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Brazil gets nearly 50% of their energy from altnerative sources.


We could be developing more hydroelectric, nuclear, and bio-diesel sources right now. However, big oil who has bought off Congress will have none of that.

They would have us argue who's a true american.
Brazil is doing great things. If you like, check out the policies employed in Curitiba, Brazil. Very impressive for such a poor country.

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Many countries are making the switch to nuclear, hydro and natural gas plans, while developing solar and wind. The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Costa Rica just to name a few. While I don't think that nuke, hydro, natural gas are solutions, they are steps in the right direction. Moving to fully renewable energy sources will be the money maker and the most sustainable option.

I misspoke when I mentioned these being "core countries", more like semi-core countries. The super powers are definitely in the unsustainable boat.

Here is a great example of what we should be working towards. I don't mean to paint such a dismal picture, but stories like these can give you hope.
Alright, that seems pretty sensible. I wasn't sure if you were a idealist or what, but I can agree with that view even though my view on oil dependency isn't really similar.
Nuclear is a great option for obvious reasons. The drawback is obviously the waste created. But there is a sure fire way to get rid of it without worries. The possibility it could be shot into space is a very interesting one. France uses 70% or so of nuclear for their total energy but they are very stupid about dealing with waste. Anyway, solar and wind are nice ideas but until the cost goes down a lot they are pipe dreams. Natural Gas is a great source and would be huge for Utah in general considering we have a nice supply of it. Hydrogen is another pipe dream as of now.


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just heard this, and I thought it was funny, in sort of a sad way - - - my youngest son is a "big brother" / mentor for a little boy who's now about 7 years old, he was with him today and they were playing in his back yard where he has one of those inflatable swimming pools. Little Justin was busy filling the pool up with mud and gunk, so my son asks him what he's doing and he says he's making the BP Oil Spill and then he'll see if he can clean it up.