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SI.com evaluates top 75 players in draft!

Duck Rodgers

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Kevin Seraphin is a name I've never seen before. Looks intriguing from his youtube videos. 6'9" 268 and athletic? That's a dream second round pick right there.


I hear Ryan Richards may be the sleeper of the draft. 6 10 225 very athletic and only 19. He may be there for the Jazz. I really like Charles Garcia 6 10 230. A lot of people think if he works hard he could become the next Lamar Odom. He can rebound,run, create his own shot and has great athleticism. If your a utes fan, you'll remember him from last year, torched the Utes. if he had a better work ethic people think he would be a lotto pick. He may fall and if he did, that would be a hell of a pick. A couple other guys I like are Jerome Jordan, Jarvis Varnado and Dexter Pittman. Varnado will go earlier but we could trade up. Pittman is like a taller Big baby Davis, very quick feet for his size. Jordan 7 feet, mobile, long center. has potential to be a great shot blocker and rebounder and is new to the game, he may fall too


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If they go big as we all hope they do in the first round, I wouldn't mind them taking a 2nd round flier on somebody who provides a spark from the guard spot. Jerome Randle (lightning quick) or Greivis Vasquez (great scorer) come to mind.

Gyp Rosetti

I love Pittman. He's big, has worked his *** off to get into much better shape at Texas, still could get much better physically (his body fat's still at 20%), and is strong and athletic. He really is a bigger Big Baby who's the type of enforcer we could use. With a 1.66 PPS and 10.4 points on 65% from the floor and 1.9 blocks in under 20 minutes per game I have no qualms with trading down 3-7 spots (and taking Udoh or Henry or Orton) and picking up an early 2nd rounder in the process where we could get Pittman. Depending on how the Orlando workouts go, I think Orton or Pittman could be the steals of this draft.

My ideal draft though would be to get Favors and Wesley Johnson. Too bad it won't happen.