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Free at last!!!
Yep! That's exactly what happened. I overdid it on the smoker (they were done) then put them 5 mins on each side on the gas grill (probably should be half that). It turned out decent. I mean it wasn't horrible to eat. But it wasn't nearly as great. The fajitas turned out pretty good. The chicken was utterly fantastic. Super tender and flavorful. I really want to try ribs and burgers. Have you done burgers? What temp do you do and which flavor (Hickory?) do you use?

I’ve done burgers. They’re great. I always do some hot dogs for the kids too.
I generally don’t go above 225 on anything until it’s time to reverse sear.
I generally use hickory with beef and pork. I like Mesquite with poultry. My wife hates seafood, so I don’t do any of that. I always use hickory for bacon. I used apple when I made apple pie. I’ve used cherry and maple for something, but I don’t remember what it was.

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