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The *OFFICIAL* Russia Is About To Invade Ukraine Thread


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So I took a while and tried to see about this video.

The claimed casualties alleged to be going on with Ukranian forces really is just damn incredible. The facts are that Zelensky gets a lot of strong popular support from ordinary people. Ya, it's showtime, and the guy knows how to wow the rubes. But the primary reality is that the civil war in Ukraine has been going for decades, and Russia's invasion has been an unwelcome hostile venture generally. Russian military forces do have serious weaknesses in training, character, morale, and it's serious.

informed source say now that Russia will annex the areas it can hold, if it does. There is a certain amount of local support for this as a practical matter becuase of Ukrainian abuses over the civil war period and a lot of people do feel they would be better off under Russia. Not really a very strong trend, more like peace at least. And enough Russian ethnic people who would feel more secure in their rights.

It all really looks planned to me. A bowery war. Russia vetting its troops and weapons, Biden blowing up the US economy, culture, and well, everything a la Coward/Piven. China will build bases in South America and Mexico.

Russia and India will not be part of the containment effort on China.

Trump won't run in 2024.
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The guy in the video does standard conspiracy theory peddler ****.

"You've got to keep in mind that Zelenskyy was installed by oligarchs. He owes them everything. They control all of his money outside of Ukraine. He has to keep them happy."

He talks like this is all settled facts that are obvious and that all his viewers, if they aren't total idiots who buy into MSM propaganda should already know. If you don't see the manipulative components of how he is addressing you then good for you, you're a sheep being told that you're a lion and then being encouraged to laugh at others, who aren't sheep, who you are told are sheep.

He is giddy at the idea that Zelenskyy is trapped (he isn't) inside Ukraine and that Russia will eventually find him and kill him.

Zelenskyy is the elected leader of Ukraine. His nation was invaded unprovoked (at least lacking adequate provocation to justify conquest) by what was assumed was a much larger and much more capable military power.

That's ****ing disgusting. You posting that is ****ing disgusting. Putin is a mass murderer, not only of non-Russians but actually mostly of Russians. His elections are a scam. His government actually created the opposition parties that he runs against. He controls the state media. He is a ****ing monster.

Yet here you are posting a cheerleading video about Zelenskyy being the bad guy and how Russia is going to find him and kill him.

You're a sick ****ing nitwit. You're gross. You are the worst of us. You are fooled and a fool.

Okay. Point one down.

I take the same stance every time?

I have tens of thousands of posts on Jazzfanz.com. I dare you to provide even the slightest bit of evidence that all of them are me taking the same stance.

You, on the other hand, have primarily used jazzfanz.com to spread idiotic anti-vaxx propaganda. That's what this site is for you. Oh, well, except posting this sick ****ing video cheering on Putin in his quest to find and kill Zelenskyy.

You're nasty bro.
stop with the propaganda


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Medvedev now threatening nuclear holocaust. The Russian "**** it, let's die" attitude from possibly the second most powerful man in Russia. He and Putin in a suicide pact could end humanity.
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Between being trapped in a un-winnable war and massive war crimes/atrocities, Putin's goose is cooked. A assassination/coup needs to happen ASAP. You have to wonder what plans are being discussed in Russia right now by Putin foes.