The Greatest Conspiracy Theory Ever?


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Ok, so I've hooked the ambulance chasers. Of course the greatest and most widely believed conspiracy theory will always be "The Devil Done It".

And of course our CIA has proprietary rights on this tool for diversion that enables them to claim some kind of notoriety for actually being the know-it-alls in the room.

Lessee........ here's the pieces:

One: Commie US sports trainers went to China, to Wuhan, for a world sporting event in October 2019. The group was selected to take vials of a pandemic virus out to the stadium and spray it on the seats all over the place, and in the locker rooms. All the safety gear they needed was gloves and a breathing mask.

Dammit. It just didn't work. Maybe a few cases taken home by the athlete's support/family/ news reporters.

An argument ensued when the joyfully anticipated zillion fatality pandemic wasn't happening. People in the lab began trying to pass the blame. The commie "spreaders" thought they'd been made the fools they are.

The plan was to make Bill Gates the world Leader for saving mankind from the population bomb, saving the world from the humans, and introducing a new monopoly on safe nuclear power to run the AI world and all the robots it takes to supply the Lordy Castles in the Best Preserved Habitats Ever. Serviced almost entirely by machines smarter than humans and a few underage sex slaves.

All that stood in the way was a virus that didn't work and 7 Billion unwanted humans.

Well, and some lab workers who tried to tell the world, who were summarily disappeared or who died shortly after becoming obnoxious to the CCP.

And then the backfired virus spread out of the lab itself via squabbling lab workers who'd thrown some stuff around in the lab, believing it just didn't really work.

What went wrong?

On the stadium seats the virus died in a few seconds in air polluted with strong oxidizers like NOx. A few milliseconds of uv from sunlight. But it still kills lab workers, and their room mates.

and was very contagious if not mano a mano then at least by room air in closed apartments.

I could go on. I think this is the sci-fi book version abstract.

You just can't make up stuff like this.


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I confess. It's hard to make sense of the democrat's and media's positions and behaviors over the past few years.

The Trump hate when Trump was the Chump who gave the globalists all the key positions in his administration, and hardly fired anyone "essential" to the cause.

The media doing hypothetical stories on "pandemics" in October 2019.

The severe so-called "flu" season from October through February, with statistics revised in March to make it out as the pandemic. Flu went to zero. Hospitals were given free cash for fake reported cases. The tests were all messed up. Tests that could have been rolled out in numbers within weeks took several months, and even then false positives were waaaay high. And every flu or sneeze was "Covid". Really messes with your mind, ya know. The stats were unreal.

Before Trump was notified of the outbreak, there were already severe travel restrictions in Wuhan. Houses with doors welded shut. soldiers armed to shoot anyone on the streets. But it was "racist" for Trump to stop direct flights from Wuhan to the US. Dems were telling people masks don't work, and everybody should go eat out in Chinatown or downtown NY. Fauci said everything wrong, as if he wanted this virus to get going on US.
Then everything was Trumps fault. The Trump virus.

Some commies, as early as January 2019 seemed pleased that this would eliminate a lot of older mostly republican voters and otherwise useless eaters. Insurance companies with exclusion clauses for events like this smiled broadly. government assistance/welfare workers saw their case loads evaporating.

quickly, it was realized that this could still be the Global Jackpot we needed to socialize the world.

A mixed success. The vaccines worked pretty good. Most people were not seriously affected by the virus, but enough were to keep the scare real.

A lot of off-the shelf antivirals threatened the commercial exploitation. Gates' vaccine might not be needed. Couldn't let people try stuff that might help.

A few dems tried to enhance the spread by reducing mass transit cars and making people pack in. Others sent Covid 19 positive "spreaders" to the nursing homes and care centers for the elderly, ignoring the availability of thousands of empty beds in emergency hospital ships and other places Trump set up literally overnight.

The list of governors and mayors willing to make the most of the "Pandemic" for totalitarians' orders reads like the Who's Who in the 2024 Presidential Campaign. Dems, I mean. The Reps is an opposite sort of list. The list of governors who did not overdo the orders reads like the list of Republican contenders for 2024.

I really could not imagine or make up a scenario more destructive of globalist ideals or the Democratic Party than this.

People really hate it all. I mean....... REALLY.

The Great Lab Virus is the ultimate FAIL for guvmint dreamers.

The Dem House leadership and Senate edge is going to cost billions in political efforts and ads to even hold on at all. Almost no hope of this bizarro political nightmare going another year even. Every liberal will be breaking ranks and claiming to be reborn RINOs, at least, if not whole-cloth liars about Jesus and Repentance and Born Again salvation.
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