little things. Sacrificed his game so Rudy could get his touches. I don’t think Rudy gets defensive player of the year without Favors behind him.

    Mitchell has had the green light as far as touches and shots the last two seasons with no repercussions for selfish play. Quin has to start there.
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  5. Hekate

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    Feb 14, 2012
    Rudy's doing everything to rally this team to play good basketball. It must be really tough for him when offense stagnates and guys settle for bad shots. We have been at our best when the ball moved and Rudy got touches.

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