Strength of Schedule


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Yep. Conley misses games and the jazz just win. Donovan misses games and the jazz just win.
Other teams players miss games and they lose.

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My new definition for a contender is that they don't have "moral victories" just real victories.
If you are whining that your team lost because they didn't have "x", or are happy to have "just kept it close", you are not a contender.


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But have they been particularly advantageous for the Jazz, and is there data to support this? Cuz the Jazz have had their +\- superstar out for a minute now, and it’s not as though teams are only missing players against the Jazz but are at full-strength against other teams.

Good point, My comment was based on opponent strength, not ours. Philly, LA Clippers, Atlanta were all without All Stars. Not sure how this lines up with other top teams.


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538 has us finishing with the best record in the NBA by 7 games. Pretty wild where we sit right now.
It also has us tied with LAC for best odds at the title, and gives us a 1% higher chance than LAC to make the finals.