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The unsolved mystery that is Collin Sexton

Eddie Zero

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There's more to basketball than basic statistics. It's 2022, and we have much better ways to evaluate players. Here are the main differences I see:

1. Don actually didn't improve much in his first 3 years as a pro. He made a major jump in his 4th year, before then, he wasn't nearly as good. Sexton obviously hasn't gotten that opportunity, but it's a little unfair to compare players right before one player made a massive leap.

2. Don is bad at defense, Sexton is much worse.

3. Don is one of the best offensive engines in the league. He makes his teammates so much better with his ability to cut the defense and kick out to shooters. The pressure that Don puts on the defense with his ability to pull up from 3, attack the rim, and also kick out to 3 is what separates him from Sexton most IMO.

4. Don's offense is much more self created. In Sexton's 3rd year, 47% of his baskets were assisted and 42% of his 2's. For Don's 3rd year, 33% and 31%. So no, they did not get their offense the same way.
In Sextons defense in year 3 as far as playing off ball, it was the first one he had a decent playing point guard in Garland who was terrible as a rookie the season previous.
His defense overall outside of being so raw defensively in year one, was even worse with a rookie defender in Garland and neither defending against larger 2 guards very well, was pretty sad based on no help from the front court then either.
Sexton has never made his teammates worse, they just did not historically take advantage of his gravity when they did get the ball either from him or someone else. Kind of hard to get assists or even bother trying to dish them if your teammates are worse options then you are.


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Based on the contract the Jazz just gave him I would say Ainge is a fan. Even if he just plateaus as just a 'scorer' I believe it's going to be a good value contract for the team. Now if Sexton develops his playmaking under Hardy then it has potential to became an insanely good contract. Regardless it's obvious the team is going to give him opportunity to run the team this coming season. It might get ugly at times. Mistakes are going to happen while giving minutes to all these young players. Conley is the one vet who I believe has a decent chance of sticking around this season and potentially provide needed mentorship esp to a guy like Sexton.

I think Hardy is also going to keep all these kids accountable to play defense. Rudy is gone. Don fell into some really bad habits the past 2 seasons. I'm expecting all of these young guys to play hard on both ends of the court.


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The Cavs team that got Mobley was also much better in how they played on the court than the record that awarded them the 3rd pick, but they got tons of injuries that made imposible for them to show a record on par with how good could they play