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The Rational Covid II


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When the alledged pandemic was just getting legs in the news, I started a thread like this one. I consider it about time to do the hindsight is better thread.

I am not the editor of Nature, or JAMA. This is a conversational thread, not a debating society product. No links will be accepted. It's gotta be your opinion and your reasons, with no representations of any universal sort of truth either spiritual or political.

Just noticed that an antiviral product is now presented to our FDA for approval in the treatment of Covid. I worked in this field for some years, and knew of a lot of things researched for antiviral values. Never made any sense to me not to just use them in a pinch. Lots of stuff with no or very minimal posible side effects, well except for cancer, say, commencing twenty years downstdream. Better than being dead now.

It has been pretty concerning to me to see Covid politicized, to see the Democrat Party leadership stepping up as great advisors in medicine, then to see computer geeks of no known moral bearings taking positions on what is "disinformartion" on various issues, this health issue included. Seeing the mainstream news acting like accredited medical providers moralizing nightly on the news about people should do.

If there were any kind of tread of adverse effects of Covid treatments of any kind......whether from an approved, or unapproved sort..... people with freedom to talk about it would be spreading the word pretty good.

So it just makes no sense for anyone to make this subject ajpolitical issue.

Here we have all we need to know, in plain sight, to decide that governments nor any form of public square proprietorship should never have unrestricted license from authorities or the public to proscribe or prescribe human speech.

In the professional circles of study, it should also be a sort of competitive race between proponents and scientists who care to get things right.

Public or government financing of "peer-reviewed" journals, or professional reference works of any kind, has been for nearly a hundred years now, a dead weight against progress. Ever since the first issues of JAMA, I'd say. Goes to the people who started the journal, I'd say. The modern progressive movement has always been a wacko project to protect "the interests". The human cost, the lives lost, to so-called "approved medicine" rivals all the genocidal tragedies of the 20th century. Most of the time, the quackery of professional medicine, when realized or exposed somehow, has not gotten enough public awareness to flick a flee.

The problem, fundamentally, has always been the organizational profiteering interactions between industry, the media, and the government. We die, they thrive.

So here's a series of posts about what reasonable people can do to survive a government program.


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When government gets a fever, vote them out. Or prosecute the protractors of bad policy. Sometimes, politicians get so bad they embarass their own party or supporters, and they get run outta town by their own kind, like that NY Cuomo ...... like the Philippine President Marcos. Butyou can't just jcount on that. You need to look for cases where a little effort can make things better.


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When government employees get the fever, fire them. We need to cancel the Civil Service we have, and just hire a new crew to man our bureaucracy. A law, for example, that limits federal (state to, on state levels, and county and cities as well). This would make it unprofitable to stake your career on a guvmint job. This one thing, above all else we could possibly do, will save more human lives than a cure for any other disease afflicking humans in the mortal world.


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Some people wonder if the Covid Pandemic was a ruse to run Trump outta town.

That has gotta be nonsense, because Trump practically begged everyone to like him, and he would have made a deal, any deal, it took to make anyone come around.

President Xi thought Trump would be like all the rest of the US politicians. All he needed to do was make Trump an offer. I have no idea why that didn't work. It makes no sense.

Trump also organized the vaccine effort, and funded it, with Fauci standing right next to him.

So, clearly, there was no well-planned or financially-motivated program to make a genocidal tool outta Covid. It also was not constructed as a dumpTrump playbox toy.

No, after all the political dust blows by, it was gain=of-function research. As a globalist management tool, it could have bren jrun out during a Hillary administration with much more efficiency. If there were aj plot to do a global population correction, any sort of smart management team woujld have chosen to run it out during a Biden presidency.

Trump defeated that whole imagined purpose with his quick travel ban when Dems were mocking him as a racist and making news by going to Chinatowns. Trump slowed the virus. Then he got us the vaccines;. Vaccines made by competitive companies with different methods.

Covid should be the huge pro-Trump political bonanza.


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Covid looks like a new brand of flu that we'll be getting yearly new shots for, forever.

But natudral immunity is admitted by all authorities to be superior to any vaccine we have, or could make.

And we have every prospect of havinjg jgood antiviral tools.

So this is an issue that will die the death none too soon. Go gert a jab if you want, or stock up on antiviral stuff. It will be "Your bodyu/Your Choice"a.

And here's a sop for OB:

Do-gooders, even political hack do-gooders, could save more lives by lobbying cities to write germicidal and viricidal engineering into the HVAC systems of all buildings, business or residential. Electrostatic filters with ozone levels acceptable under OSHA guidelines. Even cars can be sanitized this way.

Just pick up that torch and run with it.


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And, lastly, I just can't wait for the inevitabl3e thread to be started, about why clean air simply engineered, is a vast genocidal plot for some reason.

Humor is hard to come by nowadays. I'm willing to laugh at any available nonsense.

And, dammit, I am so disappointed in the collegiate geeks in here that we don't have a world overpopulation clock on the top flag in here. It is, after all, the biggest issue there is.

And, to make this cultural space air free, I'd be glad to counter it with a World Technology Fair showing a clock of how many people could live abundant lives on this planet if we used the technology we have.