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So, bottom line here....help me out!!!

We unloaded Boozer, Korver and Matthews.....pick up Jefferson, Raja and Heyward!
Exactly how much money did we save?
Well, if you're looking at how much it would cost to retain them, then excluding signing bonuses:

Boozer $16M
Korver $5M
Matthews $6M
Total cap hit about $27M

Jefferson $13M
Bell $3M
Hayward $2M
Total cap hit about $18M

So around $9M in salary savings + the additonal bonus due to Matthews nets the Millers about $14M less??? My numbers are apporximate - I'd leave it to someone else to run the actual totals. Of course, there is also the luxury tax to consider.

In terms of actual dollars vs. last season, Jazz are about even. Jefferson costs what Boozer WAS making. Bell less than what we were paying Korver. And Hawyard's rookie contract is more than Matthews' rookie contract.

It's really not relevant to compare against last season's salaries, IMO. What IS relevant is to talk about replacement cost. Whether you call it market value or market price (please dear lord, let's not have THAT economic argument again), the cost of signing top and mid-tier players was astronomical this summer. Want to keep or replace Booozer? Upgrade (i.e a Bosh) and it's a near MAX contract. Stay the same = $16M. Downgrade a bit: David Lee or downgrade to the the next tier down - the outrageous contract given to Gooden.

Same argument with Matthews/Korver. Look at the contracts being tossed around for Korver, Matthews, Redick, etc. Even Brewer got $4M/per.

So I think KOC did a helluva job working trades, the draft and getting a solid veteran in Raja for the prices he did.
1320 said that we're saving about 12 mil this season alone.

....so, let me see if I've got this straight in my head: This off season we have cut payroll by millions, gotten younger while upgrading our talent level tremendously, improved defensively, gotten smarter, quicker, faster....didn't straddle ourselves with ridiculous long term contracts, and reduced the number of jailhouse tats by a factor of 10? I think our GM has already clinched the GM of the year award!
... Teams that spend like drunkin sailors (and add jail house tats!) do poorly!!!

As a former drunken sailor I take offense to that comment! I was a very frugal drunken sailor, I'd only go for the really cheap hookers.