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Stupid Pet Peeves

That sounds awesome. When you come to LA let me know, we'll get lunch.

I'm wondering if this is a Hawaiian airlines thing. Some other folks told us the ungodly mess we ran into in Maui was just par for the course. I was also told that for some reason the Hawaiian airlines gate and counter people just tend to be on edge and bitchy in general. Weird.

And yeah in today's climate you have to be very very careful how you express yourself, especially if you have a complaint. They can simply decide they don't like you, tell the flight crew you were being disruptive and they'll just kick you off the flight or worse. Flying has become such a ****** thing in America. Too bad. There was a time it was kind of fun. They've managed to suck all the fun out of it for the most parts now.
I've been told that they always need help in LA so I'll probably be going there fairly regularly.

Maybe it's just because I haven't flown in a few years, but I will NEVER ****ing ever again fly with Hawaiian airlines. Some of the worst experiences I've ever had on a flight, with well into the hundreds under my belt through the years. Everyone I talk to is rude and surly and sarcastic as ****. They change things at a whim. Hell today we are flying from Honolulu to Kona and since we got to the airport they changed our gate 3 ****ing times.

Last Saturday, when we flew to Honolulu from LAX, it was probably the single worst flying experience of my life. They straight up cancelled our flight, and I got the email at 3 am. So obviously I (and literally no one else) saw it, so we had to get to the ticket counter where they acted like I was putting them out severely because they had to find a way to get us on a new flight. They acted like they had no idea the flight had been cancelled and basically said "oh sorry your flight was cancelled" with a big smile, which disappeared faster than a Twinkie at a fat kid's camp when I said "ok then, how do we get to Hawaii?" Can you believe I expected them to *gasp* find me another flight.

We are also paid extra for better seating closer to the front of the plane because we are traveling with my parents who are mobility limited, and so we would be all together. I mentioned that and she just stared at me blankly and printed out boarding passes that has us all scattered across the ****ing plane.

Also our original flight was direct to Honolulu, but the one they put us on was to Maui where we had to change planes, and I found out there are airports worse than LAX, and my faith in humanity to be the absolute WORST was fully reconfirmed. People are ****ing animals and really we should be wiped off the planet for the good of the world.

In Maui we ran into the worst gate attendant I've ever seen. My mom is in a wheelchair and everywhere else along the way they let all 4 of us stay together because we were obviously traveling together. Also my mom needs help getting into and out of the seats that my dad can't do and she's uncomfortable with anyone else trying to help her. But this gate attendant came over and asked my mom and question none of us heard and then tried taking her cane and checking it. I tried to tell her mom likes to keep it with her on the plane and she turned into the anti-Karen. She said "sir" like 50 times, holding her palms out to me, escalating volume with each successive "sir". Mind you, I was silent from the first sir. Then she switched to this super-condescending tone and said "relax relax sir no reason to yell at me". Keep in mind I never raised my voice at all.

Then when we were boarding, they called my mom and dad forward and when we tried to board she did the whole "sir" a million times again and very loudly told us we have to board with everyone else. Since these guys have the power to simply kick you off a flight, and this one was a ****ing psycho bitch, we went back to the line. Then, when we got up there to get through the gate, she glared at me and said "you can't take all this luggage with your", since obviously my mom and dad couldn't take their own carry-ons I had them. I said "you wouldn't let me board with my parents so now I have their carry-ons" and she started to fume telling me I had to go back to the counter to check the extra bags. I was at my wits end but luckily the other gate agent there at the time told us to just go ahead. She bitch yelled out "oh have a nice day, aloha!"

When I finally got on the plane my mom was having trouble getting in her seat, so I helped her and the flight attendant asked "why didn't you board with her?" I explained what happened and she rolled her eyes and said something about that gate attendant basically being a bitch as well.

We finally got to Honolulu and their was no one to help us and the signage was terrible when we were trying to find baggage claim. Even the arrivals signs didn't list our flight at all. I found out late that sometimes they have 2 flight numbers for inter-island flights, which is just ****ing stupid. Anyway I finally found a security guard just strolling along and I asked her if she could help us. She immediately looked at my like I had tried to force her to help me move or something. I tried to ask how to get to the baggage claim and she interrupted, obviously pissed about me so horribly disrupting her day, and she talked to me like I was her geriatric patient who was deaf and had dementia, she pointed both hands and me and loudly said "this is not baggage claim". I was confused, and pissed now as well. I said, uh yeah that's kind of obvious and that's the point, where the hell is it then. She said it again "this is not baggage claim" then she just vaguely said something like "baggage claim is where your airline took your luggage, go to your airline's baggage claim". I just walked away at that point, told her I was so sorry for disrupting her obviously hugely busy day.

We finally got the luggage, asked 4 people before someone finally knew what the **** they were talking about and had an IQ above that of a houseplant.

What a ****ing nightmare. Today has been more of the same. 1 of my bags weighed 1.3 pounds over the 50 pound limit. The other one was about 35 pounds. Every time I've had this happen they basically said, yeah they are both your bags, no problem. This woman just said "that'll be $35 overweight bag fee". I said I'm not paying that the other bag is a lot less, she immediately got up in arms and said that I would have to move things between the bags then. So I did that, literally right in front of her, which she watched me do, then she said "you have to go to the back of the line". Behind about 20 other people. Her attitude was very condescending and pissy about the whole thing. So ****ing stupid.

And that's about 1/4 of the **** we went through so far in travel on this trip. Some of the worst travel experiences I've ever had. Never ****ing flying Hawaiian airlines again. **** them. ****ing assholes.

And so much for the laid back Hawaiian attitude myth. Busted that ************ but good. Never seen people so ****ing uptight and rude.
That sounds awful! I used to fly Hawaiian air regularly and they were always really great service but it's been almost 10 years since I last traveled with them. Sounds like they have gotten worse. I'll probably fly with them in November. My brother in law is a captain with them and I have a few other friends working for them, I'll have to see how it goes. I'll fly with buddy passes though so I'm not sure if that will change things much. It's sad to hear they have gotten so bad.