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The wild world of Liz Cambage

Bizarre turn of events. How low do you think she needs to go before she’ll wake up to reality

Who knows? What's her value? Can play in the half court with a team built to play in the half court. Too out of shape to run the floor, hated by teammates, hated by the public, her career is ****ed. All of this by her own action, its a staggering own goal.
There is always porn....

Im pretty sure she has an onlyfans

So, tell me, did you all suggest that Kevin Love do porn?

Being a narcissist who ***** on everybody around them is not a mental health problem. She has burnt every person around her when it has been convenient for her to do so in order to avoid owning her own BS. When she broke Covid protocols to go to a festival it was a mental health issue, when she attacked the Nigerian girls and racially denigrated them, it didn't happen, everybody else was lying, she was struggling with her mental health. Surprisingly she didn't miss a moment of paid basketball due to her mental health issues. When the wheels really began to fall off and nobody was willing to pay her to play basketball because she was so horribly toxic, it was her teammates fault, they never supported her. She always seems to be the victim, must be bloody terrible to be Liz.

She is a horrible ****.
fetish porn is a thing

(I typed fetish with two "t" and it auto corrected to fattish porn, lol)
Every porn is fetish porn. Unless you are trying to say there is a "normal" porn? Mainstream maybe? Majority? Highest ratings? Idk. It's all fetishes.