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Currently scattered across the world are 15 or so kids, ranging in ages from 2 to about 14. They couldn’t post here. We would probably troll them off if they did. They don’t know anything about Jazz basketball. Hell, if they know anything about the Jazz, they probably don’t like us. But a bit shy of 20 years from now, they’ll all be the topic of discussion on this forum. Some of them we will love. Some of them we will hate. Some will be run through the trade machine so many times that it will have a small, but measurable, impact on climate change.

But there’s a key difference between us and them. No, nothe millions of dollars in future salary. But in 30 years, they’ll be relieved of this burden. But the rest of us, we will still be here, as lifers.

So we celebrate them. Poor a few sips on the concrete, because these cats can’t drink.