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Stars Season Opener Game Thread: 8PM Mountain Time

I’m pinning this for homey. It’s like pouring a sip on the concrete for your homies that have passed.

Also homey and homies was not an intended pun.
I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm way more excited about these gleague games than actual jazz games. Hopefully Hendricks and Sensabaugh play well and we can see them with the jazz in the near future.
I'm definitely not staying up late for a G-League game, but will be interested in what people think. I took a look at that G-League site and saw that Traquavion Smith had 37 points last night. GG Jackson had 25 pts last night.

GG currently playing again and against Cam Whitmore's team.
Its kind of hard to overstate just how bad Hendricks looks. Dude has some of the worst feel I've seen out of a lotto pick.
Hendricks is one of those "dribble into a post up and put a wild shot because I literally have no bag" kind of players.
Sensabaugh's jumper is feathery. You can hear the net give a soft sigh of ecstacy as the ball quietly passes through.
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