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Someone took about an hour to write up a full article. It wasn't like some 7-word tweet.
Maybe the Jazz have an offer out and Harrison hasn't accepted or something. So Dan Clayton wrote up an article, had it scheduled incorrectly and had to pull it.

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Good lord you people are so dumb. You act like Shaq is the missing piece to a championship caliber year. This is a bench warmer or maybe half a step up from being a bench warmer. If he’s sooooooooooooo good why is he still available into training camp?

I mean if you all are this boyish on potentially signing Shaq, why do y’all’s hate Niang? Y’all’s must’ve hated losing The ded one, Ed Davis, TB. ROTFL I mean why did DL not resign Udo. All mysteries to me.

I guess you all know what’s coming next, y’all’s are idiots!! Idiots.