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There goes Beasley...... for a 2nd round pick


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So the choices are either take Beasley for the price Minnesota did, whatever that is, exactly, or mebbe more, if we had to outbid them, OR "sit pat," that it, Sean?

What other options are there? We're slowing losing ground here, Hopper. I mean, when this whole thing started, even last year, many of us hoped the Jazz could at least get Lee. That ain't happenin'. There was the potential for Jermaine O'Neal. That ain't happing. Now maybe Jefferson or Harrington, right? I'm guessin' we probably don't move on either.

In the end, Utah will have lost a top-ten power forward and gained nothing out of this whole free agency debacle. Seems by default we've regressed a great deal since last year. And as I've been told over and over again on JF, we weren't all that great then! haha

You feel me?


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"What’s it like to feel unwanted? Ask Michael Beasley. Miami has been doing whatever they can to rid themselves of his contract for the past year or so, and no one seems to want him." https://dimemag.com/2010/07/toronto-doesnt-want-michael-beasley/


"The Miami Heat quickly followed up their triumph in the LeBron James sweepstakes by finding a taker for Michael Beasley. But they had to virtually give away the No. 2 overall pick from the 2008 draft to do so. To complete the trade, Minnesota must only part with a 2011 second-round pick to acquire Beasley. The teams have also agreed to a swap of unspecified future first-round picks." https://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=5365794

Where are you gittin the "lottery pick" conclusion out of "unspecified picks?" I don't know the details of this deal, and can't find anyone who does right now. My only point here was that Beasley was not simply offered to either Utah or Minnesota, and no one else. and that chances were that maybe KOC wasn't as incompetent as you insisted, a point you seem to have now conceded:

What the hell has KOC done this summer? He drafted another SF and some skinny kid PF, put together a summer league team and watched Boozer walk for a trade exception that the Jazz will probably not use or they will use it on some washed up player. I think the Jazz could just hire an administrator to do KOC job. On yea, KOC let's another asset go without compensation in KK and if the Jazz truly wanted Wes they should have made him an offer day 1. The Jazz didn't wait for Harping or Okur to go on the market. You can defend KOC all you want but the last two summer's he has done squat especially after proclaiming how many assets the Jazz have. So excuse us for getting frustrated watching other teams trying to IMPROVE while the Jazz and many of their fans dream of the day when all our second rounders will reach their potential. I am sure DW would side with me over your complete myopic support of the Jazz organization. The Jazz are worse than last year no without a doubt. I can't wait to hear KOC spin when he trumpets the re-signing of Ronnie Brewer or Al Harrington.


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That is a good point. The title of the thread says he was traded for a second rounder, but looks like it needs to be corrected. Beasley trade gets Miami a lottery pick (second rounder for Minnesota is not that much worse than Miami's first rounder). The way things are today, Wolves would get Miami top 5 pick. Of course that may change by the time they get the pick, but they are not making playoffs any time soon after winning 15 games last year - even with Beasley. So, top 10 pick at least is pretty much guaranteed. Now, that does make more sense. There is not much KOC could do here, since Miami did not want any salary back, but only picks.

Hopper, looks like Beasley is worth a bit more than you thought, eh?

Well with the roster the Jazz have we might be heading towards the lottery. If the Jazz lose Boozer, Wes, and KK , I can see the Jazz making the lottery.


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I had a homey who, after pullin off a coup of "identity theft," bought a $95,000 Cadillac on credit. Then he totalled it and collected the insurance. It could still kinda clunk around town, though, and the tires and wheels had some value, so when the repo man was closin in, he "gave" it to another guy for a measly $500. A few days later it got repossessed. Course my homey never guaranteed the guy it wouldn't be, so....

...I love the "Repo" man show, don't you? We would make a great repo team, don't ya think? We'd be crackin skulls and repossessing cars and trucks faster than a Iverson forced shot! We don't want or need Beasley. He ain't got a basketball brain in his entire jailhouse tatted body!


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Also not reported is just who has the option to swap. It very well could be Minnesota. That isn't likely to help them, but on principal it would mean Minnesota had the leverage.