The Jazz Are The Reason Why We Lost Porzingis


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Who has been more of a “Jazz Killer” over their careers?...

Carmelo Anthony or JJ Barea
This is a joke, right? We always beat Carmelo teams. JJ Barea has forever been a thorn in our sides. Even when we beat them the guy goes bonkers against us.


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Everybody here in New York is in mourning over losing The Unicorn. We are devastated. And of course with our sadness comes every mother's son trying to explain why it happened. I know why it happened.

December 29, 2018.


Final Score:
JAZZ 129
Knicks 97


We were down by 38 at halftime! Forty points down and the game was only half done!
And our first round pick from 2017 Frank The Frenchman -- a guy we picked instead of Donovan Mitchell!!! -- in 16 minutes of play was a, wait for it, minus 36!!!!!

And look who was on the bench watching this disgrace:


That game against the Jazz was the single worst performance by any professional sports team in history. Let's be real, the 2018/19 Jazz aren't exactly the 1960s Celtics. They aren't the Stockton/Malone Jazz. They are a weak, mid-level team that has no hope of making the playoffs this year...AND THEY DESTROYED US! Humiliated us. A guy on our team played only 16 minutes and posted a minus 36!!!!! That's mathematically impossible, but it happened! And we chose that guy over Donovan Mitchell, for f***'s sake!!!!!

Can you blame Porzingis for saying get me the hell out of here?

I used to like the Jazz. They were a harmless team that nobody cared about. But now I see that they caused our Unicorn to run off to Dallas. We will remember that. Our fans and our players will get our revenge. I promise you, Zion, Durant, and Kyrie will take it out on your skulls when we play you next year.

Allow me to start this off with a joke...
What do the New York Knicks and a possum have in common?
Both play dead at home and get killed on the road.

How about this one,
Why doesn't Albany New York have an NBA team? Because then New York City would want one.

Can a NY Knicks player drive a stick?
Only if you remove the clutch.

What does a NY Knicks fan and a bottle of beer have in common?
They're both empty from the neck up.

Ok seriously.

It's honestly sad when a New York Knicks fan like yourself who claims nobody cares about the Jazz, goes to a Jazz Forum and creates a profile. I don't blame you. Your team hasn't been relevant in 30 years!!! You have no excuses. Did you know that the NY Knicks are allocated more money than any team in the NBA? Even more than LA Lakers who have won 10 Rings since your last ring. But, again your Knicks have more money and can afford more talent than any other team in the NBA!!

Your Knicks can get any players they want, but you will never win because of your management. You have a reason to be mad as a Knicks fan, but your reasoning for wearing sheeps clothing as a Jazz fan, makes you a coward. (Like most Knick fans)
Your mad because your organization is so stupid that they would hire Isiah Thomas as President of basketball operations in 2003. At the end of the 2005-06 season the Knicks had the highest payroll and the second worst record in the NBA because of Thomas. He traded away several future draft picks for Eddie Curry, including 2 picks that turned out to be LaMarcus Aldridge and Joakim Noah. In 2006 your idiot owner fired Larry Brown and replaced him with Thomas despite of years of bad decisions. The following year the Knicks played a game against the Nuggets in which your **** bag coach informed his players to play dirty and that resulted in a brawl that Thomas was never held accountable for despite evidence and testimonies.
Dolan was and is so stupid that despite failing and having outrageous contracts he signed Thomas to a multi year contract and shortly thereafter the team plummeted to new lows. In 2007 Thomas traded Steve Francis and Channing Frye for Zach Randolph, Dan Dickau and Fred Jones from the Blazers. Then to make problems worse he signed Jerome James and Jared Jefferies to full mid level exemptions contracts.
Not only was he a horrible manager he posted a .341 winning percentage with the highest salary use in NBA history. I'm sure by now you would like to give him stitches in his face. Don't stress, Karl Malone already took care of that. Have a great time rooting for a Knicks team that will continue to be irrelevant for another 30 years.


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How is that "hilarious"?

Those refs should have been shot and then fired. A guy was down with a neck injury. That stuff is severe, and those idiotic refs let nine athletes play around him! Not only could Melo have been further injured, but nine other athletes could have torn ACLs tripping over him. And you think it's hilarious. Wow.


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nope, hilarious

though in fairness i've hated melo since he dissed on AK for him getting the all star selection that one year.


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the troll is back. Don't feed the troll.

But if he wants to blame the Jazz, all losers need someone to scapegoat. It stops one from looking in the mirror.



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Now the Knicks just need to trade Tim Hardaway jr to the jazz for a couple more draft picks and exum and that will help in their suffering.

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