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There goes Beasley...... for a 2nd round pick


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who are some players the jazz can get ?

now that everything is starting to come into play for teams what are some players the jazz can get?


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Unreal. Apparently the Heat may have the option of swapping 1st round picks as well. STILL...an incredible deal, a win/win gamble for Minnesota, wish the Jazz would have stepped to the plate! Surely Beasley is equally as risky as chasing Al Harrington right?


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I'm sure the Wolves first round pick is a lot more appealing than ours...


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To the Wolves

source: Marc Stein's tweet

also: https://www.insidehoops.com/blog/?p=6179

WOW. Second round pick for a guy chosen 2nd overall just two years ago and getting 15 and 6 as a 21 year old. This is ridiculous. And it says they have been trying to offload Beasley for a while. Couldn't KOC make them a better offer? Maybe Memphis pick or protected first rounder. I mean we just lost our starting PF, and a 21 year old 2nd overall pick, who is already producing 15 and 6, is available for nearly nothing. We could have used Harpring's exception to bring the guy in, we didn't even need the one from Booz. While everyone is busy praising KOC for spending a second rounder for yet another trade exception, Wolves spend the second rounder on a player chosen 2nd overall. And we were the ones who just lost starting PF. Ineptness of this FO is simply unbelievable.