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The 2011 NBA Draft Lottery Thread, May 17th, 8:30 EST

Serious question here. Can someone tell me what scouts are saying is the biggest difference between Irving and Knight? From the limited amount I have watched them play, they look very similar to me...

Irving is a much better passer and sees the floor much better. Makes fewer mistakes and better decisions in general. They probably have similar strokes, but Irving takes better shots and has been for more efficient because of it. Irving's feel for and knowledge of the game is uncanny for a freshman. Knight is the youngest player in the draft, though, and has potential to be better than Irving if his purported drive and general attitude are true. Knight has the better body.

Taking Irving is a no-brainer anywhere in the top-3. Taking Knight at 3 or 4 is a swing-for-the-fences move.

Who do people think would win this game of 2-on-2-- Derrick Williams/Donatas Montiejunas or Enes Kanter/Chris Singleton ?
The goal of this is to point out possible draft strategies.... If the Jazz pick Brandon Knight or Derrick Williams with their first pick, they can still likely get a skilled big (Montiejunas) with their later pick. If they pick Kanter with their first pick, they can get an athletic wing or guard with their later pick. So it depends on their priorities. If the Jazz like Montiejunas, then picking Katner isn't a forgone conclusion. If the Jazz like Selby or Jimmer, then picking Knight isn't a priority.
Did Vesely impress anyone else with his athleticism and dunks? Jesus the guy was sick. So sick I'd wantt to see him in the all-star game right away. Is he however the lazy Euro with a suspect motor?
Question for people: Who do you think would win a game of 2-on-2--Enes Kanter/Josh Selby or Brandon Knight/Dontatas Montiejunas ?

kanter and selby. kanter would post up and overpower lady montibargi all the time. is like shaq playing against a girl. :)

Is this just me, or is Oden flipping the world off twice?
What sort of value do you think Milsap has out there?
What could we get for him?
Picks, players, both?

Just curious.