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The unsolved mystery that is Collin Sexton

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Someone help me out!!

I just don’t understand how someone so small can have a high usage and be as efficient as he is on offense and be so unwanted around the league, and be just an after thought in the league. Put him next to Mitchell and there’s a lot of similarities.

1. They are basically the same height and play like 2guards with similar pg skills. (More combo guards)

2. Both go between the 1 and 2 spots in game.

3. Both suck at defense.

4. Sexton is on a similar trajectory as a scorer to Mitchell

5. Both have extreme tunnel vision on offense when it comes to scoring

6. Stats in third year are super similar.

Don : 24.0 pts 3.6 reb. 4.3 ast 36%3pt.

Sexton : 24.3 pts. 3.3 reb. 4.4 ast. 37%3pt

Biggest difference.

Don is much less efficient than Sexton, and it’s not even close, even comparing sextons second or third year to Mitchell’s 5th year.

Why is Mitchell considered a star and Sexton mostly ignored?

Also there’s the fact that Mitchell was put in a position to win on a great org like the jazz, and Sexton went to a team that lost LBJ with disgruntled vets that didn’t want to be there and rebuild and seemed to openly hate on Sexton.

WTF am I missing here?

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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This makes me wonder what he could still grow into with the jazz.

Did Cle. Stunt his growth being in such a toxic environment?

Basically I’m hoping we have a guy that can grow into being regarded as much if not more than Mitchell.


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Winning drives all things.

If you’re a Don fan you will argue that he has some intangibles that wins games. If you’re not a Don fan you will say the difference was that one of these guys played with a generational defensive talent and the other didn’t.


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Winning, and the WAY Donovan scores can be so impressive. He’s a highlight machine and has a long reel of canning deep 3s off the dribble. Donovan has also been the nucleus of elite offenses.

His market also got pinched because there was a positional logjam and he sat for most of his contract year from injury which depressed his market universally since he was also a restricted free agent and the money dried up.


I think Cavs botched his development.

You need to know the history of that lottery pick that ultimately become Collin Sexton. That pick was the prize from the Kyrie trade. The Cavs were under a ton of pressure to deal it for a veteran during Lebron's last season in Cleveland. Cavs ended up with the 8th pick and immediately started selling 19 yo Sexton as the new face of the organization before he was ready since Lebron left a few weeks after that draft. They threw him out there with a bunch of disgruntled vets such as JR Smith, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and the rest of the old guard from Lebron's tenure. The Cavs started promoting Sexton like he was their franchise player while going thru 4 head coaches in his first 2 years. Some Cav fans still held a grudge because that Kyrie trade was a bad deal that ultimately ended in Lebron leaving the team. The Cavs immediately drafted Garland with their next lottery pick. Sexton blossomed as a scorer but the team was losing games because the supporting cast was terrible.

Last year the Cavs were able to add Allen thru trade and then got real lucky in the lottery and ended up with the 3rd pick that turned out to be Mobley. Garland was developing as the lead playmaker and Sexton got injured in the 11th game of the season so never really got a chance to play with Mobley. Cavs figured out that Mobley was their future franchise player and at that point were able to trade their assets including Sexton for Don who was more of a sure thing as both an all star and playoff performer.

Do I think Sexton is the next Don? No. I think even if Sexton just settles in as a SG he is not going to be at Don's level. He might be close to Jalen Brunson type that needs to be next to a big playmaker. Jordan Poole is another guy that comes to mind or even Anfernee Simons...we really don't know at this point. Now if he shows that he has lead playmaker chops that takes the conversation to another level in terms of Sexton's future. Since this is a development year for the Jazz I would be throwing him out there to sink or swim as a playmaker. I just posted in another thread they should be doing that with someone like THT as well. Same thing goes for Markkanen. Give them all a chance to do other things on the court since this is a developmental season for the team.


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As others have already mentioned being on a winning team has a lot to do with it. Most people on this board considered Devin Booker a loser and inferior player to Mitchell a few years ago and then suddenly the suns start winning and Booker is now viewed in the same light or even better than Mitchell by quite a few people. That doesn't mean that I think Sexton is actually equal to Mitchell because I don't. There is just a smoothness and shot creating ability to Mitchell's game that Sexton doesn't have as far as I have seen. I also think he is a tier below athletically. With all that being said at 17mil a year he could be a bargain at that price.


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I also think Sexton was a bad defensive player because he was on terrible teams that didn't care about defense. He has the strength and lateral movement to be a good defender and definitely has some pitbull mentality in him.


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There's more to basketball than basic statistics. It's 2022, and we have much better ways to evaluate players. Here are the main differences I see:

1. Don actually didn't improve much in his first 3 years as a pro. He made a major jump in his 4th year, before then, he wasn't nearly as good. Sexton obviously hasn't gotten that opportunity, but it's a little unfair to compare players right before one player made a massive leap.

2. Don is bad at defense, Sexton is much worse.

3. Don is one of the best offensive engines in the league. He makes his teammates so much better with his ability to cut the defense and kick out to shooters. The pressure that Don puts on the defense with his ability to pull up from 3, attack the rim, and also kick out to 3 is what separates him from Sexton most IMO.

4. Don's offense is much more self created. In Sexton's 3rd year, 47% of his baskets were assisted and 42% of his 2's. For Don's 3rd year, 33% and 31%. So no, they did not get their offense the same way.


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I haven't watched Sexton enough to understand why exactly his defense is so abysmal. From what I have seen, it seems like he actually try's a lot harder on that end than Don, yet his numbers are much worse.


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I haven't watched Sexton enough to understand why exactly his defense is so abysmal. From what I have seen, it seems like he actually try's a lot harder on that end than Don, yet his numbers are much worse.

He plays fake defense every now and then where he plays really aggressive with a tense face. There’s a reason why you don’t often see defense where the defender up in their face, it’s not good defensive positioning and you’re likely to get burnt. It looks good to the eye, but it’s not effective.

He’s also a huge dud in the other aspects of defense. He covers no ground as an off ball defender, he doesn’t rebound, and doesn’t create turnovers.

I do think, however, that the gap is probably not as big as the numbers make them out to be. I think Don got a huge boost playing with Rudy and his defensive woes really only showed up in the playoffs. Rudy was so damn good it tricked the numbers too. Doing nothing was the defensive game plan for the Jazz and Rudy made it work during the RS.

Unfortunately, I think the gap is closer not because Sexton is better than the numbers….but because Don was likely worse than some of his metrics.